How big is the Arsenal – Tottenham gap?


Spurs fan’s, being ahead of us in April, or even finishing above us this season, does not alter over a century of North London dominance.

Forever in our shadow you will be.

29 thoughts on “How big is the Arsenal – Tottenham gap?

  1. TShill7

    It’s undeniable. Arsenal have a more trophy-laden HISTORY. It’s a shame for all Arsenal fans that after a shambolic season they have to resort to dusting off the HISTORY books. Spurs fans, enjoy the HERE and NOW. Spurs are heading in one direction whilst Arsenal are clearly heading in the other! 🙂

  2. Bazza

    How about this. Arsenal wage bill £180,million / points 59
    Spurs wage bill £100,million / points 65
    Arsenal spending £3million a point Spurs £1.5million per point. And it’s been like that for some time.
    How long do you think you can keep out spending the league to stay ahead?

  3. EggyWhite

    Hmmm clutching at straws methinks. Nobody can doubt Arsenals dominance over the past 20 years or so but surely the present is what counts?

  4. RZ

    Gunner here – sorry mate, but this is petty by us….

    We need to hang our heads in shame, not live in the past to feel better about this situation.

  5. Arse n finger

    Well things are changing,you have more chance of getting Kenny Sansom off the drink then finishing above spurs for the next 20’s over,live with it.

  6. Crack wheelchair

    Going all Liverpool now,o the shame.Wenger about to Sign a new 3 year deal.Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Look up !

  7. Steve

    Ha you’ve become Liverpool! USED to win the league, USED to be a big club, look how many shiny trophies we have… counts for nothing these days. Kinda sad really that you’ve already started the excuses. Joke of a club you lot.

  8. SP

    Good to see that all your jiggery-pokery cannot disguise the European trophy shadow you Goons live in LoL.
    See, some folk really do consider European trophies to the genuine mark of a big club. How many do you have (I’ll give you a clue, it’s less than two). Rather feeble for a club who are literally obsessed with banging on about how much bigger they are, wouldn’t you say? LoL

      1. SP

        ArseAnal won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1993 – 94. That is THE ONLY UEFA recognised trophy that ArseAnal have ever won. They did win the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1969 – 70, but as this was an invitation competition it was not, at the time, recognised by UEFA. LoL.

        So, ArseAnal have won one (that’s ONE) single (that’s SINGLE) UEFA recognised European trophy.

        I do my homework before saying things like this – not surprising seen as I am qualified at postgraduate level, and in two separate faculties 🙂

        And you called me a fool, LoL. Now, Goon, wind yer neck in, you Euro inadequate fool 🙂

      2. Jimmy

        Well with all your graduation and education brains put them them all together and count your trophies, your pathetic little club has a poxy 2 championships compared to out 13!! What part of that don’t you get, maybe you need a few more lessons because no latter how hard you try to belittle out achievements they are still there, I know it’s hard for you to except but it’s reality get over it, you comparing your EUROPE trophies is becoming embarrassing and laughable.. We’ve won the league twice at your shit hole and you still hate it, 49 games unbeaten you hate it, all these trophies will never be achieved by your poxy club, so in reality your the one who needs to go back to night school and learn what is facts and what is fantasy, 2 league in 25 years is a joke. 54 years since you won the league and 25 years since you won the FA cup, or have you won any of the above without anyone knowing, stupid deluded spud go away.

    1. Jimm

      2 Euro cups, 1970-1995, you have your best season and your 3 points above, what have you won to change that! Fuck all.. We been better than you all your history and if and only if you finish above us it will be only for 1seadon as you are a one season wonder club just like Leicester.

      1. SP

        Dear Jimm. As explained to your equally foolish ArseAnal colleague above, you have won one single UEFA recognised trophy. That is it. Do your homework, UEFA don’t recognise the Inter-City Fairs Cup as it was an invitation initiated tournament – no matter what it later became 🙂

        And just to compound the hilariously inept nature of your reply, we are six points ahead of you and you have a game in hand. I take it you are assuming that you have already won that game…much like you were already celebrating beating the Spammers on Saturday last LoL

        p.s. Until Tottenham Chairman, Mr Scholar, nearly bankrupted the club in the early 1990’s, causing points deductions, fines, the threat of automatic relegation, and a financial mess that it has taken the club nearly two decades to get out of, Spurs and ArseAnal had won approximately the same number of recognised top level trophies (i.e. not the Inter-Cities). Thereby, at definition, ArseAnal haven’t been better than Spurs for all of their history. Do some research before opening your fool mouth and you won’t get shown up so much.

        The main difference was that Spurs were recognised for playing expansive and aesthetically pleasing football whereas ArseAnal were recognised for playing agricultural level hoof-ball. Oh, and for bribing their way into divisions they had no right to be in. LoL

      1. SP

        THFC have never moved since the foundation of the club – a boundary line moved. There is nowhere for Spurs to go back to. ArseAnal, on the other hand, were founded and physically based in Woolwich for a large portion of their early history. There was no connection to highbury. the only reason to move there was the (financially driven) machinations of your bullying, bribing chairman.

        Coming up with the Middlesex boundary change as come back over the Woolwich Wanders taunts has to be the single lamest and most embarrassing retort ever invented by a football club’s fan-base. LoL

  9. Malaysian gunner

    Since Wenger came in 1996,spurs have never finished above Arsenal. All good things must come to an end.Its the natural order. The British and Roma n empires have become history. So this season will probably see Spurs finish the season above Arsenal.
    Btw,Simeone has just beaten Barca with a team a mere fraction of Arsene’s . Why not make him the next Arsenal manager. I’ msure all fans will be delighted.
    Fans want a winning team not one which plays complicated football to be beaten regularly by under rated teams.

  10. Bullers

    A quick point on the so called trophy haul; some fans will recall that when the old first division was re instated after the war suspension spurs had finished 16th in div 1 and the woolwich had finished 5th in league division 2nd. An exchange of funds took place (you can hardly blame the league officials after such a long period of austerity) and arsenal got promoted (illegally since in those days a maximum of 4 teams went up and 4days down) at the expense of spurs.

    Now interestingly, arsenal fc, is the only team in the top division to have never been relegated since that point. This means they have been imposters in the top division since they paid their way in originally. I could accept them being in the top flight if they had been down and up by actually winning promotion to the top tier of british football but since they haven’t, I cannot accept that any trophy won in that period is of any worth. In fact the chant that we are all familiar with ‘Same old arsenal, always cheating’ originated from the illegal passage to the top flight.

    So you can bang on all you like about laden cabinets. You only managed it by cheating and as such renders them all worthless. Keep your sour puss articles coming

    1. Jimmy

      Haha deluded or what, you finished bottom of the league that year, if anything the teams above you feel pissed off, so why haven’t you won the league more than 2 times in your history!! Is that out fault too.. Wake up you stupid spud and realise you been shit all your history, you started as a non league club and you still have the same mantality.

      1. SP

        Yes, and ArseAnal fnished fifth in the second division. But here’s the complicated bit, as the division was being expanded no-one was due to be relegated, and as the league wasn’t being expanded by five clubs ArseAnal had no right to be promoted. Secret meetings were held, Liverpool and United were threatened with further action about a match fixing incident from before the war if they didn’t comply. Even if the league was being increased in size by four clubs there was no reason for ArseAnal to be included in that package – your chairman was just sh*t scared at all of the money he would lose having invested so much in moving from Woolwich to North London and the FAILING to win promotion by fair means.

        Ha Ha Ha what a bunch of tossers. In next weeks episode we will discuss all of the criminal and pervert players the Goons have employed LoL

  11. Bullers

    Truth hurts Jimmy. Fasct of history are facts. Its not interpretation. Read the history books before you post. Spurs finished 16th and the scum finished 5th in the old division. Bought your way in. No right to be there. Even in 3rd

    Renders every trophy worthless. Bit like your team.

    1. Jimmy

      What part don’t you get you finished bottom of the league that year, you was going down whoever took our place so stop looking for feeble excuses for being shit, we didn’t stop you from winning more than 2 championships, the same amount we won at the lane.. Your just a gloryfied non league club!! Mk Dons if you like, count your trophies before you come out with stupid pathetic remarks..

      1. SP

        As explained above, no, no we weren’t going down as the league was being expanded and there were no planned relegations. Also, even if that were not the case, ArseAnal finished fifth in the second division and the league wasn’t being expanded. ArseAnal’s promotion was unprecedented and affected via threats and bullying. If you did enough research to back your mouth up you would know all of this…but there again the shame any honest, decent Goon fan (if there be such a thing) would feel at knowing the seedy truth of your nasty club would see attendances dwindle at the Library (if anyone would notice the difference).

  12. goonergeeza

    Hahaha you yid bitches need to pipe down and understand no matter what you do or however many dvds you make you will never be better then the arsenal FACT!!
    Now fuck off you scum

    1. SP

      Wow. That’s told us.
      Here’s a fact: at least we can make a video of multiple UEFA recognised European triumphs 🙂

  13. AFC

    Let’s correct some facts here:

    Tottenham finished 20th (bottom) not 16th in 1915 and were due to be relegated along with Chelsea. However as a result of a match fixing between Liverpool and Manchester United, Chelsea were re-instated to Division 1. it was not until 1919 that the league decided to expand to 22 clubs, so yes Tottenham were due to be relegated.

    Fairs Cup: Early competitions also featured a one city, one team rule. After 1968, it was sometimes referred to as the Runners-up Cup, with teams now qualifying based on league position. So Arsenal did qualify and were not invited.

    While the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup is recognised as the predecessor to the UEFA Cup, it was not organised by UEFA. Consequently, UEFA does not consider clubs’ records in the Fairs Cup to be part of their European record.[3][5] However, FIFA does view the competition as a major honour.[6]. UEFA do not recognise it as part of THEIR European record as they did not organise it, but it is still a recognised trophy.

  14. SamSpam

    Looks like Arsenal fans are beginning to be the new bin dippers sorry liverpool fans. Just what are you going for the overused cliche 5 European Cups.


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