Where to for Wilshere

It’s been reported by The Daily Mirror that Jack Wilshere won’t be able to take part in Arsenal’s preseason tour of Australia. This comes after he’s still trying to recover from a broken leg, which came towards the end of last season. With the player contracted to Arsenal for another year, it’s going to be interesting to see whether he will remain a Gunner or whether the manager will try and sell him this transfer window and cut ties with the player.

Although Arsene Wenger has always been a big fan of the player, from starting him against Barcelona where he received the man of the match for his match-winning performance. As well as supporting him through the injuries and the off-field scandals, which have never shown him in the best of light.

This was maybe the reason why the player was let go, to try and recover his career with some playing time last season, even though the manager was rather reluctant. Although this decision did pay off, with the player making 27 appearances in the league and getting rather close to even netting a goal on several occasions. Though it did look like the season apart damaged the player-manager relationship which was so strong before, with Wenger admitting that he hadn’t even spoken to Wilshere for most of the season.

The Frenchman did speak about offering the Englishman a new deal, though most Arsenal fans will be sceptical to whether it’s really worth it. With the player rarely managing to go the season unscathed and at the age of 25, he’s hardly the hot prospect he once was.

For Bournemouth, he’s been playing as an attacking centre midfielder most of the time but also played in the centre midfield role and defensive midfielder role. Though he tends to and always has played best when he’s used as a box to box midfielder, driving at defences. Though with the Gunners new formation of 3-4-2-1 it’d be hard to see where he fits in. The midfield partnership of Xhaka and Ramsey seems to work and with Alexis and Ozil in front of them, you can’t see him taking anyone’s positions, especially as he’s most suited to the stars of the team.

If Arsenal does decide to let Wilshere go it’s hard to see where he’ll end up, the only realistic destinations would be Bournemouth where he spent his season-long loan, with the manager already admitting to wanting to sign Jack permanently. There could also be West Ham, who showed interest in him back in April and would be a draw as the player could stay in London. Whatever happens, it needs to be decided quite quickly, with Arsenal trying to make some big signings it would help if the future of a £90,000 player was decided or made room on the wage bill for others.

Written by Your Daily Arsenal


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