Five Liverpool Myths Exposed

Neutrals want Liverpool to win

The largest, most ludicrous myth around at this moment in time is that neutrals want Liverpool to win the league. This is ridiculous. Firstly, this myth has been mooted by pundits and press men. It has come from the likes of Jamie Carragher, Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp. Brilliant unbiased view point.

The reality is, neutrals do no want Liverpool to win the league. Many have grown up with Liverpool gloating over the last 30 years. Despite having not won the league for 23 years, their gloating is intolerable, and were they to win the league, it would only get worse. Most neutral’s can not wait until that clock ticks over to 25 years, a milestone. The neutrals certainly do not want Liverpool to win the league.

Liverpool doing it the right way

The key reason why Liverpool are ‘the neutrals favourite’ (although we have already debunked this myth) is due to them doing it the right way. They are battling against the evil forces of Russian Oligarch’s and Middle Eastern Oil men.

It seems to have been forgotten by the press however that Liverpool are owned by the Fenway Group, a conglomerate of brokers, bankers, hedge fund managers and media executives. Billionaires in their own right.

In the last accounts, Liverpool lost £50 million. Chelsea lost £49.4 million. Manchester City lost £51.6 million. And lets look at expenditure over the last 5 years:

Man City: £512m
Chelsea: £410m
Liverpool: £270m
Man Utd: £230m
Arsenal: £172m

Whilst they might not have spent as much as Chelsea and City, they have spent more than Arsenal and Man Utd (£100m more than Arsenal). Acting as if they have got where they are based on youth and spending little is a false statement.

So Liverpool are owned by foreign businessmen (same as Man City and Chelsea), make huge losses (same as Man City and Chelsea), yet are considered as ‘doing it the right way.’

Steven Gerrard is great captain and deserves his loyalty rewarded

Steven Gerrard tried to engineer a move to Chelsea
Steven Gerrard ran over a kid
Steven Gerrard was caught on CCTV assaulting a man in a bar

Lets stop the Gerrard love in shall we? He is the Scouse John Terry

Liverpool fans are good sportsmanship

For some reason, the press are presenting Liverpool fans as a brilliant example of sportsmanship. That they represent the English game with aplomb. What parallel universe have I slipped into?

These Liverpool fans got English football banned from Europe for 6 years after their behaviour caused the death of 39 Juventus fans at Heysel.

These Liverpool fans robbed off their own in Istanbul. Stealing tickets, travelling with fake tickets and jibbing through the barriers to see Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final.

These Liverpool fans repeated the trick in 2007 at the Champions League Final in Athens. Selling their own fake tickets for £1,000. Travelling in their masses without tickets causing unsafe over crowding within the police cordon’s and fan zones.

Liverpool fan’s did similar at the Emirates Stadium during the Champions League Quarter Final in 2008. Every club throughout the Premier League will have their own stories of too many Liverpool fans turning up, fake tickets, and the lack of concern many Scousers have for their own fans safety. It seems to a Scouser, it is more important to see a game of football then be an honest, upstanding citizen. Their reckless behaviour is an accident waiting to happen.

And who can forget the Michael Shield’s incident. Whilst Shields has been correctly released from a jail after the murder of a Bulgarian man before a Liverpool away game, there is a murderer out there who was happy with his own mate taking the fall. Happy someone else taking a 10 year sentence for his crime. Happy for a fellow human being to be banged up abroad whilst he sits in Liverpool, probably still going to games, without a care in the world.

These incidents are not the only ones which highlight how poor the Liverpool fans are. Whilst the world mourns those who lost their lives at Hillsborough, Liverpool fans quite happily sing and gloat about the Munich disaster.

When Alan Smith broke his leg in 2006, those kind hearted Liverpool fans threw beer cans at the ambulance, blocked its progress, and attempted to turn it over. Nice men then.

Even last week, whilst Manchester City respectful remembered those who lost their life at Hillsborough, them Scouser’s attacked a coach, bricking the windows. The coach was reported to have had a ‘Justice for the 96’ flag in its window. What respect the Liverpool fans have for their fellow fans.

Liverpool fans are certainly not good sportsmen, they are the shame of English football.

Brendan Rodgers is a genius

Brendan Rodgers is a numpty. Anyone who has watched ‘Being: Liverpool’ will know he certainly is not a genius.

Liverpool have got lucky this year, Brendan Rodgers has got lucky this year. With no European football, and being knocked out of the cups early, he has been able to keep his squad fit, and at peak condition. Fewer games has restricted injuries, and meant that the likes of Sturridge and Sterling have been able to play at the top of the game for the entire season. Let’s see how they perform next year when they have to play twice a week. Just to highlight how few games Liverpool have played further:

Manchester City: 54 games
Arsenal: 52
Chelsea: 52
Tottenham: 51
Manchester United: 50
Everton: 41
Liverpool: 40

Clearly Everton and Liverpool have both benefited massively by playing hardly any games this season.


This is the truth about Liverpool. Do not believe the myths put out by the biased press.



155 thoughts on “Five Liverpool Myths Exposed

    1. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

      Hahahahahaaaa, the truth hurts, look at all the smelly bath swerving scousers all up in arms screaming “you’re bitter”. “He’s a scouse John Terry”…Bwahahahahahahaaa, spot on mate, filthy soap avoiding bindippers, scum of the earth..fact!!


    2. Suarez and £1

      Arsenal are always in the right, always spending ‘no money’, always finishing 4th, never winning a trophy. Oh, sorry I forgot you have made your own 4th place trophy out of plastic, to reflect the ‘prize’ that it is.

      Anyway, I am sure the writer was choking on his dinner, when ‘lucky Liverpool” were rampaging through your team in the 5-1 thrashing at Anfield. It must be really difficult to watch a player such as Suarez tearing you a new one, especially after, in your wildest dreams you thought he would join you.

      What exactly are you smoking at the Emirates?

      He was clearly waiting for a top European team, who were ‘competing’ for the Champions League to come in for him, but he stayed, signing a 5 year contract, good choice I’d say. In Europe, next season, Liverpool will be that team. 5 times and all that……

      Paul Merson, Perry Groves and Ray Parlour have all said this Liverpool team are the neutrals favourites to win the title, and so they should be, their football has been breathtaking. I cant see any bias here, can you?

      I cant be bothered to pander to your ‘facts’, but I will reply to a couple of points you have made. Firstly, if injuries have restricted other teams, then surely playing more games has had a limited effect?

      You cant have it both ways, Aguero, Silva, Ramsay, Van Persie, Wiltshire and the like cant exactly complain about having too many games to play can they, if they have been injured? You may reflect on Suarez (we are a one man team of course) missing the first 6 games of the season, and Sturridge (another lucky buy of course) missing a few through injuries too, which with less games, as you call it, surely has a greater percentage impact?

      When was the last time a team finished 7th and went on to win the league, because of less games?…still waiting…..yep still waiting…….er still waiting……take your time……yes rare isn’t it?

      And, if you are trying to compare accounts between the top clubs, in terms of expenditure, it doesn’t really wash looking at half the picture does it? – If you had a Credit Card and spent on it, in time you would have to balance it out by pay the money back, leaving you with a net figure. If we review the net figures, you will see a different story, but of course you know that, thats why you chose expenditure, to paint a different story. I thought making profit was important to Arsenal, it certainly is to Wenger!

      Gerrard is an excellent Captain, yes he may have made a mistake or 2 in the past, but of course, your representatives, Tony Adams and Paul Merson know all about mistakes, but of course the drugs and booze addictions are all untrue, because Arsenal are whiter than white.

      Your post smacks of fear. Fear, that your famous 4th spot ‘trophy’ is more in threat now than ever (hence the swipe at Everton, or it could just be a xenophobic Scouse thing), fear that our ‘numpty’ manager is actually tactically proficient enough to move a team from 7th to 1st in such a short space of time (whilst you have regressed), and fear that the sleeping giant, that is Liverpool Football Club may have just awoken from its temporary slumber (despite winning 3 trophies won since your last!) and will be a fighting force again. You know LFC is huge, and you fear it.

      Apologies decent Arsenal fans, but this guy is a shambles.

    1. Tom

      Seen many, many, many :LFC blogs over the years being more bitter than this. At least he’s citing proper sources and not just linking to a Redmen TV video on YouTube followed by an obligatory ‘YNWA!!!!’. Fuck off.

  1. Leivapool

    Hahaha. Your more bitter than Man United fans. At least most of my United mates have the grace to admit we’re doing well, and not bring up false accusations and trials where people have been found innocent. People say Liverpool and Arsenal fans have a respect for each other. I don’t know where that has come from. It’s complete bollox. Arsenal fans are by far and away the worst fans I have ever met. The racist abuse they gave people on the train up to Anfield last season was disgusting and the “We’re holier than thou” attitude is pure fiction. If you had a manager who knew how to win a trophy instead of looking after his own share price, you might actually have some respect.

      1. Neutral Man

        So you are saying team without European football not entitled to win the League? In this case Man Utd should not challenge the title next season!!!

  2. Dale

    Brilliant, love the fact we are doing this to the haters. Makes it all the sweeter.

    Your not the author who was advocating taking Liverpool to court over the Luis Suarez affair earlier this season are you? If so, please keep these articles coming, it really brightens my day.


  3. Achs

    I’ve read good articles; I’ve read bad articles. Then I read this. I can’t help but laugh and feel sorry for you.



    1. Youracunt

      Whats the point bragging aboit svoring loads of goals when you have conceded mote than crystal palace. What a cunt you are

      1. TheLazyProdigy

        Maybe because we are top of the league you shit stain. Oh and by the way it’s YOU’RE, WHAT’S, ABOUT, SCORING and MORE. Learn to spell you inbred cunt.

  5. Shubham

    Many people feel LFC winning the league is better than either MCFC or Chel$ki. Circumstances this season have definitely helped LFC. Lower number of games and off course good luck. Whatever, they have tried has come off. The narrative is also set because Gerrard is a media darling. Having a skipper who’s an English stalwart helps build the story up. Much like the love in with John Terry and Frank Lampard. Don’t discount them even now. Their game against the Russian moneybags could still change the biased discourse.

    1. Tom

      “Many people feel LFC winning the league is better than either MCFC or Chel$ki.” lol @ that dollar sign. Read the fucking article; Liverpool are hardly frugal.

  6. 5star

    96 goals 🙂 :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  7. walkslad

    Who cares what you think? Who cares if you hate us? Is this article meant to make you feel better whilst we win the league? We don’t care what you think, all that matters is that we have almost won the league. That’s it really…

    1. LoseeeeeerrrrrrrrfoolLLllll

      This is what i call true loserfool fan’s character and behavior. Good job man!!! loserfool need you

    2. Tom

      “Who cares what you think? Who cares if you hate us?” he says, commenting on an ARSENAL blog. Stick to RAWK you sad little individual.

      1. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

        YOU obviously care what he thinks you smelly northern monkey or you wouldn’t be posting, god you scousers are thick, stick to theiving off old ladies, its what you tramps do best :o)


  8. tom howarth

    What a load of rubbish, Gooners are never happy unless they win a trophy, so a lot of bearded unhappy gooners out there then, ha ha ha

  9. Gordon

    Hilarious reading, thanks for the laughs. But you should really do some research before you make statements like those above. Whilst some of them are factual, others are crap made up by the media and bitter rival fans – but such is life. I count some of my best mates as Arsenal fans, having lived in Holloway for 7 years, hopefully their views don’t concur with yours.
    The funniest bit is the expenditure over the last five years. Everyone knows Liverpool have not been able to compete financially with the likes of Utd & Chelski over the last 10-15 years, never mind 5. Why not look at what Liverpool have done in the last 9 years? The answer is won trophies, despite – in that time – being 36 hours away from being wound up as a football club by the authorities. During that time what has the genius Wenger won? Nada. He did however spend £42m on Ozil, at the same time we spent £8.5m on Coutinho. I know who I’d rather have – and he looks nothing like Marty Feldman in a kebab shop.
    The biggest surprise to me is that Arsenal haven’t utilised potentially huge earnings by licensing out Wenger to Specsavers – the revenue from the “I didn’t see it” marketing campaign would buy you at least another Ozil.
    One last little thing to ponder, if Arsenal were in the position Liverpool are now would you have bothered writing the above piece? No, you’d have been busy eulogising on Wenger the Genius. Not that it would matter coz he probably wouldn’t see that either.
    I’ll stick with ordinary, lucky, numpty Rodgers thanks.

    1. Sickofyourshit.

      Oh would you fuck off. That’s bullshit. This season they spent £48.8M on Aspas (7M),Luis Alberto (6.8), Kolo (free), llori (7m), Sakho (18M), Mignoley (10M) and recouped £28m by selling Carroll (15.5M), Shelvey (5m), Downing (5M) Spearing (2m) plus Carragher retiring…
      The year before they spent £49M on Borini (10M), Joe Allen (15M), Sturridge (12M) and recouped £8M back. Liverpool spend more than they make every year. In fact, there’s a gap of about 40m in their books over the past 3 years, that ironically would have been solved by the sale of Luis Suarez. Get down off your high horse. Sure, you can’t spend 100m a season, but when you’re making 50m on pieces of shit like Torres and spending an extra 15m on top of the sale, you have 65m to spend. In 2011-12 season, Arsenal sold Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas, Eboué and more, the total of which brought in 74m. They then spent a little over 51m. Liverpool would have spent 90m! Get over yourself. Arsenal have been paying off a stadium. Liverpool have been overspending while crying year in, year out “we don’t spend money which is why we’re not in the top 4”. No. You weren’t in the top 4 because up until this year, you were shit. Suarez is the only reason you’re on top, and the only reason you have him is because you’re scumbag owner cheated. Simple as. He said it himself that the buy out clause existed, they lied about it, and nobody bothered to look into it. So get down off your Scouse high horse. You’re lying, cheating scum, and everyone is sick of the Liverpool love in on Sky Sports. Even when Arsenal were top of the league everyone only spoke about how we would fall, not “Fair play to Arsenal”, but “NO! It’s not possible!” Have a bit of cop on.

      1. walkslad

        I just love the way you hate us knobhead. Your bitter twisted remarks make me squirm with delight. We are back as top dogs, now fuck off !,

      2. talisman74

        John Henry cheated? How did Arsenal know about the £40M clause I wonder? The funniest part was that the clause wasn’t a release clause, so the £40,000,001 offer was a joke on the Arsenal fans who believed otherwise. As a matter of interest do you consider David Dein and Arsene Wenger to have cheated in 2004 when they refused to allow Patrick Vieira join Real Madrid in 2004 for £35M? It was a genius piece of negotiating on their part for which the Liverpool fans should be entirely grateful. The constant stalling dragged the deal out for the summer months and allowed Liverpool to sign Xabi Alonso from Real Sociedad. Alonso was Florentino Perez’s Plan ‘B’ at the time and the player proved to be quite influential in the Champions League win that season.

      3. Tom

        @talisman74 “The funniest part was that the clause wasn’t a release clause, so the £40,000,001 offer was a joke on the Arsenal fans who believed otherwise.” – as believed by Liverpool fans and Liverpool fans only. That is a VERY revisionist, RAWKite vision of the events. It’s fine to gloat about us not getting him, and it was mildly funny how it played out in the media, but why bring lies like that to a debate? You don’t know that for a fact and it undermines your whole point.

      4. talisman74

        @Tom: It was the view of Fenway Sports Group that the £40M clause didn’t apply domestically – nothing revisionist about that. John Henry revealed in an interview that Ivan Gazidis was told this and that Arsenal were wasting their time pursuing the player. Arsenal’s response was to increase their bid by £1 the following day.

      5. Tom

        So.. John Henry’s company found the contract clause invalid, which JUST HAPPENS to favour John Henry? What a shocker. Come on, you can’t be serious using that as a citation.

  10. Ashley

    So according to you, LFC is purely lucky, Gerrard is bad, Brandan Rogers does not know anything about football and mafia is running LFC! Wow you are a GENIUS, but you are having nightmares too!!! Before making any assumptions regarding the Neutrals please conduct a scentific survey. As for Gerrard, see the stats for Gerrard before making any dubious comment. LFC playing 40 games what about the other teams in the league – except those you mentioned- and have you look at the squad of LFC and compare it with the big guns, No you haven’t because you are stupid. If you want to buy LFC…well bid for it!!!! and please stop following football, you are losing it!!!!!!!!!!!….

    1. Get A Job

      Knocked out of the FA Cup a week later and a clean sheet at home (2-0) in November. 2 wins for Arsenal, 1 for Liverpool. Just stop.

      1. Waheem

        Yeah you’ve really had the better season. These are absolutely hilarious levels of bitterness from the blogger and some of the comments are comic gems. Can I also add that I love the writer’s unique writing style especially the random capital letters and apostrophes.

      2. Waheem

        Apologies, I feel I may have been unduly harsh. I have just seen that this site is called “She wore a yellow ribbon” and I think the yellow ribbon in question may be to raise awareness for people who’ve suffered serious brain injuries.

        You’re doing a good job champ, keep it up!

      3. Tom

        Actually pretty humourous, so fair play. That said, the yellow ribbon refers to an Arsenal song. Arsenal, see that. Arsenal. It’s an Arsenal blog. Why are you on an Arsenal blog? Closet fan? I would never dirty myself by going to a bindipper blog which was mauling Arsenal in an article.

  11. ibk

    David moyes must be a genius…… lol! get a grip haters… liar lair pants on the wire hanging over a telephone wire! ynwa!

  12. ibk

    maybe these teams who had played more games should learn from Liverpool n drop out of every cup competition at the first hurdle so they can win the league next season … arsenal can start that process by giving up on the champions league spot…what a waste of time reading this bullock!

  13. Carl

    Liverpool have benefitted from playing less games and not picking up injuries, it will be a different challenge for them next year when they are in CL. The media love in is also a bit nauseous, don’t buy into this notion that Gerrard deserves to win it – why is he more deserving than anyone else?! However they have been the better team, certainly over second part of the season and deserve top spot.

    1. Jack

      The biggest myth about Liverpool is this ‘lack of injuries’ you speak off…………………………….Sturridge, Gerrard, Coutinho, Johnson, all members of the Liverpool preferred back 4, Allen, Lucas have all been out Injured for a minimum of 6 weeks at some point of the season, not to mention Suarez missing the first 5 games through suspension…..The thing is, Liverpool coped with these injuries, continued to win so therefore nothing was said about the injury list. Also, Liverpools tiny squad evens out there non European involvement.
      Anyway, if being out of Europe is a massive advantage, where are all the other Premier League title contenders, scoring 96 goals who don’t have European football????
      As for the ‘lets see how they do next year with Champions League football’, LFC will be able to attract and buy far better players this summer with the attraction of CL football, build a stronger squad, add to the already improving, young team they already have…, they’ll be more than OK.

    2. Tom

      Best comment on here Carl mate. Liverpool have been very good but their fans seem to think they could better Bayern Munich even on an off day – Suarez cannot seem to score many against the big teams, FACT. Just accept it. It will be interesting to see how well LFC do in the CL, and how many excuses their fanbase can come up with when they’re out during the group stages.

  14. Comrade Gibby

    If I may ask you the weird writer, do you really watch football games? If you do, have you ever seen the way those teams you are comparing play soccer? Which team of the four teams is displaying the splendour and sensational of football with bags of goals? Don’t just wake up from your nightmares and start barking like a mad dog. Please, I beg you, think with your head and not with you pen or mouth. Stop crucifying innocent people, thus character assassination

  15. Alf

    Funny how the scousers are always in denial, it wasn’t us. I’d rather see the spuds win the league than the bin dippers.

      1. The spirit of Dennis Bergkamp

        Hahahaha, did he touch a nerve? Calm down, calm down you “mad robbin scouser”, go cash your giro you granny mugging tramp :o)


  16. Dr Duncan

    Ha ha love it!! Liverpool have got you riled and you don’t like it!! You follow Arsenal – you only have to look in the title of the name of the club “Arse”-nal. Just about sums up the club and it’s fans. Forever in our shadow! Oh and by the way get your facts straight in future, some of your accusations are complete and utter bollocks!

  17. tk

    I sense your bitterness, but at least get your facts right. Most of what you state is just rehashed crap taken off trash tabloids.

  18. Frankie Four Fingers

    All this talk about games played.



    LOOK, Arsenal fans, I know its hard, been terrible, I know its hard to realize, that your club isnt going anyway, I know its hard, when you where top of the league no one took you seriously.


    Look at this article, your club is a joke, look at where you have ended up, as usual, battling for fourth, how dumb would of the pundits looked if they had said your pathetic club could challenege.

    You cant challenge, and wont challange, even if you started on 40 points, youd still not win the league, ok.

    Now, go fuck yourselfs.

    Oh, and please.



    1. Man Citizen

      There comes a racist son of a bitch.. So, english would want Liverpool to win.. And why is that ??

      Suarez is english,
      Coutinho is english,
      Skrtel is english,
      Agger is english,
      Sakho is english,
      Lucas is english,
      Mignolet is english ??
      There owners are english ??

      Only gerrard, sturidge and some other random ones are english..
      Whats so english about Liverpool ??

      1. Nirmay

        Don’t really want to get into an argument. I’m not even from England 🙂 But to be fair, Liverpool’s usual 1st team has Gerrard, Sterling, Sturridge, Johnson, Flanagan and Henderson. That’s 6 out of 11. You could also make a case for Allen with him being Welsh.

  19. So bitter it's funny

    There’s so much incredibly bitter and wrong about this it’s amusing, but I thought I’d correct you on just one of them. The ‘Michael Shields Incident’, no one was mudered.

    Also, open a window you crank.

  20. hrishi

    As an Arsenal fan, I think this article has gone a little too far. True, the media has hyped up the notion of Liverpool being the neutral’s favourites. Also,Liverpool have made the most of their relaxed schedule but I disagree on most of your other points:
    Steven Gerrard – Being a world class player in what was more or less a mid table team then-Champions League winners, yes but hardly anyone expected the team to be successful afterwards- anyone would have wanted to move on to pastures anew.To his credit, he stayed with the team to make sure they did not crumble. Case in point – Ajax won the Champions League in ’95, the entire team broke up with the players choosing more renowned teams. Ajax and Dutch football have never been the same since. Coming to your accusation that he ran over a kid, you have conveniently chosen to skip the details. Firstly, the boy had nothing more than a broken leg. Secondly,Gerrard looked after the boy until the ambulance arrived and even checked on his progress afterwards. And thirdly and most importantly, onlookers claimed that Gerrard was not at fault. The bar brawl was inexcusable behaviour, I admit.
    Spending- While it is true that Liverpool outspent Arsenal in the past 5 years, their wage bills have been consistently lower. Big money was spent on people like Carroll, Downing etc and they didn’t turn out as planned. They were affected by big players moving out, financial instability and managerial changes. Being out of the Champions League, they were not able to attract the kind of players they would have liked. To imply that Liverpool and Man United actually competed financially just because they had similar net spends is way off the mark. Their net spend is what it is because of bad inflated buys.
    Brendan Rodgers- Liverpool haven’t simply just been lucky. Their brand of fast paced attacking football has helped them notch up 11 wins on the row- calling them ‘lucky’ is just consoling ourselves. Arsenal’s injury list has been a whole lot worse, but to say that injuries have not affected their key players is inaccurate- Sturridge, Gerrard and Coutinho have all been involved in lengthy layoffs. Add to this Suarez’ suspension, I don’t think it has entirely been smooth sailing for them. Credit to Rodgers that he managed them properly, and it leaves them where they are now.
    Fan behaviour- Again a case of over-generalisation.While, it’s that their behaviour at Heysel was deplorable, the rest seem to be isolated instances from the past that have combined to make LFC fans the villains now. Such accusations have been hurled at fans of most clubs and you have singled out Liverpool for your own convenience.

    1. Liam Gallagher

      Very well put, clearly an Arsenal fan who knows a bit more than what his mate told him or he read in The Star.

  21. A Heard

    That is hilarious, bitterness spilling out! And yes, the neutrals DO want Liverpool to win, everybody hates Man Utd, even utd fans right now!

  22. Christopher Bland

    And these same Liverpool fans couldn’t even do as they were asked and stand for a minute’s silence at the emirates stadium to commemorate the great Tom Finney #sorry it wasn’t about you that day

    1. Liam Gallagher

      I was there – yes they did – at the end they simply sang ‘there’s only one Tom Finney’ – which some people might not have like but it was out of respect.

  23. D

    When Liverpool win the league Everton have absolutely nothing to throw at us anymore. They are so insignificant we are actually starting to look down our nose at them. #fact

  24. j75j

    You do know Leeds and Man U fans got their teams banned from Europe in the 70s??? Sturridge has missed about a dozen games Sterling wasn’t even in the team at times this season! You don’t score 96 goals with luck!!! By your thinking teams not in Europe should be winning the league but actually what happens is the teams in Europe win the league dumbo!!! Don’t worry Man U won’t have any European football next season! Let’s see how they do!!!

  25. BlameRafa

    Best article I’ve read all year. So so funny. Your bitterness & tears are what feed us bin dippers. Keep up the great work.

  26. Jack

    Arsenal fans don’t want LFC to win the league as it will highlight their failures and annual mid-season collapse more than if CFC or MCFC win it…….at least then Arsenal fans can hide behind the riches and money spent by city and chelsea. Arsenal fans CAN NOT stand the fact they held the lead for sooooo long, yet nobody took them seriously. Laughable club.

    1. Tom

      Not at all; wouldn’t City winning it be more humiliating in that sense as they have so many of our former players? Reason most fans of /any/ team do not want LFC to win it is because we will be barraged with how fantastic you all are. Even seen Yids saying they’d prefer us to win it to LFC winning it. But it’s okay, you can delude yourself mate, congrats on most likely winning the season.

      1. Jack

        HAHA, ”barraged with how fantastic you all are”………………………like what the rest of England had to hear you lot bragging constantly when you were top of the league, constantly boasting and singing?? God help the rest of us if you win the FA Cup……..your first trophy for nearly a decade and we won’t hear the end of it.
        Don’t know what’s happened to you Arsenal fans, our clubs have been built the right way compared to CFC and MCFC, we had a decent relationship, but its gone very bitter recently.

      2. Tom

        @Jack – I don’t remember us bragging, but if you did hear any bragging it was because the media was not exactly pro-Arsenal even at the time. And why can’t fans brag when they’re winning? The reason for the sour attitude over the years is due to the media treating Liverpool as holier than thou; not many fans even from other teams do I know who respect Liverpool due to this. Just stating a fact. As I’ve said elsewhere, you did deserve to win the title so congrats on winning the league, but why do you expect us to lick your arseholes clean while you’re at it?

  27. Liam Gallagher

    Shame, whilst it must be hard at the harsh realisation that Wenger has ultimately failed, I wouldn’t have thought that a proper Arsenal fan would hold so much bitterness towards Liverpool?

    We’ve been in a similar boat for the last 15 years – watching endless united teams and oil money spoil most seasons.

    However, your venom appears very spiteful? Your ‘facts’ are generally way off the mark which instantly knocks your credibility, which is a shame as you seem to have spent a long time compiling this master piece – was it for your GCSEs by any chance?

    I would argue that any team who nears 100 goals in a season must have played some pretty entertaining stuff and to come 7th and then win the league is unprecedented in Premier League history – so are you really going to still argue that it’s just because they weren’t in Europe?

    Perhaps the media have been referring to the atmosphere inside and out of Anfield over the last weeks, when they talk of a club who deserves the title? Or at least, certainly wants it the most? Glen Hoddle this weekend mentioned the difference between the atmosphere at Anfield and Stamford Bridge as being completely different. Scenes of City and Sunderland (where there were plenty of empty seats) would suggest the same.
    Lets not who forget who your best ever player, Thierry Henry (you might be too young to remember him) stated as the best fans he’d ever played in front of. The same ones who applauded him at his last game at Anfield.

    I’ve always respected a lot of the things Wenger installed at Arsenal and I seem to remember most ‘neutrals’ and the media singing nothing but praise about them at the time. Alas, things don’t last forever and when it’s someone else’s turn it can be hard but at least try and respect others who do succeed. Otherwise you’ll just end up sounding like… Well, you. You and Mourinho. Jokes.

    1. Ryan Shawcross

      Very well said Liam. You would think Liverpool winning the title would give arsenal fans hope and belief they could win it next season but no it appears alot of them are bitter given that money spent is no longer an excuse. Keep blaming injuries etc for your implosions, your team ultimately blew its best chance of winning the title

    1. Tom

      Didn’t LFC lose 2 of the 3 matches played against Arsenal this season? I swear they did.. probably not something you remember mind..

      1. Get A Job

        Yeah, I seem to remember a clean sheet in November and bouncing them out of the FA Cup.

      1. Jack

        Now it makes sense where all this bitterness has come from…………The poor little deluded gooners thought they were getting Suarez! hahaha.

      2. Ryan Shawcross

        But he never did hand that transfer request to go to arsenal did he. He wasnt arsed at all. Signed a new contract scored 30 goals and is on his way to getting a premier league medal. You arsenal fans actually use that article as some sort of trophy which is pathetic. Enjoy giroud and sanogo as your strikeforce for the next 3 years

  28. fadiel adams

    Yeah! And their title winning manager was found guilty of taking a bung to the detriment of their club! Oh, that was your george graham…..

  29. negro sakho

    typical looserpoo fans . squinted manager , cant see for fu.k’s sake , suarez off next year , . oh didn’t i love it when sir alex knocked you off your perch . what a bunch a classless pathetic strret thugs . i hope to god there’s another hillsborough and you all die . what a debauchery of a club .screw loosepoo

  30. kirkbysan

    1) There is no denying Liverpool play the most exciting brand of football in England. How can one gloat without winning in the last 24 years?
    2) Liverpool’s losses were exacerbated by mismanagement. These have been righted by the current management. The price tags of our recent transfer signings are more than enough proof.
    3) Stevie G is a saint compared to many top footballers. He is still a one-club man, he did not sleep with a teammate’s partner (Terry), and he did not sleep with his sister-in-law (Giggs)
    4) Go back (almost) 30 years to say Liverpool fans suck!? The attempt is, to say the least, pathetic…
    5) Luck? Fewer games? Whatever happened to “the league table doesn’t lie?”

    1. Tom

      “Stevie G is a saint compared to many top footballers. He is still a one-club man, he did not sleep with a teammate’s partner (Terry), and he did not sleep with his sister-in-law (Giggs)” and you know that because..

      1. kirkbysan

        Oh well, you got me there! I should say he has not (yet, at least) been caught sleeping with someone he should not. And he did not go to jail for drunk driving either! Otherwise, even you would have known!

  31. Tom

    It’s actually sad how many Liverpool fans are on here. They just can’t comprehend that other people might not like them or their play. Look how many comments have been left by their fans! Why are they even here? Was this link posted on RAWK (a guess which is probably totally correct)? It’s actually borderline psychotic, Liverpool FC is more like a cult than a club.

  32. Alan

    On a note similar to number 4, we all know that Liverpool fans (& the media) demand that we respect the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. Now, I have nothing against respecting what happened (even though I don’t think that I should be demanded to respect what happened), when they (Liverpool fans) came down to Craven Cottage towards the end of the 2012/2013 season, it was the anniversary of the Bradford Fire ( What did they do? They set off fireworks, flares & smoke bombs. If you demand that we respect victims of a disaster that some of your fans died in, then perhaps you should respect the fans of other clubs that have died in disasters.

    And to think that this is coming from a Fulham fan, as opposed to a Man Utd or Everton fan.

  33. LJB

    I’m an Arsenal fan but this article stinks of sour grapes.I could quite easily write “The myths of Arsenal exposed” including such things as managers taking bungs,managers having affairs with rappers,dubious shareholders,fans being ripped off,out of control players smoking,drinking and fighting,and plenty more,but I won’t.Because all I care about is what happens on the pitch.And on the pitch Liverpool have been the best.Any team playing football like they do deserves the League.Tell you what.Next season,when Liverpool finish above Arsenal AGAIN,and do better in the CL,and Arsenal fans are STILL fighting over OGL,i will remember this article.Arsenal football club,where excuses are king.

    1. Ng William

      appreciate LJB’s comment! huge respect from me.
      If you think hadn’t playing in an Europa Competition is benefit for Liverpool, just made arsenal in 7th rank, spend some million pounds, with a small squad and support your genius tactical Wenger and Arsenal for challenging the title.

      dont be a hypocrite like a Jose Mou.


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