An Open Letter to Fans of Tottenham Hotspur FC

Dear fans of Tottenham Hotspur FC,

I think it has to be said. Tottenham Hotspur, you will never have a better chance to win the league and you have completely blown it and it is hilarious.

Yes, Arsenal should have done better this year, but I am 27 years old. My team have won league titles in my lifetime, including going a season unbeaten, as well as numerous other trophies.

The last time your lot won the league was 1961. Just think about that, NINETEEN SIXTY ONE! Yes you may finish above us for the first time in 20 years but if you do not win the league does it actually matter?

You are small time Charlie, a constant source of amusement no matter how bad Arsenal are and I hope this year really hurts. You won’t come this close for another 50 odd years. 61 never again, 71 2004!

Thanks for the memories





59 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Fans of Tottenham Hotspur FC

    1. Mike

      Nah, i hate them. Seeing them fall short is brilliant and probably the highlight of the season seeing as our one pretty much imploded since January. Them winning the league would be awful.

  1. Steve

    There will be many Arsenal fans who think you are a pathetic little child for writing this. You maybe 27 but I’m guessing this is your IQ not your age. As the previous poster stated, when you grow up you will feel very embarrassed that you felt the need to write this. This article perfectly encapsulates what a pathetic club Arsenal FC have become. They used to challenge for the league now they wait until Tottenham can no longer win the league and then desperately try to remind themselves that they used to be challengers by ‘writing’ these blogs. You are a laughing stock

    1. Mike

      Was a Facebook post that I wrote that the site asked to use. I hate Tottenham. Regardless of our form which has been awful I will alway laugh at Spurs when they give me the opportunity.

      Was also 8 pints deep and had just seen Noel Gallagher in Liverpool when I wrote this.

      1. Steve

        Oh Mike, get over yourself. You have made a complete prick of yourself, don’t make it any worse. You’d had 8 pints. ‘I really hate Tottenham’ doesn’t make you some sort of glorious fan who should be feted by less worthy Arsenal supporters nor does (pretending to be from) being from Holloway. Feeling the need to tell everyone this suggests that you’re yet another numpty from Devon. There is no way you are 27; even saddos don’t write non-stop childish nonsense like this. Every comment you make is to try to pretend you are a somebody. I went to Liverpool; I had 8 pints; I saw Noel Gallagher; I hate Tottenham; I always laugh at Tottenham; them winning the league would be awful. What next? I went to WHL and flicked a V sign? Having said that, it has been very entertaining especially seeing how much Tottenham not winning the league means to you.

      2. Mike

        Steve let’s tackle the points you’ve raised.

        I am from Holloway. Mentioned it as someone said I must be from South London.

        I did see Noel Gallagher. Currently on a train back to Euston. To be honest he wasn’t all that very polished but a bit meh.

        Mentioned the pints as this was just a beer fuelled fb status. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a jack the lad or a geezer. I’m not a blogger either.

        Tottenham not winning the league is great. It would be unbearable not just because it’s Tottenham but because it magnifies our failings. Leicester winning it does that too but I’ve not grown up hating/ mocking them.

        Of course it’s nonsense. Football is just nonsense really.

  2. LDH

    Haha foolish troll…

    It’s more about the fact that Arsenal are getting worse year on year and Spurs better. Won’t it hurt if you don’t even make the Champions League and Spurs finish second.

    This year we weren’t aiming for the title initially… It was a goal that grew.

    We will take stock, and go again next year and be trying to battle at the top.

    We have a good young talented squad, a great manager and a stadium which will be the biggest club stadium in London!

    I won’t reduce myself to being petty. But any objective football fan will say that this season Spurs have just been better than Arsenal, whereas in the past it would almost always be said that Arsenal were the better team.

    You should push to make your own club better… Not to try to undermine another club who is doing well and has done it would ridiculous investment from rich foreigners!


    1. Mike

      I want Arsenal to be better and changes are needed.

      The best thing in football is seeing your team win. The second best is seeing your rivals falter. Hopefully in as hilarious circumstances as possible.

  3. Jack Wilshere

    How many weeks have you been waiting to write this, you pathetic piece of pond life. Go sit in your room by yourself and decide whether today is the day you wear your “in Wenger we trust” or “Wenger Out” t shirt….Once again a great season for the Woolwich boys, if you achieve your aim in life of finishing 4th…ha! ha!

    1. Mike

      I’ve seen my team win the league.

      Yes of course I’ve been waiting. As soon as it came clear we wouldn’t win the league the only hope was that Spurs wouldn’t either. Would be awful.

      1. Mike

        We’ll see. Weirdly optimistic even though nearly every area of the team needs improving ha!

  4. Gio

    Unfortunately for you, the balance of power has shifted. Yes we may have blown it this year, as did you. But as you are no doubt aware all is not well at the arsenal.
    And to top it all off, as you pointed out, we are now ahead of you in the league table for the first time in 2 decades. But if you look deeper you will see more for you to be concerned with.

    In 2004 the last time you won the league you finished on 90 points. we finished on 45. Thats a 45 point difference.

    Since then, not only have we closed the points difference gap, but are now ahead of you and will remain that way for the long term as your empire is crumbling and ours is just beginning. We have the youngest team in the premiership with a team spirit 2nd to none. Your stadium is half empty and with players that are either overated, has-beens or generally not good enough.
    You have 2 decent players and both of them are stalling on signing a new deal. Why would they want to stay there with all the negativity there???

    Add to that, we will have a shiny new stadium in a few years. As we are already a well run outfit and are in the top 20 richest clubs in the world. Imagine where we will be with the extra income of the almost double in size stadium

    Yes we blew it this year, but we are at the start of an incredible journey and will challenge for honours for many years to come. You….well, just be happy to stay in 4th place.

  5. Kolo

    I’m in Arsenal fan and this frankly embarrassing. You are everything that is wrong with Arsenal and the reason why that leech Wenger is allowed to continue to hold our club hostage. Along with Leicester, congratulations to Spurs for an excellent season and showing the ambition to challenge for the title. Good luck to Poch, Kane and co for next season when you will probably demonstrate your superiority over Wenger again. How I miss the good old days when I could laugh at how sad Spurs fans were. Now we have taken over the mantle of the most pathetic fans in London.

    1. Mike

      Our club needs changes. Especially in terms of the manager but them winning the league would just be the worst thing ever. That not happening is the most important thing right now.

      1. Kolo

        Disagree. The best things that can happen to Arsenal are not qualifying for the Champions League or Spurs winning the title. Unfortunately to remove Wenger, these 2 things are what are needed. If we claim to be the big club (compared to little Tottenham) that Gooners harp on about so much, one terrible season is insignificant if it causes the change that has been needed for so long. As with a lot of things in life, you need to take one step back to take two steps forward. If Arsenal as a club ever does reach its potential, Spurs will be blown out the water for the next 20 years and we’ll be talking about how many Champions League trophies we’ve won instead of pathetic threads like this.

      2. SP

        We are ‘temporary sad’ but will soon be happy, happy, happy 🙂 That will be when we reflect on finishing 2nd, above your lot, with the youngest team in the league, a Head Coach coveted by everyone, state-of-the-art training facilities, soon the biggest and best club stadium in London, a great youth set-up filled with exciting prospects, and exceptional financial stability 🙂 Who knows, next year we may even try to win the CL? It’s a pity your club have never tried to do that…LoL. Would just underline how much more successful than you we have been in Europe 🙂

        So I really hope you enjoyed every second of one hand typing, while desperately tugging yourself with the other to milk every last drop of that feeling of superiority. And I’m glad you are so absolutely certain that we won’t have any future chances of work the league because nothing delights me more than seeing absolute certainty shattered. And weren’t you, like a lot of ArseAnal fans absolutely certain you would finish above just a few weeks ago? Knowing that makes me delighted 🙂 Who knows, maybe after Citeh bitch you at the Etihad and United push you into 5th, I may compose a sister open-letter to this one, mocking you for achieving the Euopa – well, that’s if the Spammers don’t overtake you too 🙂 LoL

    2. Mike

      Our season has been horrible and our club needs some fundamental changes but I will never ever want Spurs to win anything. No real Arsenal fan should.

      1. Kolo

        If you’re a real fan, given you have a blog, why don’t you try create something to rid our beloved club of that bloodsucking leech? Or let me start writing some articles for you to post? Instead of wasting energy on the irrelevant spuds. All you’re doing is diverting attention away from the terrible problems we have at Arsenal.

      2. Mike

        I don’t have a blog. I’m not a “writer” in any way. This was a beer fuelled fb status this site asked to use as it made them chuckle I guess.

        We’ve got problems but blogs aren’t going to help, only direct action like the empty seats as well as someone at the club finally realising the manager can’t take the club forward.

        Also I think Arsene needs to be replaced but I’m not going to just insult him.

        Lastly, laughing at any Tottenham misfortune is something we should always do!

  6. kid

    stop talkin bout history. whats happening now ?? if we had ozil or sanchez we would of won everything, u have both and your 4th .

  7. abe

    Let’s see
    1) Option 1- let’s get hits to my site. Well played ! mission accomplished
    2) Option 2 – you want to put the knife a bit deeper after last night – I get that.
    3) Option 3- you really think like that. In that case as a Spurs fan, I am really happy. For years Arsenal did not bother about Spurs. You guys were going for the title, and playing in the Champions League final. Then for the last 5 years or so, you were happy to finish above Spurs. You let your standards drop. Carry on with that mentality. Yes – last nights results hurt, but hopefully when the season ends – I will reflect on a team that is focused on improving. I am looking forward to the future, rather than the past.

    1. Mike

      Spurs’s rise has been horrible to watch from my point of view. The fact that it coincides with our decline is worse. Spurs winning the league would be awful that it now looks like it won’t happen is brilliant.

  8. John

    Agree with Kolo, why put something on this site about another team who have been better in everything this season than us more goals scored less conceded, better points average over the games so far, players who seem to want to win and are proud of the shirt etc. The excuse of injuries, the refs, the missed chances is embarrassing to say the least what is wrong, is Arsenal FC have not gone forward but backwards, the team is not functioning as a unit players have no confidence or are on the bench when they should be starting and the sub situation is a joke always in the 70th minute and its always the same changes no plan B

  9. stokespur

    We will have a better chance to win the league. next year. What, in all seriousness, have Arsenal to look forward to? Here’s hoping Wenger stays. You should listen to some of the more reasoned replies from other Arsenal fans on here. You need to sit yourself down in the naughty corner and learn to think before you turn on your computer. Looking forwards, not backwards. COYS

    1. Mike

      It is possible to be both annoyed at our situation which I am and be relieved that Spurs won’t win the league.

  10. SimonSez

    Mike, great work there on embarrassing even fellow gooners. That takes real talent. Another of your many natural gifts is that of just not paying attention. You really think Spurs won’t be in contention for titles in the next few seasons? Look at what’s being said by fans and pundits all around you – Tony Pulis for one. Spurs’ trajectory is clearly upwards, while your Woolwich Wonders’ is, at best, flat.

    Go on Mike, carry on living in the past. Be the guy at the bar who bores everyone with tales of the good old days. You’re a dying breed. I’ve read a few gooner blogs since last night’s match, and although there are still a few typically ill-informed, spineless, conceited losers spouting this sort of drivel, yours is by far the most infantile and ill-conceived.

    Do you really think you can wind up any self-respecting Spud with this ludicrous rant? Look at our season and where we’re going, compared to your team’s umpteenth season of hollow, unfulfilled half-promise. You can’t touch us any more.

    Finishing above the Gooners? As second prizes go, it’s pretty damn cool, thanks.

    1. Mike

      To be fair judging by the comments it’s wound a few Spurs fans up.

      Was also a beer fuelled fb status they asked to use and I think everyone who love Arsenal needs to be happy when Spurs don’t win the league when they had a real chance.

      1. Mike

        And have Spurs fans not piped up when things have gone wrong for us? It’s part of being a fan.

  11. Alfie

    Even as an arsenal fan, I Gotta say this is embarrassing. After the season we’ve had we’re in no position to laugh at them.

    1. Mike

      The thing is we are. Their best team in years and they won’t win it. It’s hilarious even if we do have our own deep rooted problems.

  12. Mike's Moms Arse

    Mike, Your mum is seriously annoying me, every 10 minutes she wants me to fuck her up the Arse. im using a broom on her now…the dirty whore =)

    1. Mike

      My club has same serious issues. Even with that your lot still aren’t that far away from us. Plus we’ve won 2 trophies since your last one.

  13. Frontwheelskid

    Mike, your little minded attitude reminds me of all goons when I lived in Africa, after the invincible season they were everywhere, now its chelski and manc fans out in Lagos! next year it will be Leicester no doubt! so fickle one my real question?
    (I will write it in capitals so your pea brain doesn’t strain too much!)

      1. Frontwheelskid

        YOU TWAT!!! all those revenues! highest season ticket prices etc, for what? wait till we get our new stadium you will see what “development” means….

        the futures as bright as the end Wiltshire’s fags! the futures lilywhite!

      2. Mike

        Will see what happens when Kane goes, Poch gets a better offer and you can look back on a period of a few years when you’ve had Bale, Kane a good manager but nothing to show for it.

    1. Mike

      You said you would write it in capitals to make it easier to understand. Actually made it harder to read please don’t do that again. Thanks.

  14. Rogers

    Could someone please explain to me why Arsenal fans seem more concerned about spurs than their own team? Generally speaking I find that spurs fans are interested in their own team and tend to disregard the fortunes of other London teams.Are Arsenal fans so insecure about their team that they can only function if they are bad mouthing other teams? Does this insecurity extend to other aspects of their lives……can they only achieve an erection if they imagine Wenger touching his toes?

  15. ped

    how desperate for a little crumb of comfort have these so called fans of Chelsea & the arse become to take some kind of solace thinking spurs will somehow have a shittier season coming second in the premiership and above the respective positions if their clubs..!
    please.. can I have another shitty season next year.??

      1. Tg

        I seem to remember an article 31st December that Arsenal were so sure they would win the league they had already booked the open top bus, you were top in January and so smug. Nobody gave spurs a chance then. But then things changed and with our history us spurs fans are over the moon to come 2nd to Leicester Because it could have been 2nd to you and that would have been Terrible. Everyone thought the league was yours this year and lowly spurs would possibly get champions league fast forward and what happens not only do spurs excel but the arse Flop we are happy and loving what we are watching and experiencing and your Happy ARE YOU REALLY! METHINKS YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO SCRAPE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING. ENJOY NEXT SEASON WITH WENGER WE WILL ENJOY OUR WITH POCHOTINO👍

      2. Mike

        You said it. Coming 2nd to us would’ve been terrible. That’s basically how I feel. I am over the moon because Spurs won’t win the league.

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