10 Reasons why we will beat Swansea + my starting XI

1) Swansea are not a top 4 side.

2) The players and manager should be so disgusted with how they played or rather didn’t play against Chelsea they will want to prove they are fit to wear the shirt and manage the club.

3%)  Gibbs is wearing Ox’s shirt, just  to confuse tonight’s ref.

4) Koscielny is injured (Calf) which means our club captain may start at CB.

5) There will be no “Accidents” tonight.

6) It’s not an early kick off so the players might even be awake.

7) Giroud has promised if he plays that he will touch the ball. Unlike at home where he’s promised his wife no-one else will touch his balls.

8) Wenger has promised that if things are going wrong he might get off the bench and try and change things, once he’s managed to do his zip up.

9) Swansea have only won 2 out of 11 league games in 2014

10) Arsene knows – well he did, but not for a long time now.

Likely lineup – hopefully 11 players who actually give a fuck, but i’m not holding my breath


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