Mesut Ozil v Dele Alli

“If he Mesut Ozil had half of what Dele Alli has got, that nasty streak, he would be ten times a better player than he is because he hasn’t got what Dele Alli has.

They are the words uttered by Lee Dixon during England’s defeat against Germany.

Now I am not in the business of abusing Arsenal legends. And I will not abuse Lee Dixon. Legends have a right, and a platform, to give their opinion. Often the abuse on social media platforms they get from so called “Arsenal fans” is nothing short of a disgrace.

Even though you might be an Arsenal legend, it does not make you immune for criticism, and Lee Dixon’s comparison of Alli and Ozil is laugable.

It is that last line I find hilarious. Mesut Ozil hasn’t got what Dele Alli has.Let’s compare what both players ’have’:

One is a world class player who has won trophies throughout his career for club and country. The other spends his time making up silly handshakes.

Dele Alli is a player who I have rated since his days at MK Dons. I, like most, surprised how much he has developed. But he is yet to reach anywhere near the level of Mesut Ozil. Alli is a good player, but not a world class place. Germany won without Ozil. England lost with Alli in the side.

I think in summary, if Dele Alli achieves half as much as Mesut Ozil in his carer, he would be a ten times more successful player than he is, because at the moment, Dele Alli hasn’t got what Ozil has. Trophies.



4 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil v Dele Alli

  1. Stanley Simons

    The problem is ozil’s body language tells us he does not really want to play for us any Moe,he is a bottler!!!arshavin ended up the same way very happy to be substituted,ozil is lazy,I would sooner see one of our young players given the chance,at least they would play their hearts out don’t like saying this but it seems its becoming very apparent!!!


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