The 4 strikers Arsenal are targeting this summer

Romelu Lukaku – Rumoured value: £60m

  • 24 years old
  • Career goals: 145 goals in 317 games / 1 in 2.18
  • Last 4 years: 87 goals in 166 games / 1 in 1.90
  • Belgium: 20 goals in 56 games / 1 in 2.80
  • Premier League proven
  • Approaching his peak
  • Can still improve
  • Unproven at highest level
  • Go’s missing in big games
  • Worst goals to games ratio of proven strikers
  • Worst goals to games ratio over last 4 years of proven strikers

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Rumoured value: £60m

  • 28 years old
  • Career goals: 175 goals in 371 games / 1 in 2.12
  • Last 4 years: 120 goals in 189 games / 1 in 1.57
  • Gabon: 23 goals in 55 games / 1 in 2.39
  • Proven at the highest level
  • Well into his peak
  • Best goals to games ratio of proven strikers
  • Best goals to games ratio over last 4 years of proven strikers
  • Will not get any better
  • At 28, he has no sell on value

Alexandre Lacazette – Rumoured value: £40m

  • 26 years old
  • Career goals: 129 goals in 275 games / 1 in 2.14
  • Last 4 years: 113 goals in 183 games / 1 in 1.62
  • France: 1 goal in 10 games
  • At his peak
  • Potentially cheapest
  • Consistent goal scorer for 4 years
  • Only proven in France
  • Why hasn’t anyone taken a punt previously?
  • Why so few caps?

Kylian Mbappe – Rumoured value: £100m

  • 18 years old
  • Career goals: 27 goals in 58 games / 1 in 2.15
  • Last 4 years: 27 goals in 58 games / 1 in 2.15
  • France: 0 goals in 2 games / NA
  • Most naturally gifted of all
  • Most potential of all
  • Most expensive of all
  • Most unproven of all

So the choice in my eyes is:

  1. A proven Premier League goal scorer who has not done it at the top level but will still improve
  2. A proven global scorer who we might only get 3/4 years from
  3. An unproven goal scorer at the highest level who is the cheapest option
  4. Completely unproven, expensive with the most potential

Who do you want leading the line at Arsenal next week?



7 thoughts on “The 4 strikers Arsenal are targeting this summer

  1. Jonathan Martin

    Arsenal have EIGHT forwards… they might want to sell a few first.
    Half the arsenal fans seemingly wont be happy until we have 11 forwards and can make a whole team out of them…

    1. OAWgunner

      Sell em all! Goodbye Theo, Lucas, Joel, Yaya. And even Ollie- love the guy but if that’s what it takes to bring in a striker at the next level up, then we have to. Besides, we also need to make space for the next set of forwards coming thru the club.

    2. keenosafc Post author

      Welbeck – All the physical attributes, but cant shoot. Good back up. KEEP
      Giroud – Brilliant plan B. KEEP
      Sanchez – Better playing deeper. KEEP
      Sanogo – Sell. Release. Put down.
      Campbell – not good enough. get rid
      Walcott – better wide right. KEEP
      Perez – Been poor, worse than AS, DW & OG. SELL
      Akpom – not proved himself on loan. SELL

  2. gunnerbear

    Surely the better question would be….what are the odds of Arsenal really spending some serious cash as opposed to the club shouting “….that it tried, really tried to sign an elite striker but sorry, they could only get some 19 year old with only one leg for £4.7m…..a lad who isn’t even a household name in his own house…..”


    I have “supported” The Arsenal for over Thirty years and in that time they have always been shite, I have contributed to many a blog to say how Shite they are, I have spent money following them and still they have been shite,so next season they can buy who they want because in my opinion they will still be shite.
    Signed:Mr Happy Arsenal fan.


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