Arsenal Manchester Supporters Club only winner in Burnley announcement

So it has happened again. I am bored of it now. Bored of TV companies taking the piss out of travelling fans by rearranging games to times where fans have no chance of getting a train home. It has been done to death by myself and others.

Just two days ago, I vented my anger over the scheduling of the Manchester United FA Cup fixture.

Of course, in all the anger held by many over the timing of the Manchester United fixture was not mirrored by everyone. Many of you would have already seen this:Arsenal ManchesterThe gloating by Arsenal Manchester Supporters Club (AMSC) was nothing short of a disgrace. On many occasion, fans will say ‘we are all in this together’ but in the case of AMSC, they are clearly more than happy to take advantage of others misfortune. The “It’s great news that this fixture is on a Monday” in the opening line is what makes them scum.

Now I fully understand that supporters clubs, throughout both the UK and abroad, have a place to play in our beautiful game. Bringing like minded fans together from remote places across the globe, sharing the joy that is Arsenal Football Club. However, this email was poorly times and carried an awful tone.

The timing and tone of the email is up their alongside the “Good day to bury bad news” Labour memo that went out within hours of the horrific attacks of 9/11.

I can understand where AMSC were coming from. They are fans of the club, and there are many students and ex-Londoners in Lancashire who can not get to a game. They are providing a service and an FA Cup fixture at Old Trafford is a massive opportunity for them to gain more tickets for their members. But it was the timing of it. Whilst all the Southern based, local fans (some would say proper fans) were pissed off, AMSC were quick to jump onto the corpse before the body had even cooled. It was nothing short of a disgrace. They should be ashamed.

Many people already have issues with ‘Seanzi’ and his band of merry AMSCmen. The fact a grown man wears a jacket with ‘Seanzi’ on his back. The fact they have customised jackets with ‘Arsenal Manchester Supports Club’ printed on the back. The way they walk round the concourse at away games like they are Mafia Don’s. Many already believe them to be a bunch of tossers. This just reinforced that view.

And now we come to today. Sky Sports have decided to choose Burnley v Arsenal on as their 5.30pm Saturday kick off. The last train back from Burnley is 19.15. This means once more the loyal train going fans will have to make alternative travel arrangements, or have a night out in Burnley.

However, I bet when the announcement of the timing of the Burnley game was announced, one man had a smile on his face. ASMC’s Seanzi of course. I bet his first thought was “It’s great news that there are no trains back. Loads of Southern based Gooners won’t be able to go as they can’t get home”. In fact, I would not be too surprised if all members of the AMSC  receive the following Email soon:AMSC Parody

Arsenal Manchester Supports Club, you’re a disgrace.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal Manchester Supporters Club only winner in Burnley announcement

  1. Paul Burnley

    Can you explain why you can’t catch a 9.15 train from Burnley when the game finishes before 7.30. The station is only 15 minutes from Turf Moor


  2. Glenn

    How about the manchester gooners offering floor space for gooners to crash the night after the Burnley game so they can have a night out after the game and not have to spend money on a hotel?



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