Stop sucking the fun out of football

132There are a lot of things I hate about modern day football. Ticket prices, the lack of connection between clubs and fans, attention seekers who try to become YouTube / twitter celebrities, no beer at half time, LadBible fans, the PC brigade censoring our songs, no standing, no swearing. Basically no fun.

And it has become worse over recent weeks. Pundits and other fans have attempted to suck the last bit of fun out of being a football supporter.

We are no longer allowed to take the micky out of other sides when they lose.

Firstly we had last weekend. Spurs lost 5-1. To a team who were down to 10 men. Who were already relegated. And it resulted in Arsenal finishing above Spurs for the 21st season in a row. And how we laughed. How we celebrated. And how we laughed even more.

But then the fun police appeared.

Robbie Savage on 606;

“They left Highbury all those years ago to compete with the best in Europe,” he told 606. “[Instead] they’ve scraped past Tottenham, are ten points behind Leicester City, and they’re celebrating. It’s ridiculous.”

So according to Robbie Savage, we can not celebrate finishing above our local rivals, on the last day of the season, in sensational style. Don’t have fun.

Ian Wright also got in on the act;

“Those Arsenal fans should be thinking about what could have been, not what is.”

Taking into account the passion he showed in an Arsenal shirt, and the hatred he often showed for the likes of Spurs, Man U and The FA, I was surprised by his comment.

You would think Wrighty would understand the passion of the fan. But no, he missed the point. Arsenal were not celebrating finishing 2nd. We know it was a missed opportunity. We were laughing at Spurs, and celebrating at finishing above them. Again. The wheels coming off. Again.

We have previously seen it with the likes of Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and others. Trying to dictate from a TV studio how fans should celebrate. How they should release their passion. How they should have fun.

According to these, you should only celebrate your own team doing well, and the only thing Arsenal can do well is win the league. Nothing else should be enjoyed.

On Sunday, we should have all gone home. Turned off the radio and TV, sat in a dark room and cried. We should not have been out having a drink up in the sun with our pals. Laughing at Tottenham. Singing It’s happened again. No having fun.

And then last night, how we all laughed at Liverpool.

1-0 up at half time and cruising. To then see 11 men go missing in the second half and Sevilla run riot in a 3-1 victory.

Most people had a laugh. Mocked the Scouser’s. Took pleasure in their defeat.

But then the fun police reappeared.

Should Arsenal fan’s be laughing won they won F*** All?

Klopp has done more this season than Wenger in 7 years, why are you mocking him?

There were plenty of similar things said last night on Twitter.

Apparently, we should not mock Liverpool for losing a cup final despite being ahead because we did not make one.

It seems the footballing world has gone mad. We as fans are no longer allowed to have fun at other clubs expense.

Part of football is not just seeing your own team do well, but seeing other teams fail. Watching their fans cry on the tele.CixDD_NWYAM8nR4

I take tremendous joy in seeing kids in Tottenham shirts crying on the TV. I love seeing grown men crying on the terraces. I laugh watching vines of bingo winged women celebrating a non-existent goal at Newcastle.

Football is joyful. It is a release. Look at Birmingham City fans. Despite being in the Championship, finishing 10th, they loved Aston Villa getting relegated.

Please, pundits and fellow fans, stop trying to take the fun out of football. Stop trying to dictate how and when fans should celebrate.

If Crystal Palace win on Saturday. I will laugh. It does not matter that Arsenal did not make the final.



5 thoughts on “Stop sucking the fun out of football

  1. rhyle

    HUGE THUMBS UP. The joy-vacuum brigade sucking the fun out of everything. As if we were celebrating 2nd…we’re all just laughing at Speeeeeerz.


  2. Mark

    Could not agree more! If I am happy I will smile, I don’t need permission from anyone one else. The sad thing is that a good proportion of people cant think for themselves and are quite happy to let someone tell them what they are feeling without using their brain to decide for themselves!


  3. Ausgooner

    Couldn’t agree more. If the only thing you can celebrate is a league win then it is going to be a while between drinks for some clubs at least. I don’t see why watching the magpies literally rape spurs wasn’t a joyous occasion. btw when did anyone other than their relations give a flying Fk what Keane & Carragher have to say.


  4. davespagnol

    Arsenal fans being happy doesn’t fit in with the media narrative of the club being a failure. Well, every English team bar Leicester wouldn’t mind swapping places with Arsenal. How many seasons in a row have we been told that Arsenal are on the way down and it’s going to be Tottenham’s year? And even when it finally is, they still contrive to finish below is in the table!! Of course we’re laughing!

    One other thing: What sort of respect have the Spuds team for their fans? When Chelsea pulled them back to 2-2, handing Leicester the premiership, they folded, and lost the last two games. Where was the pride? Where was the voice in the head that said “Let’s at least ensure we stay above Arsenal, do it for the fans!”. If I wasn’t laughing so much, I’d have to feel sorry for the way the Spuds betrayed their fans.


  5. GreencardUSA

    It irks the media pundits when their darlings fail and get laughed at. Apparently the only club that warrants such treatment, according to media pundits, is their nemesis -Arsenal and off-course Wenger!



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