Theo Walcott – Not simply the best, but maybe better than all the rest?

So yesterday’s blog bought out a response from someone on the She Wore Facebook page with regards to Theo Walcott. And that comment has inspired this blog.

The comment was a simple one. That of all of the players mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Walcott was the biggest freeloader.

I responded in my usual matter of fact way; 19 goals last year. Walcott is a better winger than Ox, Welbeck, Perez or Joel Campbell.

The response from someone was as expected. Are you having a laugh???

No, I was not having a laugh. Theo Walcott, whilst he might not be mine or anyone’s full cup of tea, is the better than those others named above.

Theo Walcott knows where the net is. Not too many wide men outscored him last year. Just the top, top players. The likes of Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez.

He has scored 104 goals in 381 games for Arsenal. That is a better ratio than Freddie Ljungberg. Add in the goals for Southampton in the Championship, Walcott scores a 1 goal in every 3.7 games.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has always flattered to deceive. He has the ability to beat players for fun, but then will run to the corner flag and stick one into row Z. He is currently loving the celebrity life style, and is acting Hollywood on the pitch.

The simple fact is, he does not have any end product. In his entire career for Arsenal, he has scored just 20 goals. Just one more goal than Theo Walcott scored last season. 20 goals in 196 games. Add the goals in League One for Southampton, he has scored a massive 30 goals in 239 games. That is 1 in 8.

One player who will always frustrate everyone is Danny Welbeck. He has the pace, he has the power, he looks like an elegant gazelle when running. But put him in front of goal and he looks like Bambi.

Twice against Stoke City at the weekend he had the ball with the goal in front of him. Both times he took 3 touches of the ball and failed to get a shot off. You can not take 3 touches of the ball in the box in the Premier League and fail to get a shot off.

Even when he scored against Leicester, he needed 3 touches of the ball. And that was 3 years out, with an open goal.

When we signed Welbeck from Man U, there fans told us exactly what it was we were getting. A player who was class until he had to score. It is crazy to think he has scored just 55 goals in his career, at a ratio of 1 in 4.5.

Then we come to Joel Campbell. Has there ever been a player who has produced so little who ends up so highly rated by many? He certainly falls into the category of “Wenger does not rate him, so lets rate him, because we refuse to agree with Wenger”.

Joel Campbell is now 25 years old. He is no a youngster anymore. He joined Arsenal back in 2011 and has scored just 4 goals for the club.

In his defence, he has spent most of that time on loan throughout Europe. But lets be honest, he has not exactly set the world alight whilst on loan.

He scored a couple of world class goals for Olympiacos back in the day, but it has been a career of averageness.

Let me but it another way, if Arsenal were interested in signing a 25 year old winger from sporting Lisbon who last season struggled to start for them – just 7 league starts, would you be excited, or would you be screaming for Wenger to go?

It would be the later.

During his loan spell at Lisbon last season, he scored 3 goals in all competitions. This bought his career total to 25 goals in 200 games. A fantastic 1 in 8.

Lastly we have Lucas Perez. A player who some feel has not had his chance. The truth is different.

Perez scored against Sutton (it was a cross), Basel, Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth. Not exactly giants of the game are they?

Perez is a journeyman. A career that has taken him from Spain to Ukraine, on to Greece, back to Spain, then North London. 4 years playing in average Eastern European leagues did not get him the goals you would expect.

Only twice has he ever hit more than 10 goals in a season. The first was for PAOK in Greece. The second was the year he before he joined Arsenal .He scored 17 goals for Deportivo in 2015/16. That is 2 less than Walcott scored for Arsenal last season.

His record of 1 in 3.4 is superior to Walcott, but he has played in defensively inferior leagues.

If you look at just the last 5 years for Walcott – he was a very slow starter – his goal scoring record is one goal ever 2.5 games.

Theo Walcott might not be what we want, but he is better than what we have. And anyone that disagrees is an idiot. Simple as.


4 thoughts on “Theo Walcott – Not simply the best, but maybe better than all the rest?

  1. manamongst74

    You can quote numbers all you like, but there are elements that you can’t put in stats. And I would say that certain players reduce a team to certain things.

    And I personally think that players like Campbell and even Perez increase the intensity on the pitch to levels that Walcott or even Welbeck and Ox could never do. For example, you will never find the two players (Campbell and Perez) lacking in the intensity and defensive department.

    Let’s just get this out of the way right off the top…

    Players like Campbell and Perez in I would wager 85% of their appearances were not in the “how can I score, f*ck everything else” mode. They were in the “pick up the intensity and make something happen for our stars and team” mode. The fact that they could play at that intensity and clinically take the chances that did come their way (unlike a Welbeck) should speakk volumes.
    The fact that so many teams are trying to get Campbell (and not Walcott) should tell you all you need to know.
    Take a look at Theo’s goals mate…a Dwight Gayle with a slightly more clinical goal eye is what you will see.

    He consistently lets the team down in every other manner other than goal scoring so, please save us you Optastat regurgitation we’ve seen this blog post before.

    I would be more than happy to ride-out with Lucas and Joel all day because they bring a hunger to the game that many of us didn´t see. They put pressure on the so-called marquee players to up their intangible effort-level. It can´t just be Sanchez busting his ass out there!

    And you guys wonder why Alexis is ready to move on…

    Jesus Christ, wake up!

  2. manamongst74

    Also, stop pretending that when these guys do come of the bench or actually get a start that they don`t have roles directed to them other than score a goal (wingers especially…press up the pitch, defensive support etc); let´s not be daft…

  3. Philbet

    I do agree with most of the post, some hysterical overcritical Arsenal fans would pick a fight with themself’s in a mirror in a phone booth!!, Although I do think Cambell could have a role as a leftwingback in the latest system, there are a few times when I thought this guy could be converted to an attacking left back and be better than Gibbs, so maybe there is some rational in Wengers thinking.

    1. manamongst74

      Agreed, but don´t think he would do it (accept a position change to leftback…winger yes) personally. This lad doesn´t sky ball after ball over the frame. And I suspect, he owns the likes of Welbeck and Walcott in training, locking them up on the regular. I suspect they will be happy to see him go. Defense comes easy for his type and better for his type to turn defense into offense out side the box instead of 90 meters down-pitch…


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