“There is no crisis at Arsenal”

It is set to be 27c today and yet I am inside, nursing a horrendous hangover, caused due to Arsenal’s inept performance yesterday. At least I have the cricket to watch. England are fighting back well. But as I have written this, Joe Root has just got out. Great.

There is plenty wrong at Arsenal. I can see it. You can see it. Everyone can see it. Except for one man. Arsene Wenger.

It seems only the Arsenal manager can not see what is wrong with the club at the moment, He is the man not only without a plan in the transfer market but without a plan full stop.

Arsenal lost against Liverpool, Arsenal lost against Stoke. I do not really care that we lost games. It happens. We almost always lose against Liverpool and Stoke. But it is the manner of the defeats that drove me to drink.

For so long, Wenger has been criticised for a lack of tactics, and that has been shown in the recent games against Stoke and Liverpool.

The move to 3 at the back worked last season, and Wenger has continued with it this season. But you can only play a formation if you have the players that sort it, and when Arsenal are lining up with a winger at full back, a right back at left back, and 2 left backs at centre back, it is clear to all that the formation does not suit the players. Clear to everyone, of course, except for Wenger.

In the recent game against Stoke, Wenger complained about the lack of central defenders available to him, yet he had 2 on the bench that he never used.

Then we have the misuse of Rob Holding. The poor lad must not know if he is coming or going.

Holding started the first game of the season, dropped completely from the match day squad for the second game, then back in the side for the third game where he was ripped apart by the brilliant Sadio Mane and given no support. I feel for the lad.

As for Calum Chambers, a man who played nearly every game in the Premier League for Middlesbrough last season, and performed so well for England in the summer Euro U21 tournament, finds himself nowhere near the team, behind left backs playing centre back.

But of course, we can all see these problems, but Wenger can not.

And why were Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac on the bench yesterday? It is baffling.

Last seasons transfer dealings have been exposed as truly awful. We spent a lot of summer last year, yet only one man is still in the teams plans this summer, Granit Xhaka. And he has performed awful of late.

In fact, going through Arsenal’s last 10 transfers, just two of them started yesterday against Liverpool – Holding and Xhaka.

We need players. We need players playing in the right position. We need top quality players. We can all see that, but Wenger can not.

He is becoming deluded. Or has become deluded depending on how angry you are. He does not know what he is doing. He is the captain of the Titanic telling the passengers it is only a bit of ice, that there is no concernable damage.

He is not a captain not a captain going down with a ship whilst rats leave, he is the captain taking his ship down, whilst screaming everything is alright, full steam ahead.

He should have gone after the FA Cup in 2014. 3 FA Cups in 4 years have cemented his place further as an Arsenal great. But like Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest, he has outstayed his welcome.

On Thursday the transfer window shuts. We are not signing anyone. We will sell key players. but Wenger will tell you it is all OK. He is lying to you.

Have a good Monday, Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the cricket.



6 thoughts on ““There is no crisis at Arsenal”

  1. Julie riding

    We need someone younger as a Manager , you need to move with the times !!! He shows rarely any emotions there is no spirit that’s what I saw against Liverpool !!!!! Really felt for all those paying travelling Fans x I think Thirty Henry he has so much passion for Arsenal x Wenger is only thinking of himself now.not the club players or most important us the Fans x

  2. jebo mann

    Why is everybody avoiding to mention that the past 2 games were awful because of Ramsey??? Is it because he’s a brit?? He and Monreal are the reasons of the failures in the past few years. We have seen Xhaka playing alongside Elneney and he was good but when he plays with Ramsey or Coquelin….. we open the midfield and the diffence becomes vulnerable. So can anyone invite Showcross to kick somethin out of ramsey again>>>please!!

  3. Keith Uzzi Gooner

    Wenger is simply no match for the generation of young managers in the EPL. Even if u give him the world’s best players, he’ll never win the UCL, Europa League & EPL. I wonder why Kroenke is still keeping him, in fact both of them must go. #UsmanovSaveArsenal or #DangoteSaveArsenal must trend on twitter

  4. Kevin

    Keeno has been defending Wenger for the last 12yrs or so, therefore anything he says on the Wenger Debate is both inaccurate and riddled with double standards. You also was against Usmanov taking over and was a huge supporter of Kroenke. So perhaps real fans should tell you to shut up and get your facts right about this club instead of posting the usual crap which has zero value in the grand scheme of things. Wasn’t you blaming Sanchez for the teams performance yesterday as well…. Need I say more!!

  5. Johnno

    Always been a Wenger supporter and I would never ever call for his head inside the stadium but this is getting ridiculous now. We are now a club who loses every 3rd or 4th game, we`ll end up losing 10 games (in the league) this season. It isnt that long ago we went through a season unbeaten. I dont know what sport we were playing on Sunday but it wasnt fucking football, some weird non contact farce. I think my biggest criticism of Wenger on Sunday would be his team selection and I`m not talking about players he dropped here. I`m talking about Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain. What the fuck is he doing playing cunts who want away? And what kind of message does it send to the rest of the squad? The whole club from top to bottom is going through the motions and are happy in the comfort zone. What happened to the ruthless manager who told Dixon it was time for him to retire and who let big Tone (our greatest ever player) go because he was past it. Arsene mate, I love ya but youve let a bunch of spineless cunts take the piss out of you and unfortunately the buck stops with you. Big changes are needed but I`d make them at the end of the season. This years a right off, a good Cup run is the best we can hope for now.


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