Do you care about playing The Arsenal Way?


If your ambition is pretty football over success you got it wrong. A goal is a goal no matter how it’s scored.

No difference between winning title in 1991 when we only conceded 16 goals to 1998. You get the same trophy no matter how you WIN it.

Of course, some are special. 1989 and 2004. Anfield and the Invincibles. But ultimately, it is how many titles you have, not how you won them.

If you were to offer me fancy football over a league title I would take the trophy every minute of every day.

It’s like having the fittest wife in the world … But what’s the point if you can’t fuck her.

Imagine playing Spurs away, losing & then saying “It’s ok, we played pretty football that’s the ambition we want at Arsenal.” FUCK OFF

Pretty football is nothing but a bonus … The aim is 3 points 1st get enough of them & your reward is a moment in history.

Trophies define a clubs legacy not pretty fucking football.

Playing pretty football is not ambition…Winning titles is ambition & if it “Pretty football” comes with it you’ve had a touch.

It is the type of mentality that sees someone say “we lost 5-1 to Barca but at least I got to see Messi score 4”.

I do not care how we play, as long as we win.




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