Proud to be a Gooner

Ok, we lost 6-0, more about that another day. It has been done to death by blogs today, and will continue to do so until we spank Swansea 8-0 and everything is sunny in the Arsenal garden again. Yesterday, despite the defeat, I have never been prouder to be a Gooner. Prouder to be an Arsenal fan.

What happened yesterday was a thing of beauty, and you had to be at the stadium to understand it. From the first minute to the last, and beyond, the atmosphere was electric. At 3-0 down to 10 men, the clock turned 30, and it started “49 49 undefeated” and it continued. The noise decibels only reducing for half time.

As the Chelsea goals went in, the singing got louder. A mark of defiance. I remember a few years back when we played Leeds United at Highbury. Leeds lost 5-0. It was Arsenal’s unbeaten season, Leeds went on to be relegated a few weeks later. But their fans did not stop singing. It sent a shiver down my spine, making me realise that ones love for a club is over and above anything. As Leeds fans stood shoulder by shoulder together, I released it was this resilient attitude that allows the UK to be a world power despite its size.

Yesterday was our ‘5-0’. The circumstances might have been slightly different. The score was 6-0, it was all but confirmation of us being out of the title race than being relegated, but the feeling was the same. A feeling of defiance.

Throughout the second half, the majority of fans stayed. And backed the team. No matter opinions on Wenger and the board, there was a realisation, we needed to stand up and be counted, even if the players are management shirked the challenge.

Whilst Chelsea fans sat on their hands, only giving it every now and again (One mug wearing a Sky Blue SuperDry hoodie – you’re 40, stop wearing hoodies, asked the guy sitting next to him “who’s that” when Salah came on, despite ‘giving it large’ to Arsenal fans), Arsenal fans did not stop. Leaving at least something to be proud of despite the scoreline.

Yes, it was not perfect. I saw a couple of Arsenal fans getting attacked for singing ‘One Arsene Wenger’ in response to Chelsea fans singing ‘we want you to stay’. Likewise, chaps who unveiled a small black BSM flag were also abused, showing that there are tossers on both sides of the fence. Overall though, the crowd came together as one against a common enemy.

And it did not stop at the final whistle. Walking down the Fulham Road, Arsenal fans were not quite. On the platform at Fulham Broadway, the noise continued. On the train to Victoria, it was bouncing, and in the Willow Walk after the game, the atmosphere, the defiance, remained. We might have lost the battle on the pitch, but off it, victory was ours.

The men and women at the game yesterday standing side by side, backing the 10 men for 90 minutes, are the real hero’s. They are the ones who would stay with the club throughout all scenarios, through relegation, and who deserve success. They are the fans who I would happily be in the trenches. It makes me very proud to say I was one of those fans. I am a proud Gooner.



18 thoughts on “Proud to be a Gooner

  1. BT62 Gooner

    Keenos you’re a lucky man to beable to get away tickets,would love to be in the away end.Always proud!!!

  2. Robert

    I was sitting with my wife in the upper west stand hoping to enjoy the game. Our away support from up there was amazing! However I did left at half time. I could not bear it! I admire your strength and believe.

  3. jordangooner

    Well done to all of you, the real Arsenal supporters. I hope we can now get rid of all the plastic fans we have acquired, during the good times. Then we can make more noise at the Emirates, and get behind our beloved Arsenal.

  4. Danish Gooner

    I felt embarressed to be a Gooner but then again i didnt attend the game.One Aussie gooner came over to just to see this game,i really felt for him.Pathetic shambles by millionares that couldnt care less on the day.If this is the trend in football and a certain trend at Arsenal i am gonna give up supporting.

  5. polo

    Fair pay to the lads who sat through that pile of shit for 90 mins our away support is one of the best in the league….And whats wrong with wearing a hoodie at 40???? what should he wearing a tweed jacket and flat cap…ageism my friend…lol…..

  6. Matt

    Awesome article – best i have read in a very long time. You are so right. Its the fans like you that make a club great. Performance on the pitch comes and goes. But the fans will always be there. Its that, that makes Arsenal the greatest club in the world

  7. richard


  8. Linda

    I have been a gooner for 42yrs and counting. I love this club with all my heart. Yesterday was my worst day in those 42yrs. It’s not only the managers fault but those players that pull on that red and white shirt. When that shirt is on their backs they should be playing for it with all they have not just against lesser teams but more importantly against the so called bigger teams. Why theft bottle it I don’t know but something is very wrong and unless they get to the bottom of it and get it sorted out and quick we will not win this leauge any time soon. I love what Wenger has done for this club over the years and unless he gets this sorted then I don’t think he will carry on and right now I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. I think the next couple of games will give me the anwsers I’m so badly looking for. I hope and pray these players take a long hard look at themselves and I’m sure Arsene Wenger will be doing the same.

  9. Antique Gunmen

    Hi Keenos.
    I’ve my final conclusion on our Gunners this season. We have the ability to land in the title zone, but not yet hit the requirement to be champion. Those three humiliations harshly emphasized that. So, forget the title. The best we can do now is defend that 4th place, collect all points remains and hope that we could finish 3rd. The lads should give their all to clinch FA Cup tittle, to finish our thropy drought before season end.
    Arsene must take lesson from this season reflection on how to use that 100M pounds transfer kitty in the summer. Our midfielders was full of pack, but unfortunately have many injuries prone on it.
    Our defensive side despite Per and Koz solid pair, have many weakness in the flank. Up front, we urge to find a world class goal scorer.
    I have my furious and dirty words passed me bye, and just like you at the end of the day, I love this club for better or worst.

  10. UP YOURS

    took 10 years to think up a song that has no meaning to the current players. if you love the arsenal so much how about backing the players on the pitch by signing individual songs for them rather then make them feel even more inadequate by reminding them of what we used to have.

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