Time running out for Arsenal stalwart

The fence is completely divided. Some keep full of confidence in the darkest performances. Some have wanted him gone for a long time.

We’ve had some good times.

Always stayed loyal, won trophies. Always full promise and sense of feeling that the future will be better, will reach full potential. A couple of steps forward, a couple of steps back. A few false starts.

We’ve had some bad times.

Constant injuries and excuses. Huge underperforming when it matters, especially in the big games. Some mistakes and errors over and over again. Predictable.

Questions are always asked when he’s given a new contract.

Ultimately he is paid one of the biggest wages at the club which is meant to reflect the world class performance he should give. In this sense, he is a failure. His performances have been average, minimum, far of anything special.

For our wages do we not deserve something better?

Should we not get rid, try a new idea? Fresh approach.

Am I talking about Arsene Wenger or Theo Walcott??theo-walcott-arsene-wenger-arsenal-training_3282025

Both are an epitome of each other are they not?

Both need to go in the summer. Average is not good enough. Especially given how much each is paid. You have both not delivered.

And do I say, Thank you for the memories, but goodbye.





3 thoughts on “Time running out for Arsenal stalwart

  1. Peter12

    I think they should both go now. I totally agree with you over both The wages Theo is on is simply obscene given the ability he has shown, the age that he is, and his injury record – it looks like we cannot expect anything else from him. Regarding Wenger, you (as well as many fans) also seem to be spot on. To my mind in the last 12years his ability to aspire, his ability to nurture, his ability to drive players, his ability to as a tactician, making alternative match plans, his ability to unearth young player (or even bring them on) has waned alarmingly. How can it be that his recruits have to be French (possibly Spanish), lightweight, short, and cheap – or all of those things combined. THE ONLY MANAGER IN THE TOP DIVISIONS OF FOOTBALL IN EUROPE NOT TO BUY A SINGLE OUTFIELD PLAYER WHEN HIS (THEN CURRENT SQUAD WAS NOT SUFFICENTLY ROBUST OR EFFICIENT IN FRONT OF GOAL). WE HAVE FOUR WORLD CLASS STRIKERS, HE SAID. I REST MY CASE!

  2. P. Burgess.,

    I am concerned about Wengers future. The Walcott issue will take care of itself.
    A once great manager is destroying his reputation it is sad to see. I wish him to stand down with dignity, that is why I will not demonstrate during the match. I believe he deserves more.
    Football has moved on since he was classed as a visionary and he made us into one of the greatest club sides ever. Unfortunately he has not moved on. The new brighter managers are more flexible,they are possibly more ruthless and not so loyal to players who often do not return that loyalty. He is also a stubborn man. Ok when the vast majority of his decisions were correct, that was ok. a liability now.
    The problem in my opinion is the board, not directly the owner who has released funds,our spending has been high ( not this year admitaly) , our wage bill is astronomical. Money is available , however it has not been spent, when I say the board is the problem,there is not a strong football man on the board who Wenger answers to/works with, this the crux of the problem. Dien has never been replaced. My worry is if we replace Wenger , without a strong footballing prescence on the board, will the structure be good enough to take us forward. Look at the Mancs if David Gill was still in control would United be better than they are now. I think we all know the answer. Let’s face it the CEO is probably as important as the manager, more important than who the owner is. Yes Kroenke is a businessman, but he knows that to maximise his profit he has to speculate to accumulate. I don’t believe he will follow the Lerner example as this will result in his investment falling and he may be many things but silly is not one of them.

    1. Peter12

      I agree with your (P. Burgess) analysis. Arsenal Wenger, the owner and the Board are all responsible for the current state of the club, the most important decision being the polarisation of the fans. Arsenal Wenger’s can resolve the matter in the most civilised way by accepting his role in this and remove himself. That would be the honourable thing to do. Yet I feel he will not do this, because, his obstinacy to prove everybody else wrong (in team selection, recruitment, team tactics etc) is precisely the reason why he has failed in 12years to create a team which is resilient relatively consistently – it isn’t about not winning the league. He simply cannot succeed if he basically doesn’t accept that he is following the same old route that has failed in every one of 12 years. As the famous saying goes “insanity, is, doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome”. I would hate if that became what people remember as his legacy, which what he is in danger of creating, rather than his first 8 years. There is nobody so blind as the person who doesn’t want to see. It should not have to come to escorting him out of the Emirates as they had to do (so I understand) with Gerald Houlier at Anfield? That would be awful, awful.


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