Man City Offer £60m to Acquire Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal

Arsenal FC might just get a big pay-check from Man City as they try to pursue Alexis Sanchez. Reports have it that the offer from City is a skyrocketing £60million, and has been made as the future of Sanchez’s career with Arsenal is still uncertain.

However, there are also reports saying that Sanchez might be staying for one more season at Arsenal. Despite that, Man City are still actively pursuing the Chilean in hopes of improving their lineup.

Ever since rumors surfaced, Arsenal have maintained a firm stand on the transfer situation, saying that it’s highly unlikely that Sanchez will transfer to another team. Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger, is pretty sure that Sanchez will be staying with the team even though his contract will end in 12 months.

Wenger went on to justify his statement saying that Sanchez is not permitted to move to Man City, especially that as they are one of Arsenal’s staunchest rivals. With this alone, it can be seen that the decision doesn’t lie with the 28-year-old’s hands, but instead, on his team’s.

And even though Sanchez might want to pursue better days with Man City, he might not be permitted to do so.

How Good is the Offer?

Despite all the impossibilities that loom behind the possible transfer, Manchester City are still pretty confident to turn the tides around. Pep Guardiola, the manager of the City, has just upped the stakes as he tempts Arsenal with a dazzling £60 million bid for Sanchez.

It’s one of the biggest transfer offers in the history of the Premier League, making it a pretty good deal. And what’s best about it for Sanchez  is that City is planning to offer him a £400,000 weekly salary contract!

That includes the many bonuses based on his performance, as well as his image rights. Now, the question is – is Sanchez worth that value?

How Salable is Sanchez?

Man City are not the only team that pursued Sanchez. Among the many clubs are Paris St-Germain and Chelsea.

However, St-Germain’s interest in acquiring Sanchez faded after they signed Neymar with a whopping £200 million payment to Barcelona. Then there’s Chelsea that finally surrendered the cause to get the Chilean after negotiations failed to push through.

Take note that the City already spent £220 million in its acquisition of new players. But Guardiola still thinks that Sanchez is a big catch if he ever makes it to the team.

Alexis Sanchez Statistics

Putting all of those issues aside, Alexis Sanchez is still one-heck-of-a-valuable-player for Arsenal.

He’s proved to be one of the best finishers during his time spent in the Confederations Cup, Int. Friendly, FA Cup, and Copa Cup. These four tournaments all hastened his development and gave him enough experience to make a name for himself in the Premier League.

The Chilean is an all rounder. Great at through balls, key passes, and dribbling, making him a vital asset to the Arsenal’s offense. Crossings and offside awareness are some of his weaknesses, but his prowess in passing and doing direct free kicks make up for it.

Having won his last six consecutive games with Team Chile and Arsenal, and averaging 57 minutes per game, Sanchez has accumulated enough good impressions to add to his resume. The Chilean likes to work on his counter attack threat, getting layoffs, and cutting inside, which is just what Arsenal needs.

It’s because of these that he’s become a player worthy of reckoning from the finest clubs around the league.

Arsenal and Man City Betting Odds

The Arsenal was the favorite on their past game against Stoke on Aug. 19. Stoke had 7/2 and +1.0 odds while Arsenal got 8/11 and -1.0.

After which, Arsenal will play against Liverpool on Aug. 27 with them being having 23/10 and Liverpool getting an evens offers from UK betting sites. That game sure is an exciting one.

Then there’s Manchester City who will be playing against Everton on Aug. 21 with them being the favorite with 3/10 and Everton getting the 9/1 underdog odds and +2.0. Man City’s next game would then be against the underdog Bournemouth having 13/2. Manchester City gets a favorite 2/5.


5 thoughts on “Man City Offer £60m to Acquire Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal

  1. ianm usgrove

    The grammar in this blog makes it almost unreadable. “more season in (at) Arsenal”, “Man City is (are) still”, “Arsenal has (have) maintained”, “especially that it’s (!) one of Arsenal’s”, “decision doesn’t lie with (in) the 28-year-old’s hands,”, “Manchester City is (are) still pretty confident”, “City already spent £220 million in (on) its acquisition”. Even a basic spell check should help you before posting.

    1. Johnno

      Who gives a fuck you sad cunt, you understood what was being said and the points being made so what`s your problem. As for Sanchez, ive said it on here before, just bomb him out and take the best offer. All this bollocks about not selling him to Man City because they are a rival is ridiculous. The two Manchester clubs wont be our rivals this season, they will finish 1st and 2nd and well clear of us. A top 4 finish and another Cup win will be a blindin season for us, Liverpool and the stinking Yids will be our direct competition for Champions League places. Get Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain out if they wont sign contracts and have them replaced whilst there is still time. I suspect at least 2 of them will go and we`ll show a net profit come the end of the window but I dont expect replacements.

  2. manamongst74

    this is funny because Sanchez being 28 years of age, his offers will go down at age 29. By us keeping him this year, he won´t command as much next year, especially his own salary demands (not to mention the ridiculous wage demands which is clearly a demand concocted by his agent. He clearly wouldn´t ask for that once they get to second level negotiations.

    Let him mope-around like Ozil when he loses the ball and he will find himself in Turkey next year…with Ozil. And that reminds me, the nerve of Ozil to think that Barca even want his lazy ass is a laugh.


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