“Well in Jack” or “Grow up Jack”?

So last night Jack Wilshere got sent off in an U23 game against Manchester City:

He was on the end of a bad, late tackle from some nobody trying to make a name for himself, and respond by pushing the nobody to the ground which led to a scuffle amongst the players.

Having been sent off alongside the nobody, he proceeded to push the Man City player when the two were in the tunnel. Proper Sunday League stuff. Two players sent off, have a scuffle in the changing rooms.

Now in response to this incident, there have been two clear schools of thought:

Well in Jack

Arsenal have lacked fight, lacked bottle, for years. The type of stuff Jack has in abundance. He does not let players bully him, he does not let them bully his team mates. He has a nasty streak, something which we often miss.

In the defeat to Stoke, we were timid, we let them dominate us physically. This is not the first time this has happened. Whilst Jack might not be the biggest, he will get stuck in, will get in your face.

The media have gone OTT with the story, reporting that Wilshere punched a kid in the face. Some even saying it is a new low for his career.

Well lets get something right straight away, a played who has suffered so many injuries, so many set backs, being sent off certainly is not a low point in his career.

And lets look at the facts:

The “brawl” was caused by a very late tackle, then the same playing going down holding his face as if punched. Wilshere 100% victim in that.

A player coming back from injury being unhappy that a nobody has tried to do him. Tried to put him out the game again. Wilshere responded in the right manner.

Maybe if more of our players had the mentality of Wilshere, we would not be putting the ball out of play everytime an opposing centre back gets caught up the field and go’s down feigning injury cause he is knackered?

Well in Jack.

Grow up Jack

This is the sort of incident that has blighted Jack Wilshere’s career. A petulant reaction which led him to be sent off.

He did not need to respond like that. The ref saw the incident, had blown the whistle. Let him do his job. By getting himself sent off, he lost the side the possible advantage of 11 v 10.

Wilshere needs to grow up. He is like Peter Pan. His best performance was when he was 18, and he acts like an 18 year old. His behavior would be more suited to a Magaluf lout than a professional footballer.

What, with the smoking, the brawling, the drinking, everything that follows him around, he really does need to take a long hard look at himself.

Here he is, 26 in January, trying to start a fight with 17 year old Tyreke Wilson. And the shove in the tunnel really sums him up. Why was he trying to bully, trying to attack, a kid.

Whilst the likes of Dele Alli is playing Champions League football and being courted by Real Madrid, Jack Wilshere is playing U23 football ,recently loaned out to Bournemouth, and only some side in Turkey that no one has heard of are interested in him.

Wilshere is a senior player. He is not a kid anymore. He should be concentrating on getting his fitness together, not starting fights with kids.

His career hangs by a thread. He needs to grow up.



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