FIVE key questions Arsene Wenger MUST answer


1) Why were the team “mentally not ready for the challenges”? – We were playing Watford, a side we had played 4 times in the last 2 seasons, winning 3. How did we not know the challenges they face. Who is responsible for the mental preparation of the team?

2) Why so many changes after Southampton? – We won 5-0, albeit against a very weak Southampton side, why did only one player who started that game start tonight? I appreciate Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott are just returning from injury, but Bellerin, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lucas Perez deserved a start.

3) Why is Jack Wilshere on loan? – Yes, he has had to go on loan to prove his fitness, which he has done so play 19 games for Bournemouth. That is more games than both Aaron Ramsey & Santi Cazorla. Why did we not insist on a recall clause like Chelsea did with Nathan Ake?

4) What has Lucas Perez done wrong? – Everytime Lucas Perez has played this season, he has looked a threat. He has scored 7 goals in 449 minutes. Why is he not getting more game time?

5) How can you justify signing a new contract? – Everyone knows there is a two year deal currently sitting on your desk. How can you justify signing this? You have always said that everything you do is in the best interests if Arsenal Football Club, even if it has sacrificed some of your reputation. Well now is the time to make the ultimate sacrifice. It is not in the best interests of Arsenal Football Club to have Arsene Wenger as manager next year. Do the right thing and step aside.


4 thoughts on “FIVE key questions Arsene Wenger MUST answer

  1. VixBen

    It is not that arsenal lack players,its the coach who should consider players a chance,am not happy with Ramsey,he should never start for the game,arsenal line up against Watford was fruitless.Where was welbeck and Walcott????

    1. Mike

      They just came back from injuries and couldn’t play 90 minutes, too big a risk for re-injury. Wenger is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t with some people. We are The Arsenal when we win, and we’re The Arsenal when we lose.

  2. Sserwanja Robert

    We are tired of wenger’s excuses it’s time for him to depart our team b’se he is nolonger a good tactician but rather a failure. pliz leave our team alone! Indeed you have done great things for the club but it’s better you retire before you dirten what you have washed.

  3. Big J

    Yep, he must now after tonight 5-1 drubbing fully understand that , and as I’ve said countless times, he might let someone give it a go. You know who I want? An old fashioned hard nut like a George Grahm. But you know who would be good : KOEMAN. Yes , dear readers, you saw it here first. There are the naive ones, who say ” no CL experience. ” let me tell you, Koeman at Arsenal would be a bloody good , nay , great move. He takes no crap for starters. Wenger is soft. The team is soft. The club’s gone bloody soft. We need a George Graham type hard nut. We can’t defend,and that’s Wenger.

    Bring the Solid Man in, you will see the defensive change.


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