Arsenal need to dump Alexis Sanchez

Why is Alexis Sanchez still at Arsenal? That is the question we all need to be asking.

Whilst he is the best player in the side, an individual talent capable of winning any game, the reality is he does not want to be at Arsenal.

Like many footballers, he is motivated by one thing. Money. Reports are he is holding out for a 5 year, £400k a week deal. It is what put Bayern Munich off. What has stopped others making the move. It is greed.

The dog shagger is no different to any other player. Selfish and greedy. But why is he still at the club?

I have always been a big believer that if a player does not want to be at the club, he should be moved on. I wrote back at the beginning of July that we should get rid.

The biggest issue at Stoke City was the lack of creativity. With not much happening from the middle of the park, Mesut Ozil was having to go deeper and deeper to get the ball, to start the attack. It meant during the second half, he was often picking the ball up from centre backs. Starting our attacks on the half way line, with all his team mates, and 10 defenders, ahead of him.

By the time the ball got to the edge of the box, it was Olivier Giroud, Danny Welbeck, Alexandre Lacazette and Hector Bellerin involved in the play. Ozil was well behind the play as he had started it. Play broke down as we had the wrong type of players in the wrong position on the pitch.

Without Sanchez, we lacked that quality in the final 3rd. Often when Ozil drops deep, Sanchez is able to find those pockets of space, and tee up opponents, or find the net himself. With Welbeck playing behind the striker, we simply did not have that option.

I would be surprised if we see Alexis Sanchez play for Arsenal again. And if we do, it will be like Thierry Henry’s final season. Where he plays with an arrogant shrug. A sulk. And it will be detrimental to his team mates.

We should have got rid of Sanchez 2 months ago. Then gone out and signed Thomas Lemar. Or Julian Draxler. Or any number of top quality number 10s that would have been an improvement on Alex Iwobi or Danny Welbeck.

Whilst Arsenal’s stand on Alexis Sanchez might be seen as courageous, afterall he is contracted to the club and being made to see out his contract, the fact is, him not playing is damaging the club. And if he plays and is not 100% motivated, it will be just as bad.

Sanchez should have been moved on and replaced 6 weeks ago. Instead, we are two games into the season and the fans frustration is already clear to see.

No player is bigger than the club. It is Arsenal FC. Not Alexis FC.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal need to dump Alexis Sanchez

  1. Stanley simons

    As usual truthful constructive post.quite right,sanchez needs to leave and take ozil with him.we want players who want to play for us!!!!.let’s get Jack fit and put him in the side,a proper arsenal man!!!!!



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