Arsenal fans prepared to sacrifice PSG result


So my plan of blogging this week was simple.

Tuesday Preview of Arsenal v PSG
Wednesday  – Summary of the Arsenal v PSG game
Thursday – Some January transfer ideas
Friday – Which key player do Arsenal seem to not be able to perform without
Saturday – Arsenal v Bournemouth preview

But I messed up. I thought Arsenal were playing last night, not tonight. So yesterday’s pre-game blog appeared a day earlier, and today blog summing up the game will not happen until tomorrow. This leaves me sitting here wondering what to write about.

Write nothing I imagine many of you are saying. But I am current on annual leave, with no money to do anything as I am moving house in the next few weeks, so I need to do something other than watch Jeremy Kyle, listen to TalkSport, eat a masturbate. My only other plan today is to go to Wilkinson’s and buy a new toilet seat. So you are stuck with me.

So sticking with the what is happening today, and mindful of the fact that I have already predicted my team:

Jenkinson Mustafi Gabriel Gibbs
Xhaka Ramsey
Ox Ozil Iwobi

So I will attempt to expand on yesterday’s thoughts where I discussed whether Arsenal should stick or twist tonight (or last night as it originally was on the blog) against PSG.

So expanding on that, I asked a simple question on Twitter:

Now of course, let’s get rid of the BS that some people will reply. You can not guarantee wins in either game. That’s not football. But we all deal with hypothetical. All discuss who will win between Mike Tyson and Cassius Clay. All make our all time Cricket World XI. All discuss whether Graham’s 91 side was better than Wenger’s 04.

I was expecting it to be close.

So many people comment on Arsenal’s lack of progress in the Champions League. The biggest disappointment most fans have is that we have yet to win the big one. And it is all justified.


So why have the people voted so much in favour of Arsenal beating Bournemouth over PSG?

There could be a few reasons:

  • Arsenal fans (like me) are bored with the Champions League, and would rather win the Premier League
  • That Arsenal fans are more realistic that they sometimes make out, and recognise that we have more of a chance of winning the Premier League than the Champions League
  • Or Arsenal fans realise we have qualified for the knock out stages already, so the Bournemouth game is actually more important

So remember, not matter the team put out tonight, win lose or draw, stand by your convictions.

If you were happy yesterday us playing a weakened XI and losing, to put us in the best chance of beating Bournemouth with fitter players, do not get angry, starting moaning and bitching, if that happens, and we finish 2nd, and get knocked out by Barcelona in the next round of the Champions League.



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