Doors close as Alexis Sanchez set for Arsenal stay

When one door closes, another door is supposed to open. That is according to Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.

But for Alexis Sanchez, is seems as one door closes, another slams shut just as he starts to think about going through it.

A few weeks ago, Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness seemed to rule the German club out of signing the Chilean.

“If we want to win the Champions League we’ll have to invest but we can’t spend crazy money,” Hoeness told Fox Sports.

“We are not going to pay €100million [£87m] to get [Marco] Verratti or €25million [£22m] a year to get Sanchez.”

Hoeness’ claims come after he told German outlet Kicker the club would be unlikely to invest in older players this summer.

“You can’t build a new team with €100million transfers for 29 and 30-year-olds. That isn’t a policy,” he said.

“Either we go down this road with all these young players, all getting a chance to play, or we don’t go down this road.”

Having spent about £200m this summer – £120m of that on three full-backs, Pep Guardiola announced this weekend that “We don’t have too much more to spend but we are going to see.”

When asked if he was planning to bring in a central defender to the club, he responded that the club “will try”.

It is clear and obvious to all that, with the oil well nearly dry for the summer, that a new central defender is a priority for Guardiola, not Alexis Sanchez.

The final club who have shown some interest in the 28 year old are PSG. But it seems that Barcelona’s Brazilian forward Neymar is their number on target (and if Neymar does sign, it shows footballers only really care about the money).

All the doors seem to be closing for Sanchez.

He will remain at Arsenal.


2 thoughts on “Doors close as Alexis Sanchez set for Arsenal stay

  1. Ken

    I’m worried as it can be dangerous to keep Sanchez whose heart is somewhere else.what in case he scored in his own goal


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