10 Reasons why we will win the Community shield + Starting 11

1.. Sanchaz Sanchez Sanchez, possibly the biggest and most exciting transfer we have made since Bergkamp.

2.. Joel Campbell , I like him (he will be pleased to know that i’m sure)   he has some genuine pace and after waiting years to get a work permit he will give it his all to stay at ours.

3.. Diaby is injured. Earth is round. Man invents the wheel…

4.. Chambers looks like he has come to us to cover CB and RB and with the Germans still putting towels on sunbeds he will partner Koscielny in the middle of a new look defence with other new boy Debuchy at RB.

5.. We only have 6 Defenders listed at the club on arsenal.com, but who cares we have 10 midfielders and 9 forwards, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK

6.. Manchester City have never won this trophy at Wembley.  (nicked from bbc sport)

7.. Vanishing spray will be used for the first time in an English game, another first involving our club.

8.. We have so many options in the middle of the pitch that not only will Man City not know who we will play but Wenger is possibly having sleepless night over the right combination too.

9.. Man City will be without  Fat Lampard, Snidey Sagna, Sergio Aguero, Pablo Zabaleta, Martin Demichelis, Fernandinho and skipper Vincent Kompany.

10.. Wenger knows this is really a glorified friendly and the result won’t make too much difference to our season, but we need to show we have learned some lessons from last seasons games against the bigger sides and put down some kind of marker.

My Starting 11 – Ches – Deb, Kos, Chambers, Gibbs – Flamini Ramsey Santi – Joel Ox Sanchez





5 thoughts on “10 Reasons why we will win the Community shield + Starting 11

  1. Dan

    Snidey Sagna? Are you serious? The bloke gave his all for 7-8 years and made a decision to move on AFTER helping to end our trophy drought. He’s nothing like Van Persie. Are you another plastic fan?


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