34% of Arsenal fans want Alexis Sanchez to leave

So we have a short poll running on twitter and the results may surprise you:

73% of those who answered think the club should pay Mesut Ozil what he wants. Whilst just 66% of fans would want us to keep Alexis Sanchez to give Alexis Sanchez a new contract.

Meanwhile, 34% of fans would be happy to see Alexis Sanchez leave over the next 12 months, against just 24% who wouldn’t be upset if Mesut Ozil left.

Clearly Arsenal fans are getting mentally jaded with the Alexis Sanchez saga.


Note: %ages taken from Thursday evening


5 thoughts on “34% of Arsenal fans want Alexis Sanchez to leave

  1. Sean Williams

    So 66% want him to stay. Pretty big majority. The old crone May must be deeply jealous. So 34% do not want one of the best players in the world. Lucky most see sense.

  2. SUNNY

    alexis is not bigger than are club. with him Arsenal is not going to CL 2017/2018 for the first time in 21 season. what can he offer than than to create tumor in the dressing room.
    sell him and let thier be Peace in CLUB

  3. Nelson

    Sanchez must stay and make a deadly attacking force along side with Lucazette,Ozil,and Chamberlain. To make sure we are winning the league! We just nweeed to add another midfielder to maintain the consistency! Mostly Box to box midfielder! Next year we will think bigger!

  4. EddieTheGooner

    How on earth do you know those where Arsenal-fans? Any fan from a club that wants Sanchez could have voted.

  5. lango

    Let Sanchez go.he has already set his mind.he
    Is no better than van persie and henry.same as baloteli..


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