Diaby returns and signs new long term deal

I’m stunned but delighted to read the following reports on this injury prone player. Firstly Skysorts are reporting Diaby is back in full training and is raring to make a difference as we get to the business end of the season.

Diaby has been out injured for just over a calendar year now and with his knee, ankle, thigh, shin, back, shoulder, foot, calf and abdominal issues well behind him he is now ready to set world football alight once more. We have missed Diaby, he joined us in 2006 for a reported £2million with wages of £50,000 a week. In this time he has managed 123 games, scoring 14 goals.

It look’s like our great manager, Wenger is also confident of Diaby’s rehabilitation and has such he has given him another new long term contract as reported on Arsenal.com




11 thoughts on “Diaby returns and signs new long term deal

  1. wilson

    What will Abu offer at this hour ? its too late. The goose is already cooked , fourth place is our trophy , year in year out so long as the board take home a fatty cheque

  2. Jude olika

    welcome back diaby, we your fans are still behind you, we hope to see you in action soon, up gunners

  3. Raul D'mellow

    Ha ha ha. April fool. Man when I saw diaby wearing the 2010-11 jersey. I knew it was fake. My ignorant man utd frnd actually thought diaby signed a new contract.


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