Predictable, Sanchez & Ozil, Fans, Wenger Out Protest

Predictable, Predictable, Predictable

Is anyone surprised anymore?

What sums everything up is that when we went 1-0 down, there was no anger, there was no frustration, there was just a shrug of the shoulders. At 2-0 down fans steamed down to the bar to get a pint. When the third went in fans simply got up and left. No mass protest, no booing.

The only ones showing anger, and it was more a faux anger, are those who went to get on camera. Want to be famous. Everyone else just could not be bothered anymore.

A long journey to a top side, with no trains and a 4 hour drive home, people decided to get on the road early. What is the point in getting angry anymore when it happens all the time?

Since beating Manchester City away 2-0 on the 18th January 2015, our results against Man U, Spurs, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea reads:


Without bashing a dead horse, as we are all bored of it and negativity breeds negativity, it is just getting all a bit too predictable.

This predictability is the main reason it is time for Arsene Wenger to leave. The belief in the fans is gone, the belief in the players too. We go 1-0 down away from home in a big game, you just know we are not going to get back into it. Might as well leave the game and head home.

With a new manager will come a new belief. It will breath life back into the fans. Going 1-0 down will not mean the predictability of defeat. At least in the minds of the fans. We can get back to cheering the side on again, rather than shrugging those shoulders and wondering if getting home at midnight from Liverpool is really worth it.

Alex Sanchez and Mesut Ozil

One was “dropped” the other was “ill”. Plenty of rumours flying around about the reasons neither started on Saturday. To be honest, I do not care about the rumours, my opinion is simple.

They both have contract offers sitting on the table to be signed, they either sign it or they can f*** off.

Back in the day, the likes of Ian Wright, Tony Adams and Ray Parlour signed contracts without even reading it. We were The Arsenal.

We have lost better players than Sanchez and Ozil in the past and they can both be replaced. If they do not want to play for The Arsenal, just leave.


I used to be proud of our away support. The best in the land, I would say. But now they are no more than an embarrassment.

This has nothing to do with the infighting. Just a few years ago, when we went 1-0 down, a roar would go up. ARSENAL, ARSENAL, ARSENAL. Now it is silent as it is so predictable. But you can not blame the fans for this apathy.

The issue with the fan base is the fans actions. It is just embarrassing. This go’s beyond Lad Bible fans and Arsenal Fan TV.

As I was entering the stadium on Saturday, a lad was nearly in tears outside the stadium. He had been kicked out for throwing beer. He was crying, begging the police officer to let him back in. The officer was refusing. I laughed. Good. A lesson learnt. Do not act like a cock.

It happens every away game, you have 20 idiots throwing beer in the air whilst another 50 surround them videoing it. I would kick them all out.

Then in the stand things got worse.

Behind me was an Arsenal fan who seemed to be more of a Sadio Mane fan than an Arsenal fan. Everytime Mane got the ball, he screamed in excitement SADIOOOOO as if he was having an orgasm. “That’s why he got 4 star skills on FIFA” “He should get an inform, that card will be sick” “Monreal is an 81, he should be a 75”. An Arsenal fan more interested in FIFA than Arsenal. Willing on Mane so that he gets an inform card. The state of our fanbase.

As we went 3-1 down, fans begun to leave in disgust, and no one could really blame them. Except for the 3 lads standing infront of us. All on their phones taking selfies of them looking sad. They must have taken 3 or 4 pictures, all trying to pull the saddest face possible. More interested in letting the world know they were at football, and sad, rather than actually being at the football.

I love going football. I love the drink up with my mates. But a lot of our cringeworthy fanbase is ruining it. Making me wonder why I spend so much money going up and down the country to be surrounded by a bunch of knobs.

Wenger Out Protest

There is a Wenger Out protest before Bayern Munich on Tuesday. Plenty of details about it on Twitter. If you sit there all day on social media moaning about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, get off your lazy backsides and turn up to the protest.

If you moan all day every day and enter the stadium on Tuesday quietly without joining the protest, it shows you are nothing but hot air. Someone who moans on social media for attention.

Turn up or shut up.


2 thoughts on “Predictable, Sanchez & Ozil, Fans, Wenger Out Protest


    The real sad part is if disaster struck and we got relegated, new manager,new team,new everything, the stadium would be full if we were winning the fans would be happy, or if we were losing the stadium would still be full and the fans would be moaning wanting the stability days back
    Either way the stadiums full and the business carries on.
    Its not who owns,who manages,who plays, its the winning that they all crave and sport rarely provides the unbeatable and never for long!!!


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