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“There is no crisis at Arsenal”

It is set to be 27c today and yet I am inside, nursing a horrendous hangover, caused due to Arsenal’s inept performance yesterday. At least I have the cricket to watch. England are fighting back well. But as I have written this, Joe Root has just got out. Great.

There is plenty wrong at Arsenal. I can see it. You can see it. Everyone can see it. Except for one man. Arsene Wenger.

It seems only the Arsenal manager can not see what is wrong with the club at the moment, He is the man not only without a plan in the transfer market but without a plan full stop.

Arsenal lost against Liverpool, Arsenal lost against Stoke. I do not really care that we lost games. It happens. We almost always lose against Liverpool and Stoke. But it is the manner of the defeats that drove me to drink.

For so long, Wenger has been criticised for a lack of tactics, and that has been shown in the recent games against Stoke and Liverpool.

The move to 3 at the back worked last season, and Wenger has continued with it this season. But you can only play a formation if you have the players that sort it, and when Arsenal are lining up with a winger at full back, a right back at left back, and 2 left backs at centre back, it is clear to all that the formation does not suit the players. Clear to everyone, of course, except for Wenger.

In the recent game against Stoke, Wenger complained about the lack of central defenders available to him, yet he had 2 on the bench that he never used.

Then we have the misuse of Rob Holding. The poor lad must not know if he is coming or going.

Holding started the first game of the season, dropped completely from the match day squad for the second game, then back in the side for the third game where he was ripped apart by the brilliant Sadio Mane and given no support. I feel for the lad.

As for Calum Chambers, a man who played nearly every game in the Premier League for Middlesbrough last season, and performed so well for England in the summer Euro U21 tournament, finds himself nowhere near the team, behind left backs playing centre back.

But of course, we can all see these problems, but Wenger can not.

And why were Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac on the bench yesterday? It is baffling.

Last seasons transfer dealings have been exposed as truly awful. We spent a lot of summer last year, yet only one man is still in the teams plans this summer, Granit Xhaka. And he has performed awful of late.

In fact, going through Arsenal’s last 10 transfers, just two of them started yesterday against Liverpool – Holding and Xhaka.

We need players. We need players playing in the right position. We need top quality players. We can all see that, but Wenger can not.

He is becoming deluded. Or has become deluded depending on how angry you are. He does not know what he is doing. He is the captain of the Titanic telling the passengers it is only a bit of ice, that there is no concernable damage.

He is not a captain not a captain going down with a ship whilst rats leave, he is the captain taking his ship down, whilst screaming everything is alright, full steam ahead.

He should have gone after the FA Cup in 2014. 3 FA Cups in 4 years have cemented his place further as an Arsenal great. But like Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest, he has outstayed his welcome.

On Thursday the transfer window shuts. We are not signing anyone. We will sell key players. but Wenger will tell you it is all OK. He is lying to you.

Have a good Monday, Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the cricket.



LEAKED: Full transcript from Arsenal Board Meeting

Arsenal Holdings plc Board Meeting

31st May 2017



Arsene Wenger’s new contact

Ivan Gazidis’s changes

Player recruitment


AW = Arsene Wenger
SK = Stan Kroenke
IG = Ivan Gazidis
TR = The Rest
Apologies: Josh Kroenke

Item 1 – Arsene Wenger’s new contact

SK: I have agreed with Arsene a new 2 year contract, any objections?
IG: I object SK: Arsene how do you find the objection?
AW: Overruled
SK: That’s agreed then, sign there Arsene
TR: *Snoring sounds*

Item 2 –Ivan Gazidis’s changes

IG: I want a director of football, a new medical team, a clear out of the deadwood and 2 new board members with football knowledge
SK: What do you think Arsene? AW: No to all of it especially the board members with football knowledge
SK: Not even John Cross?
AW: Who?
IG: If nothing changes I’ll resign, the MLS want me
SK & AW: OK, bye

Item 3 – Player recruitment

SK: Who do you want Arsene?
AW: What is the budget?
SK: £40m + £1
AW: Can we call it a warchest?
SK: Yes
AW: I know this great African kid in Belgium
SK: Anyone else?
AW: Ok, I’ll make derisory bids then say we tried to sign every world class player
SK: Will they affect the share price?
AW: No, but I’ll ask Ivan
IG: Waaa! Waaa! Waaa! I can’t hear you *IG has fingers in ears*
AW: It won’t, if it does I’ll sell our best players to Manchester City
SK: – Agreed TR: *Snoring sounds*

Item 4 – AOB

SK: Any more for any more?
IG: I resign
SK & AW: are you still here?
SK: Any news on commercial deals?
AW: don’t need them, we can fleece the fans, sorry customers, one thing though…
SK: What’s that Arsene?
AW: The press to be censored so they only say nice things about me, those bloody broken crests they use…
SK: You mean John Cross?
AW: Who?
SK: Never mind, anything else?
AW: Yes – we tell the fans 5th is the new first and they should be happy they get to pay the highest ticket prices in Europe to witness our mental strength
SK: Whatever you say Arsene, you’re the boss just keep my share price up, nothing else matters
AW: Yes Stan I am the boss
TR: *Snoring sounds*

*Meeting Ends*



2 more years of Arsene Wenger – what does it really mean?

• 2 more years of only aiming for the minimum
• 2 more years of tactical naivety
• 2 more years of failing to prepare for the opposition
• 2 more years of embarrassing performances
• 2 more years of heavy defeats in important matches
• 2 more years of playing with the handbrake on
• 2 more years of lucrative contracts to substandard players
• 2 more years of substandard deals offered to world class players
• 2 more years of vanity projects
• 2 more years of poor coaching
• 2 more years of inadequate fitness and recovery programmes
• 2 more years of half the squad being injured
• 2 more years of dithering over transfers
• 2 more years of penny pinching on transfers
• 2 more years of embarrassing press conferences
• 2 more years of cringe worthy excuses
• 2 more years of someone with “complete control” blaming everyone but himself
• 2 more years of that coat zip
• 2 more years of a deluded, senile, washed up has been
• 2 more years of Arsene Wenger…

Wenger Out
Wenger Still Out
Wenger Always Out