Final Day – Islington Pub guide…

If you have a ticket or not there is no finer place to start and end the day than in Islington.

Some pubs have been very fair to the people who have been loyal to them for years, others due to numbers expected have sold tickets in advance and others, well there just looking to earn as much as they can. I will leave it to you to decide whose giving value for money and who isn’t….

The Gunners pub – £10 first come first served (1 free drink + band/dj tbc)
The Arsenal Tavern – SOLD OUT £10, tickets, 2 free drinks, The Away boyz after the game and a Q+A with Perry Groves
The Rocket – SOLD OUT all ticket
Twelve Pins – £10 first come first served on the day (inc 2 drinks)
Bank of Friendship – SOLD OUT, Private party
The George – Free, free  bar snacks, competitions
Prince Edward – Free, free spread
The Auld triangle – Free, free bar food
The Tollington – Free
Highbury barn – Free
Eaglet – Free
The Cannons -Free
The Kings Head – Free
The Florin – Free

The Lamb –  Free


If you run one of these pubs and i have got it wrong  or you wish to add a pub to the list please let me know I will amend it.


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