Spurs getting a bit excited – Again

That lot down the road love doing it to themselves don’t they.

Rather than understand their standing in football, as a small side who sit 15th on the list of League titles won, alongside the likes of Burnley and Portsmouth, they just keep getting excited.

“This is our year”

“We are title contenders”

“Arsenal mind the gap”

They have not won the league in nearly 55 years. Not won the FA Cup in nearly 25 years. And not finished above The Arsenal in over 20 years.

And this year we have it again. There fans are getting all gooey and excited as they are they are on the longest unbeaten run in the Premier League. 10 games.

So great is the run that they are on, they are only 1 game behind matching their all time Premier League record. Although they are some way behind the Premier League record of 49 set by The Arsenal.

So they are getting excited. 10 Games unbeaten. Do they get a trophy for that?

On the Premier League website, however, they are not even top of the form guide table. Guess who that go’s too? Yep. You guessed it. The Arsenal.Untitled

Even during one of the greatest periods of Spurs Premier League history, they are still below The Arsenal.

And in the league proper, despite them being in such great form, they sit 5th. 5 points off top. 5 points off The Arsenal.

It does not matter which way you look at it. Spurs are still in Arsenal’s shadow.

And in this great run, who have they actually played? There two most recent victories were against Bournemouth & Aston Villa. 2 of the worst teams in the league. In fact, 4 of their 5 wins this season (great form they are in, won 5 in 11) have been against Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Sunderland & Crystal Palace. My Thursday night 5 a side team at Chingford Goals could beat them.

Spurs are frankly not a very good team.

The press crow over them (or mainly ex Spurs manager Harry Redknapp in the Evening Standard & Spurs season ticket Mihir Bose in the Evening Standard). The way they go on about Spurs young Englishmen is embarrassing.

I saw an article the other weeks saying that the England squad for next years Euro’s could contain 7 Spurs ‘stars’. Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, Eric Dier, Dele Alli, Andros Townsend, Ryan Mason & Harry Kane.

If that is the best that England have to offer, I might as well cancel my annual leave for June 2016 now. There really is no point going.

I always find it laughable the way any half decent Spurs player is the future of English football. Andros Townsend scores 1 cracking goal, against Montenegro, 2 years ago, and it still considered as one of England’s brightest young talents. He is 24.

Tom Carroll is another. Been bigged up in a massive way by the press. Spurs fans saying he has the potential to be better than Jack Wilshere. He is only 4 months younger than Wilshere!

And Alex Pritchard. Spurs fans have been talking about him for a while now. He spent last year on loan at Brentford. Has 2 Premier League appearances to his name. And is older than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

It is a bit of a joke really!

Spurs really are the joke of English football. The gift that keeps on giving. They brighten up most of our Saturday evenings. And who doesn’t love seeing a kid cry knowing that due to his father’s decision’s, it will not be the only time he cries over football. And his kids too. And there kids as well.

A generation of Spurs fans not knowing what it is like to finish above The Arsenal. Generations of Spurs fans not knowing what is like to win they league.

For a small club on the Middlesex/London borders, they do get a little too excited.

Spurs, the Newcastle of London.


34 thoughts on “Spurs getting a bit excited – Again

  1. capsharpe

    Typical gooner article, full of clichés and the usual drivel, you talk about a big/small club, to be classed as a big club isn’t gauged on how many domestic titles you have won. It is based quite rightly, on how many cups you have won in European competitions. Spurs were the first British club to win in EU, they were the fist non league club to win the FA cup, they were the first team to do the double. But the main thing is, Spurs have a European pedigree where Arsenal do not. That makes Arsenal a smaller club than Spurs. There are only a handful of Clubs with a better record in Europe than Spurs, ManU, Liverpool and now Chelsea. Arsenal don’t even appear on the European trophy map.

    To show you what Arsenal are, they cheated to get into the old first division, they didn’t qualify for promotion but their then director who was also a FA bigwig, had Spurs relegated and Arsenal promoted in their place. And to rub salt into the wounds, moved to Spurs neighbourhood which broke the FA’s own policy on encroaching on another teams patch. Arsenal are a leach of a club, jealous of another teams history and their position in London so tried to steal it. Arsenal will never win in Europe because they choke, they don’t have the pedigree required to win in Europe because they have bad karma. They are obsessed with Spurs more so than the other way around. Their whole life revolves around worrying what Spurs are doing, who they are buying and all this because they hate Spurs, they hate them for their glittering history which the gooners can only dream of.

    By the way, I am not a Spurs fan!

    1. Antique Gunmen

      All stories above happening only in the mind of a Spuds junkies. Full of illusions about success.
      By the way, thanks for stop shopping at Arsenal’s junk yard. That’s lift up your class a bit. LOL!!!

    2. SP

      Well put.
      Goons (maybe just glory-hunting younger Goons) love to do this. Their favourite taunt is ‘always in our shadow’. But just ask them who is in whose European shadow and watch the melt-down. Half go into denial and the half don’t even know how much more successful Spurs have been in Europe than the Goons. And it is funny how this one wants to focus on the young Spurs players who he can point to as not yet fulfilling their potential. For the record, to the author: most Spurs fans agree about Townsend; Carroll was getting glowing tributes at Swansea who wanted to buy him, and stopped playing him when THFC said that wasn’t happening, and (this may be a be a bit of a complex theory for you to get your head around) but players mature and improve at different ages, if not, by your reckoning, Rooney would have made every ArseAnal player in history into a flop-failure piece of sheeite waste of space; oh, and Pritchard was taken into the 1st team squad at the start of the season but has been out injured due to an injury sustained in the England under-21 team at the summer championship. Most interested observers consider the current under’s to have more and better prospects than the ones who have just broken through, the under-18’s better still, and the under 16’s to be almost frightening – and no lesser than Liam Brady, in leaving his job with the Goons youth set-up, stated emphatically that Spurs now have the best youth personnel in the country, so you really should stop being so petty and take note.

  2. Dan

    Absolutely zero Spurs fans I know have the opinions you have accused us of having. It’s weird that as the better team and bigger club you still write articles like this that smack of bitterness and I can’t understand for the life of me why, I pay very little attention to West Ham even though they consider us a rival and that’s because they are shit, whereas you seem to be wrapped up in a weird obsession with us and our fan’s opinions. I don’t wish you luck for the season (obviously) but I do hope that this baiting article gets you all the hits you wish for because it’s this baiting rather than the content that will attract people here. This is a pure fantasy article and akin to shouting ‘what you looking at’ to someone who wasn’t even looking at you just so you can start a fight.

    1. Antique Gunmen

      In one side I agree with you, Keenos (he’s a die hard gooner) shouldn’t write this article at all. It makes us look to be the side who having obsession. It’s actually reverse. I’m glad Spuds or Daniel Levy now stop shopping at our junk yard. That’s look cheap, man! Maybe they want instant payback of Sol Campbell betrayal, but not find it through Bentley, Adebayor, or even Kane. Poor lily. By the way, I’m not going to underestimate Spuds this Sunday. Not by any mean.

      1. SP

        Aside from the fact that Kane and all his family are well known die-hard Spurs fans, there is something truly laughable about you Goons and your obsession with Kane having been in your youth set-up when he was, like, 5 years old. For a start, what kid wouldn’t want to join a top youth set-up if offered – that’s all he did. All rivalries are filled with players who grew up as die-hard fans for one side but where given the chance of joining the other, Liverpool fans joining Everton and Everton fans joining Liverpool, Rangers fans joining Celtic, etc., etc. So, he was given a chance in the ArseAnal set-up when he was pre-pubescent – get over it. Secondly…and…you let him go…how f’cking stupid does that make you…LoL.

  3. Mark

    Must be Derby week as the Arsenal fans write their utterly pointless articles about the little team down the road. On and on, blah, blah, blah. Who cares? In fact, I’ll ask a question – is there a single Arsenal fan out there who finds this an interesting article with any point whatsoever? Get a life and go and watch Arsenal. Meet some supporters and have a laugh.

  4. 1882

    and they say we are obsessed with that south London Franchise. As usual Arsenal will choke as Wenger and his players are weak minded and have no stomach for a fight. And because the have failed for the 20th year in a row it will probably cost England that 4th CL spot. So you could say the Nomads have shot themselves in the foot. When Wenger wins a European Trophy then come and gloat.

  5. Acton_Spur

    Slagging off Spurs is all well and good but The Arsenal had better come through for you come Sunday at 4.00pm, else you’re going to look the prime tit of the t’interweb and you wouldn’t want that now, would you son.

  6. Rob

    While the article is factually correct, it omits even the slightest positive stats/observations regarding the young and burgeoning team that Poch is putting together. I have always gauged a football team on whether they deserve to win or loose a match regardless of the score, luck evens itself out over the course of a season. For the first time in my memory, at this stage of the season, we not once deserved to loose a game of football. That, in my book, is progress. I concentrate all my efforts on my team and i don’t actually care what @rse urinal are doing.

  7. Trev

    er, please provide evidence of this? let me guess…your brothers mates girlfriends sisters teachers dog walker’s cousin, made a loose comment that Spurs were playing well….. but as a typical sad geeky search through online statistics gooner. You made up a load of bollox and wrote a stupid article that only complete morons would appriciate or believe! Get a life fella. I must say though, this article made me chuckle of a miserable Friday morning. So thanks for that!

  8. Equinox

    Amount of Spurs fans on here claiming Arsenal are obsessed with them. Point is this article is written pre the Spurs game, much like an article being written about Watford away or Stoke at home. It’s timing, yet Spurs fans are always thinking of their bigger rivals. Weird huh

    1. Trev

      article showed up on in Spurs media watch prompting us to comment on the bullsh*t article matey………….and yep, gooners do appeared obessed with us, sad aint it!

      1. Boopa

        No, spurs media watch pulls articles off the Internet wherever Tottenham or spurs are mentioned in an article. So you see many articles about San Antonio Spurs. Does that explain it?

    2. SP

      Well, perhaps if it wasn’t worded to appear in front of the faces of Spurs fans on news agglomerates and calculated to incite, it wouldn’t get the attention. But I’m sure that occurred to you. Because, strangely, I’m sure most Spurs fans aren’t spending ten hours constructing complex searches to find articles like this. Perhaps you should be more concerned about the utter drivel that is the content of this article your co-supporter constructed (with at least one eye to attracting and inciting spurs fans) rather than the inevitable fact that some Spurs fans ended up on here (which seems to have been the author’s intentions anyway).

  9. spur

    If tottenham are so small and insignificant why have you spent so long writing an article and spending time researching stats to back you up ? I spend no effort thinking about Westham because they don’t worry me. Can you say the same about spurs ? I suppose there is another reason… perhaps you are a sad little man ( boy) with nothing else important in your life. Is your x box broken ?

  10. Trev

    er nope……..it just picks up on any spurs related articles. clever, NOT strange!

    yep, i still comment on bullsh*t…….coz i have time on my coffee break.

  11. ElPel

    Hahahahaa. All the Spuds getting their knickers in a twist over a little pre-derby banter.
    I for one, felt it to be a very informative and well balanced post, containing many interesting facts.
    Thanks Keenos

    1. Mark

      You are in a minority of one then. And still saying ‘Spuds’. That explains everything. Here’s a suggestion – go and watch Arsenal play. You might learn something

    2. SP

      No-one is getting a knicker on a twist over some pre-game banter. They are sighing, with pity in their eyes, that the quality of the so-called banter is so feeble.


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