If Alexis Sanchez wants to leave Arsenal, he can fuck off

If Alexis Sanchez does not want to play for Arsenal he can fuck off.

A strong statement I know, but that is how I feel about any player when they decide to leave us. From Ian Wright under Bruce Rioch, to the Nicolas Anelka situation in the late 90s, Marc Overmars and Emmanuel Petit moving to Barcelona, and Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira flirting with anyone and everyone. Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and more.

If you do not want to play for The Arsenal Football Club, you know where the door is.

Of course, I expect Arsenal to do everything they can to keep their top stars. But everything they can within reason.

Offer competitive wages – but do not be held to ransom

In the past players have left for riches elsewhere. Especially in the late 00’s, we could not compete with the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea when it came to wages. We could not pay players the going rate, and we lost them.

Of course, some players, like Samir Nasri, left for wages far more than what they were really worth. That sort of player can bugger off.

The reports are we have offered Alexis Sanchez £250,000-£280,000 a week. That, for me, is what he should be offered. It is what he is worth.

That will make him one of the highest paid players in the Premier League. It is similar money to what the likes of Eden Hazard, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero are on.

If he chooses to go to somewhere like China, who might offer him £500,000+ a week, or decideds on Manchester City at £350,000 a week, then he just go’s in the bin like the rest of the greedy footballers.

Battle for success

When Robin van Persie left Arsenal, it was not for the money, it was for success. He felt at the time Arsenal were not battling for the title. They were not signing, or planning to sign, the right players. He joined Manchester United and in his first season won the league title.

Could the same be said for Alexis Sanchez if he joins Manchester City?

City have won1 League Cup in the last 3 seasons. They have not exactly been glory laden years.

Add in Manchester City’s constant failures in Europe, they are no more set up to win the league than Arsenal.

A move to City would not be a move to win things. It would be a move for money.

Build a team full of title winning players – to ensure title winning players do not leave

Back to Robin van Persie, he felt at the time Arsenal were not bringing in title winning players. I understand the argument he had, but he was also part of a team that failed.

Alexis Sanchez might sit and moan that Arsenal are not in the Champions League. That he has not won the title since joining the club. But, like van Persie, he has been part of a failing team. He needs to stand up and take some of the blame.

When Arsenal went on their 6 game without a win run, Sanchez got 1 goal and 1 assist.

Arsenal’s transfer policy should not be dictated by a player at the club.

And anyway, with offers in for Thomas Lemar and Alexandre Lacazette, Arsenal are in a very different place to when van Persie left.

Nice atmosphere

Winning trophies

Players want to win trophies.

In Alexis Sanchez’s time at Arsenal, he has won 2 FA Cups in 3years.

OK, he might not have won the Champions League or Premier League. But he would not have won any of them at Manchester City, Liverpool or Manchester United either:

Last 3 seasons:

Manchester United: 1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup, 1 Europa League
Manchester City: 1 League Cup
Liverpool: Nothing
Spurs: Nothing

Only at Chelsea (or Leicester) would he have been vastly more successful than Arsenal.

So if Sanchez stays in England, chances are a move to another club is not motivated by success.


The only reason Alexis Sanchez would join a side like Manchester City is for the money. If that is the decision he takes, he can fuck off.

no player is bigger than the club. If you do not want to be here, at Arsenal, no matter who you are. LEAVE.


It is still our belief that Sanchez will sign a new deal, and we will back him if he stays at Arsenal.


13 thoughts on “If Alexis Sanchez wants to leave Arsenal, he can fuck off

  1. Ric SA Alao

    Wonder why not many frank and sincere comments like this are not posted. At least if to say the facts and reality.

    1. Gunner

      We will not get any body under wenger he doesn’t want to pay the money for the players and as for other players if you work and someone comes up to you and says come and work for us we will double your money what would you do I know I’d take it straight away

      1. jay

        “We will not get any body under wenger he doesn’t want to pay the money” Are you dumb or are you just choosing to be ignorant? I suggest you look at the past 4 summer transfer windows and if your conclusion is still that we don’t buy any players, then I think you need to pull your head out your arse.
        The very fact that you need to literally make things up to try and bash Wenger, is a statement in of itself.

      2. jay

        Mustafi, Sanchez, Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Holding, Welbeck, Chambers, Perez, Cech, Ospina, Elneny, Gabriel, Debuchy. Yeah… That really looks like no-one doesn’t it? Utter moron.

  2. Vithalvant

    Agree.He has to remember that he was not considered as key player in title winning Barca
    & at Aresenal he got that recognition.and if he choses city for 350k over Arsenal’s 250k then let us erase him from our memory & move on.

  3. jim

    He’s leaving because our club has shown no willingness to compete with our clubs for big honours. standard stuff really, doesn’t deserve the inevitable abuse he is going to get.

    bit sick of our fans hanging players out to dry instead of moving on and accepting things.

    1. jay

      What, you mean like 3 FA cups in 4 years? Or does that only not count as a trophy whenever Arsenal wins it? As the author says; Arsenal have been far more successful the City the past 3 seasons, so your argument is complete rubbish and it’s extremely sad to see how willing Arsenal “supports” are to put down our team.

  4. Ruel Carvey

    I actually agree with the writer and do not feel perturb if he ends up at city, many say arsenal lacks ambition because they are not willing to part with money for some players available out there, i think in the past that may have been true, but gradually every season our expenditure is getting more and more, and at the higher levels of the scale. Ours process is longer but eventually we will get the trophies we need.

    Once a player decides he wants to leave, i think we should let him go, negative influence in a camp will only encourage negative behaviour which will affect a team and we have seen examples of it over this season not from sanchez alone , but also ozil.

    They are wonderful players, but let them move on for the sanctity of the team

  5. Khalid

    I agree 110%. In fact AS enjoys being given the ball all the time and idolised like Messi or Ronaldo, which definately he is not. He tries many things which mostly dont come off. He is lucky that his hard work makes him get the benefit of doubt which some of his colleagues like OG do not get. They get grunts, hisses and even boos! In the last confederation cup match he misplaced 17 passes in the first 20 minutes. His days are numbered. The very same people who idolise him can make his season a living hell. He’ll the run with his tail between his legs to China or US. How many peope followed RVP, Hleb, Ade etc. The have faded into oblivion. Last time I checked RVP is wanted by C/ Palace. Thats progression after one bright season and thinking he was cloned from Messi, Ronaldo and Ziddane! And to be fair at least RVP said we do not match his ambition (and made us look bad). This one is a greedy SOB who thinks AFS will collapse because of his departure. Get lost. Grass always seem greener on the other side. Go get it!!!

  6. John McKee

    I think he can be a bit greedy at times, and I don’t like the way he throws his arms up in the air if the ball isn’t passed properly to him when he is guilty of giving the ball away on countless occasions.

  7. AsdaBee

    I read somewhere that arsenal will suffer post Sanchez. I laughed at first but then it got irritating when I read that we couldn’t replace RvP. Well, yeah we didn’t replace the man adequately but I remember very well that we replaced the goals as arsenal still scored as many goals with giroud, poldi and cazorla. If Sanchez leaves, we’ll still be a top team that can win the domestic cups whether or not we do what it takes to win the league is the major concern. If Sanchez stays and we get Lacazete in would be a massive plus, goal side…if we loose/don’t adequately replace Koscielny ,however, is another worry. Left to me I’d sit the whole squad down and tell them winning every single game is a must and let them know what it means, through benching or whatever, to lose games. The freedom at arsenal where one player feels he’s “god” comes from Wenger himself….we play with so much freedom in the final 3rd and such is the discipline when it comes to winning games. So if Alexis wants t leave, I bid him farewell. Bring on the next step of our transformation. Ps: Thanx cesc, nasri, rvp, that Togo worm and everybody else that abandoned the post emirates project.


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