Mesut Ozil a flop? Here’s some stats

All the press this week has been how Mesut Ozil has been a flop, how he is massively under performing, how he is a waste of money. But what do the stats actually say about the German?

Stats courtsey of

Stats courtesy of

Make your own mind up as to whether he has been a flop or a success?


15 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil a flop? Here’s some stats

  1. Colin

    Thanks for posting these stats. It just shows the critics are wrong or that people who don’t want Arsenal to succeed are stirring things up.


  2. robbie

    No he aint a flop and stats prove it but before I see this I knew he was a good player! The thing is he has not been at his top form the last few games so why not get behind him and spur him on! Plus it weren’t his fault we played poor against kidneypool the whole 11 played s**t, what annoys me the most as true fan is we all wanted a top expensive signing now we got one in ozil soon as he don’t play great every fan starts complaining and running him into ground! What happens if he scores winner against man ure then it will be he is great,excellent, truly amazing people are good at complaining but don’t know how to support a team. And for the record I’m not saying I love ozil and he’s best in world (yet maybe) for true sake if someone close to you or who knows you constantly puts you down you either get so annoyed and you explode or it changes you maybe not for the better, put it this way if me or u moved to foreign country how long do you think it would take to adapt. Common sense people! I truly hope ozil scores tomora, if he needs rest bring him on second half wenger


  3. Millz

    Dennis Bergkamp wasn’t as good as Ozil in his first season and look how he turned out. Granted his performance against ‘Pool he was poor but so was the rest of the team. Everyone has bad games, you just hope it’s not all at the same time.


  4. jordangooner

    Oxil has been fantastic this season, you may not notice him, great killer passes, and great reading of the game. This is a great achievment for first season in premier league.
    I am sorry to say it but many of supporters, only follow the crap the media print. He will only better, thats why the Madrid players wanted him to stay.


  5. MM

    And about people who say our squad is not on par with the rest, if we count the number of players in every top 10 category, we’re not too badly placed.

    Number of players in top 10 players assists
    1. Arsenal 3 players
    1. Liverpool 3 players
    2. Man City 2 players

    Number of players in top 10 passers
    1. Man City 3 players
    2. Arsenal 2 players

    Number of players in top 10 key passers per game
    1. Chelsea 3 players
    2. Man City 2 players
    … ok Arsenal is not doing that good here. only 1 player. I expect Santi to come in the list pretty soon though.

    Now the scary one: Number of players in top 10 “through ballers”
    1. Arsenal 5 players
    2. Liverpool 3 players

    Conclusion: Arsenal isnt too badly placed. Too bad we can’t make better use of the through balling capacity though.

    And as for Ozil, there aren’t any other player who’s in all 4 categories except for Silva who has been in the PL for a couple of years now. Not too bad I would say


  6. olaolu

    Ozil wasnt a flop to me even he didnt lost his form. The question we need to ask ourself is, do we have a good and sharp striker? A rich man in the mins of an hundred poor men, wot is he? We need a good striker to complanment his effort.


  7. Män-Ö-Kënt (@frowbags)

    Oh the press just love to have a downer on us, any chance and they are on us like a ton of bricks. Özil hasn’t had the best of it for a few games and it all came to a head after the Liverpool game. The whole team had a shocker yet the press have singled out Özil because he cost £42million. The press also pick on us when we don’t spend money on players. They were all having a dig over Wenger not authorising the spending of bazzilions on Draxler. I’d bet all the money I have that if we’d spent a huge amount on him and he had a bad game the press would be all over him like they are with Özil. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t 😦


  8. Özil-is-a-Gunner

    The press will see a player hit a brace and an assist and still slug him off for not going for a hatrick!! What more do they want from him, two hatricks, four assists, two goal line clearances, ten interceptions, 100% pass accuracy?? Flop or not, he as long as he’s fit should be the first name on the teamsheet!!


  9. Jeremy Kyle

    Personally I think its harsh any criticism he’s had over the last few weeks. He’s come from a league that’s much slower and less demanding to a league that’s known for its intensity. He’s only 24 still and going off them stats he’s doing a decent job. Aswell he’s only got 2 assist’s in his last 8 games which I think could be tiredness. Compared to what he’s got in his last 8 games anyway. Next year is the year we should judge him on his performances. If not he should be a man and put something on the end of it and get a job!!


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