10 things I do not want to hear this season…

1. A drum at the Emirates Stadium. We do not need it. Manufactured crap. Leave stuff like that to small clubs like Spurs.

2. “Don’t take me home” – The song of England’s (failed) Euro 2016 campaign. You had to be there as “drink all your beer” changes to “sniff all your gear” but are we going to have hear it sung at every Euro away game?We voted out after all.

3. “Will Grigg’s on fire” with the Northern Ireland strikers name being replaced with every Premier League sides average striker. “Yaya Sanogo’s on fire”. No. He did not even get a minutes game time at the Euro’s. Lets leave the song in Wigan, like anything from Wigan should be left.

4. Leicester’s clappers. OK, you won the league. Well done. We all patted you on the back. But stop using them clappers to make up for any lack of atmosphere and songs.

5. The Icelandic War Chant. Already to be heard at the darts (can darts fans do nothing original?). And just heard at the cricket. It just reminds me of mid 1990s TV show Gladiators. It will be even worse when Leicester fans replicate with with their crappy clappers.

6. Arsenal fans singing about Arsene Wenger to die. It is not clever. It is not classy. It is not Arsenal. Grow up you attention seeking wankers.

7. Attention seeking “pop” videos. We all laughed at Spurs’ One Club. Some bird then topped it with a Spurs version of Rehab. Then some attention seekers embarassed every Arsenal fan by releasing this monstrosity. All in the name of hits/

8. Crystal Palace Ultras. Let’s be honest. You’re a bunch of middle aged men from Croydon who wave some flags in the corner of the stadium. There is about 20 of you.

9. Fans TV Channels. Arsenal Fan TV was one of the first. And was quality at the beginning. Random fans ranting after a game. Now it is choreographed, planned and everyone on it just wants to become famous. And it is not just Arsenal. Chelsea, Man U, Spurs, every club now has them. Waiting after the game to be interview? No thanks. Go to the pub you losers. No longer is it full of randoms like this:

10. Excuses. If we lose, we lose. Admit we were not good enough and move on. Give the fans some respect. Stop with the excuses.

Can you think I of anything I have missed? Add your comments below…


7 thoughts on “10 things I do not want to hear this season…

  1. Andy

    2 things I don’t want to hear this season.
    1. Arsene Wenger
    2. Being asked by every AKB who is there to replace Le Twat? Also you have short memory look what he’s done for the club.


  2. Notorious Gunner

    What we don’t want to hear is….

    The total trash coming from those wankers on the board like Gazidis and Kroenke saying we don’t have enough money to compete.

    AKB’s saying we are better off with Wenger, Silent Stan and Gazidis.


  3. IT

    +”what pie and drink for £5?” Every single week, train the staff ffs
    +”we don’t do the pie drink for £5 on Euro nights because we can’t sell alcohol”. Fine but I asked for that brown fizzy piss you call Pepsi that in the deal. “No we can’t do that”
    +”the Huwai phone adverts.” Well that won’t happen as they dumped us anyway…things are bad when can’t even keep a crud sponsor like that
    +”all our sponsor adds.” For me nothing sums up our ambition for forth place than a forth rate white goods provider and a watch brand with delusions of grandeur. Ok Emirates is ok but it’s a forth rate deal afaik.
    +”The Theo jog”. I really want him to do well but if I see that apology of a tracking back jog back that resembles a time wasting substitute when he’s lost possession I may have to shake my head and tut very loudly indeed!
    +”any banners”. Other than ones that Wenger may understand e.g Arsenal season ticket holder top prices ROI 0 League titles & 0 champions league final wins. Okay I’ll leave a banner guru to make that smaller than the North Bank and a bit more catchy!


  4. Philbet

    Its very difficult to reconcile that there are some people who read an Arsenal blog regualey supposedly support Arsenal, yet repeatedly bad mouth the manager,owner,CEO, players,staff,facilitys are there lifes so mundane, that they can only seek solace denigrating something they follow, presumabley that gives them pleasure, yet they repeatedly come on here to moan, next time you can only complain, tell yourself ten times, I NEED THERAPY!!!!



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