Goodbye Theo Walcott

Theo, Theo, Theo Walcott, his an Englishman at Arsenal.

He is also a bottle job. A disgrace. A player who’s time is up.

I do not usually like such aggressive criticism of players. But sometimes it is needed. Sometimes there is a straw that brakes the camels back. And the performance in the 0-0 draw against Sunderland was that straw.1415053720589_wps_1_Arsenal_s_Theo_Walcott_lo

For many a year, I back Theo. I saw a player in him. Whilst many wrote him off, I was rewarded with my faith in the player.

In 2012/13, he scored 21 goals in 43 games, adding 11 Premier League assists that season. As a comparator, that year Gareth Bale scored 26 in 44 with just the 7 assists. The summer of 2013 Gareth Bale joined Real Madrid for a lot of money.

Theo Walcott was still just 24 at the time. He seemed patience had been rewarded. That he had finally arrived as a top player.

Half way through that season, he held the club to ransom. With Robin van Persie, Alex Song, Samir Nasri & Cesc Fabregas having recently left the club, Arsenal were in a fragile place. They could not afford another summer where the sides best performer leaves. He got a bumper new contract.

The next year, he bounced from injury to injury, but every time he came in he looked in good touch, including a terrific cameo appearance against Manchester City (when we lost heavily). 2014/15 was very much the same. One injury followed the next.

That summer Arsenal were in a quandary. Walcott had one year left of the contract. Do the club offer him a new deal, offload a player for cheap, or risk losing him at the end of the season for nothing. Arsenal did what was probably the right thing at the time and offered him a new contract.

On the 31st July 2015, Theo Walcott signed a new (reportedly) £140,000 a week 4 year deal, thus making him one of the clubs highest earners alongside Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

The value of the contract at the time was baffling. Here was a player who had been injured for 2 years. The ball was no longer in his court. He could no longer bully us like he did in 2013. But it seems he (and his agent) did.

Arsenal could easily have called his bluff, told him to take a lower deal or be sold, and replaced him if necessarily. Instead, the club bowed down to his demands and did not sign a single outfield player.

Theo Walcott had just secured his future. A contract through until he was 30, earning him nearly £30,000,000 before tax. Count the zero’s. That is thirty million quid.

And then as suspected, this season followed the last two, and the majority of his career. Injuries.

So here was a player who in 10 years at Arsenal, had performed consistently at a high level for 1 season, and two half’s of a season, tied to a lucrative contract that will set him up for life.

And then we come to Sunderland.

With the goal gapping, he had a 50/50 challenge with Younes Kaboul. It wasn’t even a 50/50. It was probably 80/20 in his favour. He bottled it.

In that selfish moment, he showed he is more interested in himself, in his chances of making Euro 2016, than that of the team.

He would rather not risk an injury to make the ferry to France, than score a goal which would keep us on the coat tails of Spurs.

It was an utter disgrace.

The club had stood by him after 2 years of injury. Had rewarded him with a £30m contract. And that is the way he thanks us. It was a two fingers up to everyone. To the management, to the fans, and to his team mates. You certainly would not want to see Walcott in the trenches with you. He is more likely to throw you infront of the bullet than take one for you.

I do not want to see Theo Walcott in an Arsenal shirt again.

More than that, I do not want him picked for England. I am going out to France for the Wales game, Walcott does not deserve to be on that plane.

I then want Walcott bombed out in the summer.

He comes across as a nice lad, yet on numerous occasions has held the club to ransom, and then showed no commitment to the side when needed. He certainly does not go the extra mile.

It is time for him to be shipped out, hopefully to somewhere awful like Hull or Burnley.

Theo Walcott, we can not even say thanks for the memories but it is time to say goodbye.




13 thoughts on “Goodbye Theo Walcott

  1. Omar

    Wow ure a disgrace my friend… Atleast show some respect for the person he is. People can have different opinions of a players level but to talk this way about a guy whose been at arsenal for 10 years, and 1 of the nicest guys in football, wow.


    1. Hugh jardon

      Nice guys don’t win trophies……
      All well and good being the fastest man in football but no use at all if you dont take the ball with you.
      I agree with everything he has said,worth as much as ozil or Alexis,i dont think so


  2. NuttnTiddy

    And you expect top players to want to come to Arsenal? No one with any sense would wish to play in front of so supporters like you. Have you not the sense to see what you and your ilk, are doing to the club. Get behind the team and stop all this nonsense.


  3. Ken George

    Don’ t forget he has completed TWO whole premier league games this year ! How much are we paying him ? I pine for the uncapped Geordie Armstrong .


    1. Mo Weezy

      Theo is so overrated and spoiled by Wenger’s policy, he’s an absolute disgrace to the club…10 years at Arsenal -no ball control, weak first touch, poor decision making (shoot when he should pass and the other way round ),can’t determine when to use his speed,fragile, want to be striker when he scores at a lower (one on one with the keeper)rate then Danny Welbz (which is never) then my favourite, he was the one telling Alexis to take he’s foot op the paddle cause he’s gonna burn out ,when Alexis were the only burning candle in the wind…We can get a far more complete player for he’s wages…The sooner he take he’s bags the better…


  4. osward sinyangu

    True Omar! this is the worst article probably from a guy who started supporting arsenal last season when theo got injured against spurs! Losing theo will be a grave mistake by arsenal fc. This guy is often times played out of position and your clueless coach puts Giroud ahead of theo and the result is as of late! And do you think theo is so stupid not to know what is going on? Let me remind you that since Henry’s departure, the style of play had been built around theo because of his pace and often times when theo got injured, arsenal struggled to perform even with the presence of RVP and Cesc, any moment he was back, the team would pick up! How many games has theo played as a centre forward and arsenal lost the games if i may ask? Few or not even one at all because the defenders are always afraid of this guy and players like sanches easily scores after tearing apart the defenders of the opponent! Your coach changes the system not to depend on theo’s pace and decided to start a defensive approach forgetting that this is a team full of attacking players who normally can’t handle the system promptly introduced and led to Le Coq and Santi being injured and your coach runs out of ideas after failing to buy the backups in the summer and sends on loan some of the best talents e.g. Chuba, Gnabry and Heyden who would have slotted in place of players like Jack, santi, Le Coq and Chambo/Ramsey. My advise to you is to stop attacking players like theo who has been so loyal but is being finished by the clueless Wenger!

    And by the way, tell Wenger to tell sanches and ozil to pass the ball when needed and not when they run out of ideas and the opponent has already blocked the attacking players and this is why theo is not seen in games! He signed a contract because he wanted to play central not a sub for 15 minutes! Come on be realistic! Almost forgot that chambers is better than Bellarin!


  5. Begeegs

    Agree with this, but really he should have been sold 3 or 4 years back. He has pace, but that’s about it. Not a dribbler, certainly not a striker. Decent finishing ability, but needs loads of chances. Hardly ever shows up in games. Doesn’t track back on the wing. Sell, please.


  6. Akwasi Amponsah

    you are condemning someone for his lack of form , haven’t u forgotten that he was one of our best player’s before injured? and u are here judging him, then Sanchez and ozil must also leave because they also lost their form, what is Wenger still doing at the club, he must leave.


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