The Arsenal and Me – Shane’s Story

I was born in Hampstead to Irish parents, spent toddler years in Willesden & grew up in Northolt. My parents never watched or had interest in football. I myself only took an interest in secondary school when everyone’s’ question was who do you support. Lucky for me I had three sets of different cousins living in London who all supported Arsenal, Therefore I knew the name & regularly saw the cannon (probably because of players like Brady, Quinn & O’Leary may have been their reason). So my answer became I support Arsenal, but to be honest I didn’t take much interest for a while.

My first real Arsenal memory was watching the cup final in 1993 with my Mum & Dad, I can’t even remember which but I watched both & the replays. Funny thing is my first Arsenal shirt is from the 91/92 season (Adidas with ‘League Champions’ under the crest), Don’t remember how or who I got it from (probably Christmas). I also have a vague memory of disappointment when ‘Gazza’ scored a winner against us in a cup, don’t know which year.

My first match was when I was Fourteen, 6th November 1993 vs Aston Villa, I sat at the back on the top of the North Bank with a man I barely knew (my cousins’ girlfriends brother, but he loved the Arsenal & offered to bring me). I don’t remember the actual match but I remember how beautiful Highbury was from the North Bank to the tiles in the toilet. I was awe-struck with a feeling of amazement & a sense of belonging, A true love developed that day & has got stronger ever since. I’ve seen Arsenal live only about 35 times in 20 yrs. League, Champions League, Cup Winners Cup & Charity/Community Shield at Highbury, Emirates, Wembley, millenium Stadium, The Valley, Villa Park & The Riverside. Each match is very special to me whether we win, lose or draw.

I now reside in Ireland the last twelve years, but for the last four I see the Arsenal annually through my Red Membership (of 9yrs) with my nephew who loves Arsenal because of me (even though his uncles are Man Utd).

I have two boys & from the day they were born I am ensuring they are Arsenal too as it would literally break my heart if they were anything else. As soon as they are old enough they will be travelling with me to The Arsenal no matter where we are in the league, who our manager is or the cost.

To me Arsenal is the Fourth Most Important thing in my life & Generally my mood revolves around our results, Thanks to Mr. Wenger, I’m generally in a Good one.

‘Arsenal Forever in My Heart’

Thank You to anyone who reads this & Thanks to She Wore for the opportunity to express My Story.




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