Bacary Sagna warning for Alexis Sanchez

1 July 2014: Bacary Sagna joins Manchester City on a free transfer, leaving Arsenal, declaring he wanted to compete for major honours

10 July 2014: Alexis Sanchez joins Arsenal from Barcelona for £31.7m

Back in 2014, Manchester City had just been crowned Champions of England. They made it a double (although not the real double) by also winning the League Cup.

2 league titles in 3 years, 4 trophies in 4 years, Sagna was leaving a side who had just ended its trophy duck with an FA Cup to join the most upwardly mobile team in England. His desire to finish his career with more trophies was justified.

Meanwhile, Alexis Sanchez had left a trophy-laden Barcelona to join an Arsenal side who had just won their first trophy in 9 years. For Sanchez it was not about money (Sagna’s deal was reported to be £150k a week), nor about winning trophies whilst sitting on the bench, he wanted to win things.

Role on 3 years, Sagna has left Manchester City on a free transfer, and it seems Alexis Sanchez is set to join Manchester City from Arsenal.

He will put out the same lines as Bacary Sagna, and others, that they are moving to win trophies. And that they feel at Manchester City is the best place for that to happen.

The thing is, as Bacary Sagna has shown, Manchester City is not a top club where trophies flow easily.

In the 3 years at Manchester City, Bacary Sagna won just ONE LEAGUE CUP.

Had he stayed at Arsenal, he would have won another TWO FA Cups. That is what Sanchez has won in his 3 years at Arsenal.

Sagna left to win more trophies, but would have actually won more had he stayed, and that is the warning for Alexis Sanchez.

When Alexis left Barcelona, it was due to game time. If he leaves Arsenal for Manchester City, he will walk into the team.

But with the likes of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Kevin de Bruyne, David Silva, Raheem Sterling, Bernardo & Leroy Sane, Sanchez does not have the security at Manchester City that he has at Arsenal.

A couple of bad games and he will be out.

This is what Bacary Sagna found when he joined Manchester City.

This is what Sagna found at Manchester City. He went from first team starter at Arsenal, to playing just 46% of league games in his 3 years at Manchester City.

There is a big warning in the Bacary Sagna story for Alexis Sanchez.

Joining Manchester City does not guarantee the trophies, he will find himself on the bench a few times throughout the season and he will not be the number 1 star at the Etihad.

I wonder if, bank balance increasing aside, Sagna looks back with regret for joining Mancherster City.

Then again, the bank balance is so important to footballers…

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31 thoughts on “Bacary Sagna warning for Alexis Sanchez

  1. Cheadle

    The dream/vision is very clear.
    Sentiments aside. Sanchez has had a busy off season each year since joining Arsenal, so he will be sloppy again early next season. The guy’s good but likes to throw out his toys when he is under-performing. by the way, how come we miss the CL despite having him?? Think about that!!

    for next season, unless there are secret deals in the works our best bet is:

    *We already got Kolasinac in the bag perhaps get one more dfendr
    1- Get the top attacking draft in world football Mbapp
    2- Swap Alexis for Aguero plus 15-20M. Aguero is clinical but he is injury prone and older.but he will be fresher than Sanchez at beginning of next season. Also we need to show City that getting Sanchez is gonna hurt real bad.
    2- Get another Alexis….. Alex Laczete
    3- Get an additional all-round midfield engine Lemar
    4- Nurse Carzola for dream comeback don’t rush him!
    5- Find room for all that talent Le Jeff & Co.
    6-Put out the FOR SALE sign we gonna need some of our cash back: surely we can place several attractive pieces in the shop window. I wouldn’t name names.
    7- Skip number 2 and just keep Alexis. He can walk away at season end with our blessing .Then He’s just gonna walk into another four-week tournament, the fifth in four years.
    8- Skip number 2 Anybody with first name Alex or Alexis should not be sold period!!

  2. Cheadle

    Sorry I got two number 2 up there.
    Each time I say skip number 2, the reference is to the first number 2 immediately after number 1

  3. Thom

    Very true, but on the other hand he may think he has a better chance to win the PL or CL at City, having played under both managers. And the fact that City are in the CL. Further, there came little doubt that City show far more ambition than Arsenal do. The FA Cup is nice and all that but as Wenger said himself, it’s behind the PL and CL. Wenger has stated that he prioritises top 4 over the FA cup. So at City he has a better chance of competing for the top trophies, and he’ll earn more money, it’s a no-brainier.

    1. Cheadle

      Perhaps its best to just move on. Fair play to the guy though he’s put in his shift. Its okay to be emotional but better to be smart and take the cash. We are unlikely get a like for like replacement but we can still build an effective team If we land our obvious transfer targets and that’s a big IF!

  4. shambala

    I totally agree with Keenos that Sanchez shouldn’t fool himself that going to Man City means winning the League & Champions League. It’s still a tall order for City. He will be treated equally like Silva, Sterling, De bruyn , Gabriel, Sane, Aguerro etc. It’s very easy to lose your starting position at City & Aguero would bear witness to that . He will relive the experience he had at Barcelona where he cried for game time . At Arsenal , he is guaranteed a starting place unless he I’ll or injured. Arsenal has offered very good monies ( nearly 3 times his current wages) & his advisers should tell him to sign a long contract. Period.

    1. Oyedeji oyewole

      At man city he won’t win the cl and he will have it tough to win the pl so let’s face it it’s for the money and nothing else. I only wish he won’t be a waste in man city because one bad game he will be on the bench for along time. If arsenal is ready to splash the cash as we have been reading around he should stay but he’s got the decision and I wish he didn’t end up regretting like others who left .wenger should get aguero,lacazzete,one more defender,mahrez mahrez or lemar and I bet it we l compete at all front.

  5. Ozman

    Yah we cant keep on complaining about sanchez lets see if we add alexander,mahrez and aguero
    Sit back and wait in august

  6. Jason Halfpenny

    Sorry but it has to be said, some of you Arsenal fans are a right bunch of p***ks, players don’t need to make excuses anyway and it’s you whining little boo babies that cause them to dish out excuses. You all need to grow the f**k up seriously, crying and turning on former players just because you’re upset that they’ve joined a rival club, you are not even our rivals. You’re a Premier League club fighting for scraps, how many times has it been your year for the title and how many times have you landed on your backsides? Your owners have fooled you silly people for so many years now, with your love club for a coach that hasn’t achieved much when you compare him to Guardiola or even Mourinho for that matter. Wenger has held you back and still is, your owners are tight wods and you’re going nowhere, Sagna, Clichy, Vieira, Adebayor and even Sanchez deserve the same respect you gave that scrawny little cheating scumbag weazel named Fabregas. The only reason Adebayor knee slid in front of your fans was because of the abuse and you deserved it. And you all wonder why everyone else laughs at you lot and your club?

    1. St Gooner

      Where was Man city before the sheiks took over Jason halfpenny? U bought ur success, trophies with oil money.. how old r u ? City fan for the last 3 years I bet…F$&@ing lightie !

    2. hello! (@wayney000)

      I agree the pro Wenger Arsenal fans are an embarrasment I also think alot of real City fans can’t be happy at whats happened tho their club when you are spoke of in terms of respect in the same way people speak about Chelsea ie money hungry slags its your transfer policy of buying all our cast offs has helped Wenger and the board maintain their stranglehold on our club ,so shame on you for that,have any of them been a real success for you?

      City will never be in Arsenals league in terms of history and tradition the fact you don’t have one doesn’t help your cause and you are no more than a top 3 side at the end of the day who are only on the scene because of the sheikhs lets not forget that before that you were nothing. Sorry but I wouldnt even mention guadiola with mourinho in the same sentence.

      For the record Adebayor was a greedy cunt I am in no way suprised a city fan doesn’t get it why fans abused him after all its all you are use to and how your club is run.

      You’ve sold out without a whimper and you seem happy with that.

      1. John O'Donovan

        I honestly feel that while Alexis is a brilliant player and has done great things for Arsenal, it hurts me to say it, as an Arsenal fan but I think it’s time to let him go. I believe that, in spite of some great performances, he was a negative presence in the team and the dressing room last season.

    3. Thugger

      Jason or wtf d yhu call your name you are delicately stupid if knowledge Wisdom and understanding raped you u wunt still have sense.

    1. cliff nyabuto

      sanchez is a great player n a player wu we ril lyk but if he he wants to join our rival club its ril bad…. let wenger set him free n go… u never know wat wil happen at man city

  7. jw1

    Correct me if I am mistaken?
    Man City was the highest-priced,
    highest-paid team ever to not have won–
    a single effing thing last season.

    And the CL?
    Man City won versus:
    Mönchengladbach (2), Sevilla (2), Dynamo Kyiv, PSG

    Where Arsenal won versus:
    Ludogorets (2), Basel (2), PSG

    And didn’t Arsenal the underdogs– beat some underachieving team?
    On their way to winning the FA Cup?
    An actual honest-to-god trophy?
    Can’t seem to remember who they were now.

    Oh. And Joe Hart called.
    Sez you guys are the greatest.
    Thanks for the year-long paid vacation.


    1. Andy Younger

      Ha ha ha – you’ve no idea how pathetic this sounds. This article is now in MCFC bluemoon for entertainment purposes- well done and keep up the bleating………

  8. Andy Younger

    As a City fan – this is the funniest article and responses I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for the laughs – sounds like you might be biting the hand that feeds you though?
    I actually didn’t think Sanchez had done enough when in the shop window last season at the Etihad. But, as our feeder club, we’ll continue to support your giving our future stars an opportunity, obviously at a lower level, to get game time albeit in the second tier.

  9. Peter Singleton

    I see the Sami Nasri, Kolo Toure comparison has not been made! Well I suppose leaving Arsenal to go on to win a couple of PL titles and an FA Cup, plus 2 League cups with City in a short space of time is what Alexis is already knows and that is why he is joining City!😜

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Clearly in the blog it states since Bacary Sagna joined. That was 3 years ago. You sound like a Liverpool fan, saying players will join you because of what you won in the past

  10. jw1

    ‘As a City fan – this is the funniest article…’
    Excepting for whom has had the last laugh in your hardware–less season.
    Even Mourinho looks down on City from 6th place– with three cups last season.
    Wasn’t supposed to be like this with Pep was it?

    One way or the other? You won’t be getting Sanchez.
    Either he re-signs– or walks next Summer on a Bosman cross-town to Chelsea.
    Who would want to move to a backwater like Manchester when you’re settled in London.
    There aren’t even direct flights to Santiago from MAN.


    1. Andy Younger

      Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more silly – you post that diatribe. Enjoy the euro paint trophy. Everyone, North and south, laughs at the gooners sideshow. They’re the classroom clown 🤡 of the football world.
      Keep the nonsense coming………

      1. jw1

        I guess Pellegrini was the ‘trophy wife’, eh?
        Now you marry Pep on the rebound– and all he does is max out the credit cards, sit around the training ground all day eating bon-bons.

        Yes Pep, that dress does make your a** look fat.


      2. jw1

        OK. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before?
        An Argentine, a Brazilian, and Chilean strikers walk into a club.
        This bartender Pep sez:
        Hola chicos, ¿qué van a tener?
        And in unison all three reply while pointing at the other two:
        ¡Voy a tener sus minutos y sus tiros a portería!

        Nothing better than Reality TV.
        Unless it’s Reality Football Club.
        Wonder if Balotelli’s still available?


  11. RATTAN

    What I did not realized or bothered to know that Sagna tenure at ManCity, where he had only won 1 league cup, Good article for bring in that up. Wow Man City, the clubwhich had violating the spirit of financial regulation by sponsoring own club out off the money from his own other companies and they splashing money like there is no tomorrow in winning players heart.

    I do pity Sagna plus, if you Man City actually do care about your own player or ex player you should have some where in your heart the sense of pity that player such as Nasri,Ade, Kolo and etc all of them do not improve as a player. Arsenal fans do feel for their ex players unlike you some of the Man City. The only player that is doing well would be Cesc, where he went to Chelsea from Barcelona and not from Arsenal.


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