10 Reasons why we will beat Manchester United + starting xi

1) United are having a shocker of a season. If we do not beat mid-table teams at home, we do not deserve to win the league.

2) United truly are a crisis club. Their captain is leaving. One striker is in charge of transfers, and the other can decide himself when he is fit.

3) David Moyes. LOL. Can’t believe some wanted him as Arsenal’s manager. His level is clearly mid table teams.

4) The defeat to Liverpool was our 1st in 9 games. Clearly a minor blip.

5) We have only conceded 6 goals at home this season. And only 1 in our last 8 games.

6) After losing to Villa, we went on a 9 game unbeaten run. Defeat to Man U saw a 5 game unbeaten run. Defeat to City saw an 8 game unbeaten run. We have made a habit of bouncing back.

7) Ozil is not a flop. As our stats show, he is one of the best and most effective Premier League performers. He is due a big performance against a big team.

8) Smalling and Rafael start. they are awful. Just awful.

9) The little kid inside Robin Van Persie is an Arsenal fan.

10) Yaya Sanogo is fit. He will deliver.

Likely line-up: Chesney, Sagna, Per, KosN Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ozil, Rosicky, Giroud, Cazorla

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons why we will beat Manchester United + starting xi

  1. Soop

    I hope these are said in jest mate, because these are not “reasons” at all.
    If you think a 5-1 slaughterhouse at Anfield is just a “minor blip” then you are beyond deluded. It wasn’t a blip – it was a catastrophe (in sporting terms of course).

    Tonight is about more than 3 pts – it’s about reviving a season that is threatening to collapse. It’s about taking the best chance we’ve had of silverware in 8 years.

    If Wenger cannot get this team “up” for this game then he is truly a lost cause.

  2. Rob Kelman

    the team seemed to have no drive at all … scared after the liverpool disaster maybe? it all seemed so wispish/ lacking any power or purpose. liverpool was a strategic failure (Mourinho’s effort against Man C stood in stark contrast – all about strategy);
    there’s always hope… we could come back against liverpool on the weekend. that would be a big response. we could battle effectively against MC … but some dog needs to get straight up those boys asses or we doomed


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