Moaning Manchester City fans and Spurs still in Arsenal’s shadow

So I have finally sobered after this weekends shenanigans and golly gosh, what a weekend of results it was. And how the fall out has been hilarious.

Arsenal got through. Some will say ‘somehow got through’. Well we outscored Manchester City. We were fitter than Manchester City, and we had better options on our bench. Has Pep Guardiola been found out? Trophyless for the 1st time in his career. He has never had to build a team. Never not been in charge of the best side in the league. He is struggling. But that is a blog for another day.

The response of Manchester City fans to their defeat to Arsenal has made me smile. They have blamed the referee for their defeat. They have blamed Emirates Airlines. If Danny Murphy was commentating, they would have blamed the grass length and death of Ugo Ehiogh for their defeat too.

Arsenal have won a record 12 FA Cups in their history. NONE of which have been won since Emirates became the headline sponsor. This is just the 2nd season of Emirates sponsoring the FA Cup. In their first season, Manchester United lifted the trophy.

Of course, I do not expect a new club like Manchester City Blues to understand the concept of history, afterall, the majority of their fans have only followed the club for less than a decade. Dry your eyes lads.

Then we move onto Tottenham. The gift that keeps on giving. They are apparently planning to rename themselves WonNothing Hotspurs. Because once again, they are set to win nothing. 7 FA Cup semi final defeats in a row.

Over half a century without a league title. More than quarter of a century without an FA Cup. A decade without a trophy. It is laughable.

Their fans keep going on about a ‘power shift’ from one end of the Seven Sisters Road to the other. The fact is in Arsenal’s worst season in 21 years, they are in an FA Cup Final. Spurs best season in 2 decades will see them trophyless.

What I have found hilarious about Spurs fans is they are basically Arsenal fans of 10 years ago:

  • Constantly talking about project youth highlighting their young talented players, to justify lack of success
  • Blaming the stadium move for their failure
  • Top 4 is their everything
  • Bashing on about net spends and lower wages bills

Arsenal fans made these excuses 10 years ago. We were still making the same excuses 5 years ago. 2 FA Cup wins and another final coming up and Arsenal fans are still unhappy. Still looking bigger. Meanwhile Spurs are delighted with an FA Cup Semi Final and finishing 2nd in the league.

The fact is, Arsene Wenger has won more titles in England than Tottenham. He won one of them on Spurs ground. That was 13 years ago today. There will not even be a sniff of a power shift until Spurs start winning things. Talk of ‘top young English talent’ and ‘a new stadium’ means nothing if your trophy cabinet is empty.

After Dele Alli won PFA Young Player of the year for the 2nd season in the row, Spurs fans boasted about how their players had won 5 of the last 6 awards. But individual awards mean nothing if the team wins nothing. Like Gareth Bale, it will not be too long before the likes of Alli, Harry Kane, et al realise that they will never win anything at Won Nothing Hotspur and look for a move elsewhere.

This weekend we play Spurs away. Spurs are going to finish above Arsenal for the 1st time in 22 years. Arsenal have an FA Cup Final to look forward too.

Moaning Manchester City fans and Spurs still in Arsenal’s shadow.



14 thoughts on “Moaning Manchester City fans and Spurs still in Arsenal’s shadow

  1. jess

    Save the bragging until you beat Chelski and even then finishing miles behind Spurs in the league suggests Arsenal are now in spurs shadow. Domestic cups are now almost meaningless in todays football..its all about CL..and Arsenal won’t be there next season

  2. Torospur

    Hilarious article. Think you will find that city won the prem twice in recent past, spurs have as much chance of winning the prem as woeful gunners have of winning the cup. Now the most fickle fans in premiereship history are celebrating reaching a cup final as if they’ve won something. Enjoy your Thursday night in the Europa league next season.

  3. Torospur

    Didn’t notice the comment about Ugo, the blog just shows a lack of class . Desperate times at Arsenal I’m sure the majority of there fans are disgusted with this article.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Actually Danny Murphy during commentary when trying to justify Spurs losing mentioned Ugo. “It’s been a tough week for them. The death of Ehiogh hasn’t helped Spurs”. You’re right, Murphy showed a lack of class.

  4. GalileeBlue

    This article is a disgrace to all decent Arsenal fans. Forget the childish and frankly ridiculous comments on City and Spurs, your use of Ugo Ehiogh in a pathetic attempt to offend basically everyone is beneath contempt. Shame on you, a stain on your club.

      1. RespectUgo

        You’re right, the sudden death of a close colleague that the players would have gotten to know and respect wouldn’t have impacted them at all. Well done for pointing that out and putting it in the same context as a team complaining of playing on a poor surface.

        You’re clutching at straws to crow at Spurs’ defeat by using Danny Murphy’s comment as ammunition. And there’s no justification by saying “but Danny said it, Danny said it” – the spiteful context isn’t very well hidden. You culturally impotent bellend.

  5. Steve

    Bringing A death into your piece is so wrong. Leave that sort of comment for the small section of scum all clubs have on their terraces, if you’re trying to be a journalist, try to be the best and not another kelvin mckenzie

      1. Torospur

        You keep mentioning Danny Murphy who was paying tribute to Ugo. Your piece of crass writing was the lowest form of bitterness I have ever seen on a football blog. I was expecting this morning that the article would have been removed , however looking at your replies to everyone that has mentioned your degrading quote on Ugo you actally think you are justified. You are a sad sad human being.

  6. A

    One season of spurs finishing above arsenal in 20 years does not put arsenal in spurs shadow. Do it for 20 years and we are equal do it longer then arsenal will be in spurs shadow.

    Even any spurs fan deep down will admit that . Yes they will be happy to finish above their rivals but to do it the way arsenal have – that’s what they want

  7. Marvlington

    I don’t suppose he is talking about European trophies is he , and i have not seen or heard any Spurs fan use the stadium as an excuse for anything


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