Time is up for Jack Wilshere

Following on from yesterdays blog by our friends at Your Daily Arsenal, I am going to nail my flag to the mast.

I have been a WOB for a few years now. A fully paid up member of the Wilshere Out Brigade.

Back in December 2013, I felt he had a lot of growing up to do if he ever wanted a top career. 6 months later during the summer of 2014, I declared that he should on his last chance. He had already been hampered by injuries, but his off field behaviour was becoming worrying, and he had not really progressed since his 2011 performance against Barcelona. A snippet from that 2014 blog:

Yes, he has had injuries which have hampered his performance’s since his break through season in 2010, but that was 4 years ago. His best performance in an Arsenal shirt was against Barcelona when he was 19. That was in 2011.

Last summer I reached breaking point. When talk was circulating about loan deals to AC Milan and an eventual loan deal agreed to Bournemouth, I announced that Jack Wilshere should not be loaned out, he should in fact be sold.

Role on a year, and not much has changed.

He had a fruitful 6 months at Bournemouth. Benefiting from half training sessions and playing once a week. But then he broke down in April. And he is now due to miss pre-season once more.

When he was ‘performing’ for Bournemouth, I was sceptical. Yes, he was playing most games, but there is a difference between performing for Bournemouth and performing for Arsenal.

At Arsenal, he could not partake in half training sessions. We need full involvement so that players are 100%. If you are not taking full part in the majority of sessions, you can not be fully prepared for the match. Not being fully prepared is OK if you are playing for a mid table team, but not for a top team.

Then we had him playing just once a week. I remember when Ledley king used to do this for Spurs and it was laughable. Football is about combinations, playing together. It is no surprise that in the last 3 years, Chelsea and Leicester have shared the titles whilst playing the least players.

At Arsenal you need to play twice a week. A player who plays once a week and then can not play mid week is detrimental to squad progression.

On top of that, it is the pure fact that Wilshere is not good enough for Arsenal to not part take in every training session. He is not good enough for Arsenal to only play Saturday’s.

If it was Lionel Messi who could only play once a week, you would manage his work load. But Wilshere is not Messi. He is not even an Aaron Ramsey.

So here we sit again as June is about to go into July and Jack Wilshere is once more injured.

I have recently been watching A League of their Own American Road Trip. Great programme. Alongside James Corden, Jack Whitehall and Freddie Flintoff stars Jamie Redknapp. And Jack Wilshere reminds me a lot of Redknapp. A talented football who just can not get fit.

The people defending him are the same people who attacked Abou Diaby. Wilshere is not better a player than Diaby, nor is he any fitter than Diaby.

It is time for his Arsenal career to end. It might hurt to say it. Hurt to do it. But he is 25 now, has still not progressed since 2011, and we should cash in and call it a day.



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