10 reasons Spurs are at least 10 years behind Arsenal


1) Building a new stadium – Arsenal opened there’s 10 years ago.

2) Playing Champions League at Wembley – Arsenal did that in the last Millennium.

3) Top players not signing contracts – So 00’s Arsenal.

4) Justifying defeats by talking about a “young squad” – Still in the 00’s.

5) A lack of leaders – They really are Arsenal of the late 00’s aren’t they?


6) No trophy in 8 years – And even that was just a League Cup.

7) Top 4’s their everything – Fans now more interested in finishing 4th than winning the Europa League.

8) Invincible’s – That’s so 2004. And Arsenal went a league season unbeaten. Not 12 games.

9) Adrian Durham – After a decade of trolling Arsenal fans, he has now moved onto Spurs.

10) 10 reasons, 10+ years, Spurs are a joke, we can’t smile without you, the gift that keeps on giving.


9 thoughts on “10 reasons Spurs are at least 10 years behind Arsenal

  1. Champions League Failure Specialists

    10 years behind you??….in fact, I can’t even be bothered to reply…. go to your bedroom and play with yourself… that must be your favourite hobby.

  2. Billy

    More spineless gooner drivel. Every time Spurs slip up, the thinly veiled sense of relief behind your taunts is so dense we can almost taste it.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Hows your European journey going?Hows your Premier League title challenge going? Your manager saying the squad is “too small to compete on all fronts” – youre not even competing for 1 trophy

      1. DannyHarries

        To be fair the story appears on newsnow – you won’t get me defending Spurs and their shitness but you do seem to write about them a hell of a lot and comes across rather sad and weird.

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