Arsenal’s pre-season so far: A summary (sort of)

132Three friendlies down, two to go.


This pre season, I have watched just the one game. The first against Lens. The other two were way past my bed time.

And when I say I have watched one game, I had the Lens match on, but was busy watching the highlights of the first day’s play of England v Pakistan and the Tour de France.

This is a collection of thoughts of what I have seen (which I have admitted is not much) and from what I have understand from those who have watched a lot more.

Defensive errors – Part of the Lens game I did watch was us conceding a goal. It was a typical Arsenal error. Calum Chambers went up to early and aggressive in an aerial challenge. Was beaten. Per Mertesacker didn’t have the pace to cover, and the right back (I have no idea who) was out of place. A goal we have seen us concede many times this season.

Rob Holding – He scored a goal. Apparently played well. But as someone said “He was playing against a bunch of Mexican gardeners”. And his job is not to score goals.

Theo Walcott – He is shit. All the fitness videos in the world have not improved his touch. He is not a solution to replace Olivier Giroud.

Mathieu Debuchy – Look Walcott, he has been awful. All over the shop.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Impressive, as Oxlade-Chamberlain always is in pre-season. He always shows glimpses, than once the season starts, tails off. It is all well and good scoring a FIFA goal against Chivas, but when it comes to Liverpool on the first game of the season, will he disappear?

Jack Wilshere – Injured again.

Chuba Akpom – “Looked Lively”. Surely it is time now for him to stay at the club, as 3rd choice striker behind Giroud and a new signing (4th once Danny Welbeck is back).

Granit Xhaka – Apparently he has looked tidy. I am not sure if the person who said that was talking about the way he looks, or the way he plays.

Mesut Ozil – He left his holiday in Los Angeles, California early to meet up with the team in Carson, California. A distance of 17 miles. Nothing to see here.

I might make the effort to watch our next pre season game (when is it?). That way, I will actually know how we are looking.

If you want a proper view of how we have played, and haven’t watched that, I would suggest reading someone elses blog.

ps: The third kit is just as ugly on the players as it is in the photos. I think.

Have a good one!



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