The Arsenal and Me – Harrison’s Story

A broken down car and a sprint to a packed main road as a 6 year old boy. Who would have thought that would be the start of my Arsenal story.

Well, how about if I told you my dad and I were running a bit late to the invincible parade, that make it acceptable to leave the car on the side of a backstreet?

That is the first memory I have of going down the Arsenal, and not a bad one really as I got to see all my idols that day and ever since that day it’s been Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal.

Still to this day I remember the time I was told I was going to my first competitive Arsenal game. My 7th birthday, 2nd April 2005, Arsenal played Norwich at home and the moment I walked into Block 20 in the Clock End will stay with me forever. Thierry Henry had been my idol from the moment I could say Football, so it couldn’t be more necessary for him to get a Hatrick on my first game to help Arsenal to a 4-1 win. I am really not someone to get emotional about anything but even as a 15 year old that only went to Highbury 4 times, whenever someone mentions anything about Highbury it brings a tear to my eye and I remember how much it hurt me to watch that last game vs Wigan and seeing Thierry kiss the turf.

From that 7 year old boy to me now at 15 years old, now a season ticket holder and in my first season on the away scheme. I honestly don’t know where I would be without Arsenal. I have met so many great people, some that I go to every game home & away with, through Arsenal by things ranging from a Junior Gunners Christmas party to being on the BSM Boat to Fulham. It hasn’t been fun growing up recently in a community of West Ham and “London’s finest” Manchester United supporters but that family feeling and the nod of the head whenever you see another Gooner down the street is what keeps me going.

Up The Arsenal


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