AKB’s and WOBs agree – If Arsenal fail, Wenger is to blame

Are you “Wenger In” or “Wenger Out”?

Do you think “Wenger Knows Best” or “Wenger’s Lost It”

Should we have “Spent some F’ing money” or was it a case of “The squads good enough”

Our fans are split. But one thing is for sure, if we fail to compete this season, Wenger must take the blame. And both the WOBs and AKBs will agree to that.

Don’t think you agree? Let me go through it.

If you are a WOB (I hate the terms btw), you want Wenger out no matter what. A failure to compete this season will be due to Wenger’s transfer policy. Not signing the players we needed to compete. It will not take too much convincing to say Wenger should go. So I will not dwell on it anymore.

As for the AKB’s. They will take a bit more convincing, but ultimately, they will agree – even if they do not admit it, that it will be Wenger’s fault if we fail.

People claim that they are happy with squad, that there is not much else out there to improve the side. That Giroud and Coquelin are more than sufficient. If this is true, we should win the league, or at least compete. We should win the Champions League, or at least get past Monaco (or whoever we are drawn against) in the second knock out stage.

It is you, remember, saying the players we have are good enough. Supporting Wenger’s decision not to spend in the window.

So what happens if we fail again? If we finish double figures behind the Champions? Fail to beat those around us? Get knocked out of the Champions League early? Who’s fault is that? Because remember, it is you who said the players were good enough.

If the player’s are good enough, and we fail, where does the blame lie? You could blame the fitness. But who hired the fitness team? Who signed or kept faith with injury prone players? The answer is Arsene Wenger. So blame fitness and injuries for our failure to compete, then be brave, blame Wenger.

If fitness is not the issue, surely it comes down to tactics and preparation. Yes, you laugh when people say “Wenger doesn’t tactic” but if we fail, and you are saying that the players are good enough, then surely it comes down to tactics? Down to formation? Down to team set up and preparation? Again, will you be brave enough to criticise Wenger?

If the players in the squad are good enough, and the team fails, it is Wenger who should be blamed.

If the players in the squad are not good enough, and the team fails, it is Wenger who should be blamed.

So at the end of the season, if we fail to compete, not matter if you are a WOB or an AKB, you should be blaming Wenger. Calling for him to go.

It’s going to be a rocky season.


8 thoughts on “AKB’s and WOBs agree – If Arsenal fail, Wenger is to blame

  1. sam shagbaor

    wenger out !he has no spirit of winnig competition, enough tolerance hence age has hold on him. the squad he has now cant succeed in league sothe collaborators he has in arsenal board are unjust to fans.if they cont to mess our anxuety to extreme though i may not quit my support but posteeity will ve uts way for frustratung our emotions.

  2. Mickey Finn

    Why play the blame game at all? None of us are entitled to success. Feeling that your is the opposite of supporting.

  3. geekaybee

    Everybody should be trying to better their situation. In the transfer window just gone, Wenger said he was working night and day to get quality players in. Obviously his efforts were useless. We do not need a useless manager……..Get Knopp !

  4. soulofthedevil@gmail.com

    who is player u gonna buy anyway? Benz, Cav not for sale. Martial for £36m? u full of negativity. we just 4 game still far to judge fail or Succeed. and if Arsenal win u still celebrate anyway…

  5. Antique Gunmen

    Not using all resources available to strengthen the squad is Arsene ticket for his last ride. He just booked for it in purpose. Unbelievable. If he said he tried to do so, then his effort wasn’t hard enough. I’m an AKB and I said this will be Arsene last gamble at less until January window which Arsene himself doesn’t like it. I love the old man with his legacies, but love Arsenal much more. Some how, deep down inside I hope Arsenal can still win the title. Time will tell.

  6. Philbet

    Self righteous, presumptive, nonsense, there is no guarantee that if we bought players we would win anything (ask ManU, Liverpool and Spurs), So not winning anything proves nothing, whether Wenger buys or not,hes paid to run the football club, as long as he does the best he can that’s all he can (or anybody else), can do, There is no change anyone can make that would guarantee winning anything, so grow up and do your job which is supporting the club !!!


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