Victory, Permutations, #SleeveGate, Stewards, Empty Seats and Bendtner


The Good: 3 points closer to qualification, 2 goals for Wilshere, 1 goal conceded in 6 games for Szczesny, 67% possession and 112 passes for Ramsey.
The Bad: Overplayed the ball, poor finishing, lackadaisical play, that penakty miss,
The ugly: What was Marseille manager Élie Baup’s all sky blue track suit about?


Forget about the complicated permutations, win or draw and we’re through top, lose by 3+ goals and Dortmund win and we are out. That is all you need to know


For as long as I remember, and probably over twice as long as that, The Arsenal captain has picked the sleeve length, and the rest of the players have followed. It is part of the class and tradition of Arsenal Football Club. Mathieu Flamini, however, feels he is above this. As against Manchester United, he cut his sleeves. His justification is he has been a professional footballer for 10 years, and is more comfortable wearing short sleeves. Is a players comfort above the traditions of a club? Long serving Vic Akers is not happy, Arsene Wenger is reportedly not happy, but can you fine a player for wanting to wear the sleeve length he wants?


Once again, there are reports of over-zealous stewarding. Three stories seem to be appearing from tonight. The first is of an OAP being escorted out after standing up and shouting ‘ARSENAL, ARSENAL’ at a corner. The 2nd is of a father being threatened to be thrown out after holding his daughter in the air celebrating a goal. The 3rd is a steward being reportedly over heard saying “I am going to kick someone out tonight.” I think stewards need to remember they are their to steward the crowd, not police it. After recent performances by our stewards, the club needs to review the matter before more fans are alienated.

Empty Seats

6,000 empty seats at the Emirates tonight. The club do not allow the ticket exchange to be open for Champions League games. This is the main reasoning as fans who travel from Birmingham or Devon (where the chap infront of me travels from weekly) can not make mid week. They then struggle to sell their ticket. This leads to empty seats. Yes, there were problems in South East London, yes it was a bit of a nothing game, yes it was cold, but 6,000 is a lot. I feel it also has a lot to do with people getting bored of the Champions League. A final note is that Marseille had the smallest allocation possible. The club sold all of these extra tickets in the lower tier, so it is missing season ticket holders which is the problem.


Lots or criticism coming Bendtner’s way after his arrest for criminal damage. Silly? Yes. Immature? Yes. But it is certainly not the worst thing as Arsenal player has done whilst still at the club. Were it someone other than Bendtner, we would defend him. Bendtner is stupid, but it’s a nothing story, and we should perhaps remember our ‘naughty history’.



4 thoughts on “Victory, Permutations, #SleeveGate, Stewards, Empty Seats and Bendtner

  1. potter

    Ticket exchange is open for champions league matches .Living on the North Norfolk coast ,I used it and sold my ticket on the weekend.


  2. Mike

    We had problems with a trumped up stewart who spent the whole match scanning the crowd for anyone showing any sign of supporting the team or excitement. I contacted the club and reported this trumped up employee of the club who was also failing to carry out his important job of keeping the exit area safe as he was looking for someone to throw out. The club got back to me and as I had the support of other season holders said they would speak to him.
    Let the club know that you are not happy with these idiots in uniform and they will start to do something about the problem


  3. mattijames

    The sleeve thing: whilst I like tradition, it’s a nothing story. If Matty Flamini really doesn’t feel comfortable rolling his sleeves up, then let him wear a short sleeve shirt!

    Here’s the thing with traditions. We only defend those that suit ourselves. The fuss over sleeve length, the 21st century badge, yellow away shirts etc are all ‘we want our Arsenal back’ style nostalgia from older fans who remember Arsenal from the 80s and 90s.

    I am one of them!

    But do these same fans care that we have changed our badge numerous times? That we originally didn’t have white sleeves? That we began life in South East London? If we want to be truely traditional perhaps we should bring back Dial Square and play on Plumstead Common in all red shirts? No? Didn’t think so.

    The same traditionalists claim Herbert Chapman as one of the greatest managers of all time (he is), well he was anything but a traditionalist! White sleeves, flood lights, numbers, TV matches – he pushed the boundary of innovation for the good of Arsenal.

    Sport is about minimal gains (read up on British cycling for the epitome of this) – if Matty Flamini plays 1% better in a short sleeve shirt, then he should wear a short sleeve shirt!



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