5 questions to be answered after Liverpool result

1) Liverpool only looked like scoring an equaliser from a corner. Why was Olivier Giroud taken off – a key man at corners?

2) Why were the team sitting so deep during injury time? Too often, Liverpool had the ball and Flamini & Coquelin ran back towards their own goal rather than press the attackers.

3) Why did we not take advantage of Brad Jones’ risky distribution by pushing up higher?

4) If we decided to not buy a replacement for Thomas Vermaelen due to Chambers’ performances at CB, why was Mathieu Debuchy playing there and Chambers at RB?

5) Last season Martin Skrtel scored more goals from set pieces than any other player in the Premier League, why was he not man marked? And who made that decision?




2 thoughts on “5 questions to be answered after Liverpool result

  1. manamongst74

    Or one could also ask why Per wass even out there…and why not play Bellerín at RB since you mention #4…

    Never in the history of capitulations has a team up a man decided to play turtle. And it was this mentality that would make idiots on our squad think it was ok to settle for even giving a team like Liverpool a corner…the only real chance for a goal they would ever have.

    I agree we could have used 2 or 3 of the 8 f&%king midfielders we had on the pitch to pressure Jones.

    The Silly Season is upon us…

  2. Philbet

    Moan moan f*cking MOAN, Blame ,blame blame f*cking blame, everybodys got all the answers after the event, it was the blog writers wot won the FA Cup and its someone elses fault when we draw at Liverpool, well it aint, its just football,you win some you lose some, blame as much as you like it will never change.


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