10 reason why will we beat Chelsea + starting 11

1) It’s written in the stars, a million miles away, a message to the man….sorry, got a bit carried away. It is Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game. Jose Mourinho has never lost at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League. Like a player scoring on his birthday, Mourinho will lose that record on Wenger’s 1000th game.

2) Chelsea are running scared. Defeat against Arsenal will put an end to their title challenge as it will mean 3 other sides could finish above them.

3%) Due to them running scared, they will attempt to park the bus as they did at the Emirates earlier this season.

4) Unfortunately the wheels on that bus are coming off, after a defeat to Aston Villa last time out.

5) Both Ramires and Willian are suspended after red cards against Aston Villa. With Chelsea relying on a high defensive line, they will sorely miss they pressing and pace these two provide.

6) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Chelsea struggle with pace through the middle. He will cause havoc.

7) This will be the 50th time Wenger has faced Chelsea. His record reads: P 49 W 19 D 14 L 16. Positive!

8) Arsenal have won at Stamford Bridge more than any other visiting Premier League side.

9) Chelsea played mid-week. Arsenal did not. they will be knackered. We won’t be.

10) 1000 games of mental strength. That a hell of a lot

Likely line=up: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, BFG, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Ox, Cazorla, Giroud


4 thoughts on “10 reason why will we beat Chelsea + starting 11

  1. Elphic

    ‘Theres always next season.’That’s favourite quote by Arsenal.Stop fantasy and you’ll win something.How many times are we to wait 4 our beating? We got tired of waiting and switched of to bigger fish like our club.We ain’t rivals anymore.Win CL first.Poor Arsenal!!!!

  2. theo

    11. abramovich will soon be deported 12. fuck off to russia the ukraine is ours, will be ringing in his ears this afternoon. 13. terry and lampard will come out of the closet very soon and confess their love for eachother and cement their love by letting van persie rape them both. 14. ken bates will buy the club back after sonofabitch has been deported, re install the electric fences they had in the 80’s, which will play havoc with their players, losing the one brain cell that that gives them the urge to dive in the area. hence, never winning again.


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