Alexis Sanchez future decided

Alexis Sanchez says he knows where he will play next season, but will not reveal his decision until after the Confederations Cup.

The Chilean star has been linked with a move to Manchester City but could opt to remain at Arsenal, who are looking to tie him to a new contract.

However, the attacker knows what his decision is, but will not reveal it.

“My future will be decided after the cup. I know what it is, but cannot say,” he told reporters ahead of the Confederations Cup final with Germany.

Arsenal superstar has been heavily linked with a move away from the club, but the Bundesliga giants had placed a move in doubt.

Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has seemingly ruled out signing Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez by claiming that his side must focus on building around youth, rather than experience.

The Bundesliga champions had been heavily linked with a potential move for the Chilean in recent months, but Hoeness was insistent that Bayern continue their strategy of buying young players.

“Everyone is talking about building a new team and how Bayern Munich’s future must be shaped,” he told Kicker.

“And then Bayern does exactly that –ย signs young players between 20 and 22 – and is criticised once again.”

He added, alluding to rumours of interest in Arsenal’s Alexis: “But you can’t build a new team with โ‚ฌ100 million transfers for 29ย and 30-year-olds. That isn’t a policy.


5 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez future decided

  1. Stanley simons

    The mere fact that he will not tell his decision until after the cup final,to me means he is going.that would be absolutely dreadful for the team and us supporters!!!!!

    1. Charles Charlie Charles

      Hard to say as Vardy did the same thing last year (wouldn’t say anything until after the World Cup). On the one hand, he could be leaving and has been told to keep quiet so as not to influence possible signings by Arsenal during the current window. Or, he might be staying which means he will be paid more and could influence other potential signings to also ask for more. He may even have set down conditions on his staying depending on who Wenger can sign over the next week?

      Whatever happens, this transfer window could make or break Arsenal.

  2. Chris P Bacon

    The only things he can do unilaterally are extend his contract, or see out his existing contract. Anything else requires the cooperation of Arsenal. Over to you Arsene.

  3. Chris P Bacon

    No Im just stating his options. Frankly I’d keep him to his contract. World cup next year and he dosen’t seem the type of player not to give 100% on the field. If the club can afford to chuck somewhere in the realms of 100 mil gbp at an untested 18 year old French striker. Whats 50 mil in the grand scheme of things?


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