2 more years of Arsene Wenger – what does it really mean?

• 2 more years of only aiming for the minimum
• 2 more years of tactical naivety
• 2 more years of failing to prepare for the opposition
• 2 more years of embarrassing performances
• 2 more years of heavy defeats in important matches
• 2 more years of playing with the handbrake on
• 2 more years of lucrative contracts to substandard players
• 2 more years of substandard deals offered to world class players
• 2 more years of vanity projects
• 2 more years of poor coaching
• 2 more years of inadequate fitness and recovery programmes
• 2 more years of half the squad being injured
• 2 more years of dithering over transfers
• 2 more years of penny pinching on transfers
• 2 more years of embarrassing press conferences
• 2 more years of cringe worthy excuses
• 2 more years of someone with “complete control” blaming everyone but himself
• 2 more years of that coat zip
• 2 more years of a deluded, senile, washed up has been
• 2 more years of Arsene Wenger…

Wenger Out
Wenger Still Out
Wenger Always Out


5 thoughts on “2 more years of Arsene Wenger – what does it really mean?

  1. Stanley simons

    This announcement,that he stays is a reflection of our useless board.winning the cup is good but not good enough for the arsenal.his first job is to tie down our players on long contracts.we need our squad to stay together plus at least three new additions.we will have to back the man for the time being,let’s hope he changes in his tactics!!!!

  2. Meckland

    It’s time for Arsenal fans in London and UK in general not to support Arsenal fc by remaining in their houses and watch tvs on all Arsenal’s matchs; rather than going to the pitch. This will reveal their real disagreement on decision made to let Wenger carry on the managerial post for another 2 years. This can easily applicable in African countries cause we don’t want blabla!!


    What really s the point of the Wenger out mob, its quite clear they have no clout in what the club do, if they really believe what they say they would be off to Chavski or Spurzz where i’m sure they do listen to idiots, here is you chance,walk away,hold your head high knowing you had the courage of your convictions and leave the supporting to those that want to do it, and we can all enjoy the football instead of reading the rantings of deluded malcontents!!!!


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