Spurs bribe fans to sell out Wembley tickets

So Spurs have just sold out their 40,000 season tickets at the 90,000 seater Wembley. 1 month after The Arsenal closed off their 44,000 season ticket renewal deadline, Spurs seem happy to have finally managed to sell out tickets for the England national stadium.

But at what cost to their relationship with fans?

Firstly it seems when planning to move to Wembley, Spurs promised current season ticket holders that they could take a “break” and not renew when they moved to Wembley on the promise they would get a season ticket at the new White Hart Lane.

Spurs have apparently gone back on this offer and forced old season ticket holders to renew, otherwise the will miss out on the new stadium and go to the back of the waiting list.

To attract additional buyers, Spurs have also promised any new fan who buys a season ticket at Wembley a season ticket at their new stadium, no matter where they sat on the season ticket waiting list.

The deal was simple. Buy a season ticket at Wembley for the next two seasons (more on two seasons later), guarantee yourself a season ticket for the new White Hart Lane.

Spurs fans are reportedly not too happy with the bribery and fake promises by the club which have forced them to buy a Wembley season ticket.

Hidden amongst the marketing for the season tickets was the fact that Spurs expect to be at Wembley for two years as the construction of the new White Hart Lane is at least a year behind schedule.


51 thoughts on “Spurs bribe fans to sell out Wembley tickets

  1. arsens biatch

    not bribery, you are describing blackmail. when you bribe someone you pay them to do something for you. think you need to start reading the dictionary again mate.

  2. Mark

    Many thanks for this fascinating article about Tottenham Hotspur. I look forward to the next one on this pathetic blog

  3. Obsessive

    haha, the obsession continues. We could only sell 1000 tickets. yet we’d still make more noise than 44K of you goons at your library. HAHAHAHA. brilliant

    1. Lord Dennis of Bergkamp


      Think about it, what would Arsenal have to be jealous of?

      Premier League titles? No.
      FA Cups? No.
      Champions League football? Maybe, but Spurs will only have 6 games before joining us in the Europa League next season, so actually no.

    1. Nick

      They’re correct and also 3 European trophies yes 3 . You never hear your grandparents mention Arsenal’s european haul of 1 do you ..ever

  4. Anon

    I wouldn’t talk too loud fool.
    Spurs sold out Wembley for CL games against run of the mill clubs charging an average of £25 a game and then sold it out again for EL game.
    Your load of tripe couldn’t sell out Wembley when you played (and lost) to Fiorentina when they had players like Batistuta and Rui Costa and the tickets were only £5.50 (quivalent to £9.50 today.
    Your wrong assumptions disproved and your joy short lived.

    1. Lord Dennis of Bergkamp

      Sorry to burst your bubble but there was a capacity cap at the old Wembley due to the placement of advertising boards. Arsenal actually sold out the ticket allocation.

      1. Anon

        Bullshit you couldn’t sell it. A friend at work worked for security, there were tkts over.

  5. Aicher

    Why are you worrying about spurs fans wellbeing, when, really what you should be more concerned about is Thursday night football

  6. Harry

    What a load of crap you do talk, first only one year at Wembley not a year behind on the the build, second 42000 season tickets at at wembley. Get a life and more important of all get your facts right next time you write your drivel.

  7. N17Troops (@N17troops)

    Dear oh Dear, the jealousy just gets more satisfying by the day.
    Having a state of the art ground that actually has atmosphere has got you lot more worried than we could have hoped for.
    All these pathetic attempts just proves that very point.
    As last season proved, we are ahead of you and you’re going to have to get used to that i’m afraid.
    Just remember to keep those thursday nights free..Hahaha

  8. Ian

    I’ve been on the waiting list at Tottenham for 10 years and now have a season ticket which I’m delighted about. I suppose if you want to create news you can put a sinister spin on anything but I know lots of others like me are very happy indeed. I also know a current season ticket holder who is pleased because her Wembley ticket is cheaper than she was paying before. Try to make this a negative situation if you can

  9. Nick

    You are pathetic . There are 58000 people waiting on a season ticket . Nobody needs blackmailed or bribed The envy is palpable .

  10. Really?

    This article is based on nothing. Bloody pathetic

    How many season ticket holders did not renew their season tickets? We sold a total of 40,000 odd season tickets at Wembley. If 5000 (probably ¼ on last season) current holders didn’t take up the option this season, are you telling me we could not have 45,000 season ticket holders in our new 61,500 capacity stadium next year?

    Also – where is the report that Spurs are behind on their build?

    Give me facts – dying to know!

  11. N17Troops (@N17troops)

    So, this hasn’t backfired much.. hahaha..
    I’d concentrate on closing that gap on us before you post fabricated Bullsh*t.
    Can’t wait for another season watching you lot fighting each other and trying to outdo each other with cringy banners behind airplanes.
    We have overtaken you, deal with it.

      1. N17Troops (@N17troops)

        That actually sums them up as fans.. The entire country laugh at AFTV and can’t wait to pay it a visit when they lose but these Doughnuts think it’s great and putting them on the map.

        They will NEVER stop giving..

  12. jw1

    And just whom got ‘Genked’? Or was that ‘Tanked’?
    Even when AFC has their ‘worst season in 21 years’? They earn silverware.
    Spurs have their ‘best season– evah’! Not even a belt buckle.


  13. Steve Parcell

    Ha ha ha ha ha LOL. Did you draw this with Crayons you plum? We sold out because we have a better fan base. West Ham and yourselves populate your stadiums with Football tourists more interested in taking photos and reading books. Worry about your dwindling numbers and let us concentrate on developing our young side in to Premiership winners backed by a loyal and passionate fanbase.

      1. jw1

        “Spurs fans to the Red Courtesy Phone…”

        Excuse me. But one of your own has crawled out on the ledge– and is teetering dangerously.
        Would you be so kind as to reattach his leash and drag him back in?


  14. N17Troops (@N17troops)

    So from that, I take it you have finally realised that you are making a Dick of yourself?

    Look on the bright side, at least you will be able to watch football on a thursday night, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

      1. jw1

        Here’s some biting reality then:
        If you don’t win something, nobody remembers.

        Already trophyless for 9 years.
        In two years time when paying for your stadium Spurs will become a selling team.
        Kane to Real. Alli to Juventus. Erickson to Bayern. Wanyama to Arsenal.
        Mid-table by 2020.

        Enjoy this season. And your heel-nipping comments.
        Potential is fleeting. Then nobody remembers just a few years later.
        The shine is already gone from Leicester’s PL miracle.
        And Spurs have won nothing for 9 years. And nearly nothing for 20.
        Second place is still nothing. Remember? Arsenal finished second two years ago.

        If you don’t win something, nobody remembers.


  15. jw1

    “Kane to Real?? haha yeah Ok then.”
    They took Bale from you. Spurs then squandered £86M.
    Roberto Soldado anyone?


    1. N17Troops (@N17troops)

      Squandered £86m by finishing higher than we ever did when he was here.. Yeah, your intelligence is on show again.
      Sanchez would go to Real if he was good enough.. I hear West Ham are looking for a striker, he is their level.

    2. N17Troops (@N17troops)

      Why are you asking “anyone” and looking for help? Haven’t you noticed that no one is backing you up..
      Even your own fans are laughing at this Bullsh*t’ well everyone except you that is which says it all.

      1. jw1

        Just yanking the chain connected to a yappy-little-dog.
        You’ve been cheap entertainment on a lazy afternoon. (*snicker*)


  16. Johnno

    I suspect the stinking Yids will sell out Wembley for the first 4 or 5 matches and category A games but attendances will drop like a stone for the lesser games. They had 80 odd thousand for their first 2 Champions League games last year and then 60,000 for the last one. It`ll be interesting how many turn up for domestic Cup games as they have struggled to sell out White shite lane in recent seasons for them. Maybe they`ll have to leave the upper tier empty or something because it will look a bit embarrassing otherwise. They should be able to consistently get around 55 – 60 thousand though, they have a similar size fan base to West Ham and theyve managed that type of crowd since moving to their new ground.

  17. South London Spur

    Even for this time of year when two bob hacks and trolls invent stories with little research or regard for any factual evidence, this has got to be the most pathetic.

    Last year Spurs had 19,000 season ticket holders at White Hart Lane.( Not including corporate members )

    The increased size of the new stadium means they are able to offer a further 20,000 to members at the TOP of the season ticket waiting list, Yes ! that’s right ! 20,000 people who have been waiting YEARS to become season ticket holders. All of these are now sold.

    These supporters will take their seats at wembley for ONE SEASON before moving into our new stadium.

    Do you expect the original season ticket holders to refuse to buy their tickets just because we’re playing at Wembley ?

    The new stadium build is a YEAR behind schedule ? That’s the best bit of BS I’ve heard about Spurs since last season finished. ( And there’s been some proper rubbish written )
    Have you seen the pictures / videos of the new build ? They only started demolishing the old stadium in May !

    Next year when ” Bring your toddler to your workplace for the day ” comes around, do it by all means, but don’t let them write your articles for you

    Oh, and by the way, the lessons learned from the Goons on how NOT to build a stadium and migrate fans into it have been priceless. Things are gonna get a lot noisier in N17. COYS

    1. keenosafc Post author

      It is a fact that current Spurs season ticket holders were promised that they could have a “break” for the Wembley years. And it is a fact that Spurs have broken that promise.

      It is also a fact that any fan can get a season ticket for Wembley, and that then guarantees them a season ticket for WHL, no matter if they were previously on the waiting list.

      All this information has been told to me by Spurs fans.

      Come back in a year, if Spurs do not play the 2018/19 away from Edmonton, I will apologise.

      1. N17Troops (@N17troops)

        My God you talk shit..” any fan can get a season ticket at Wembley” utter bollocks.. only current season ticket holders can and then members.

        ” that then guarantees them a season ticket at White Hart Lane ” even more utter Bollocks..
        It gives you the right to apply..

        Haven’t you made a big enough Prick of yourself already??

        Your jealousy is amusing to say the least..

      2. Nona

        The ‘break’ as you put it was if Tottenham played at MK Dons ground, it being out of London, no such promise was made for games played in a ground in London. Look at the prices of the season tickets and you will find they are cheaper than the equivalent ticket at White Hart Lane.
        There is no promise of a ticket in the new Lane for those who have taken up a Wembley season ticket out of place due to travel implications (supporters from northern cities will be unable to get home at the weekend due to thier trains leaving before they can get back intio London Terninals}.
        Mpre figments of a fevered imagination from a Goner I mean Gooner.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Actually every PL club declares attendance as “tickets sold” rather than “fans through the gate”. Arsenal are the only club that the press comment on though.

  18. Barry Gamble

    What a load of ill informed and poorly researched rubbish.

    Tottenham accommodated about 15000 new season ticket holders so of course it took longer.

    The season ticket holiday was in case tottenham played away from London.

    It was capped at 40000 to be consistent with the new stadium.



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