Time for Arsenal to cash in on Average Oxlade-Chamberlain

If Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain wants out, I will happily open the door the door and see him on his way. I will even get him a black cab to take him to Chelsea, although he can pay for it himself.

You see, Ox is one of these players who has always thought he was better than what he is.

Always on Instagram and Twitter, making jokes with fellow under achievers Carl Jenkinson and Calum Chambers. He thinks he is a celebrity, what with his girlfriend from Little Mix and going to music award shows and hanging out the back of VIP tents.

His wannabe celebrity status comes through in the way he plays. Always trying to do the difficult things. Trying to be Superman. He wishes he was Alexis Sanchez, but he is not.

I for one will not miss him beating 3 men, only to run the ball out of play, or getting into a great position, only to stick his cross out for a throw in from the other side of the pitch.

He also suffers from the English disease bought to the game by David Beckham, and reinforced by Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. He always wants to play that Hollywood, pinged cross field ball with loads of backspin that drops out of the sky and lands at the foot of his opposing winger. But he is not Becks. He can not play this. And it usually ends up hoofed out of play.

Then there is his shooting. How often have we been in a good position, the ball lands to Ox, and he takes a long run up, and sticks one into the stands?

Some will say at least he has a go from distance and this would be the right thought process, if he actually got a few of them to hit the back of the net. He has scored just 9 league goals in his time at Arsenal. 9 goals in 6 years in the Premier League.

Against Stoke last weekend was the perfect example of what I am getting at.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had 3 shots in that game. All from outside the area. None forced the keeper into a save. What is the point?

His goal scoring record is piss poor, taking into account people go on so much about his great technique. In al competitions, he has scored 20 goals for Arsenal. That is 20 goals in 196 games. In comparison, Theo Walcott scored 19 goals last season.

A 1 in 10 record is just very poor for a winger. That is probably why he has found himself at right wing back.

In his time at Arsenal, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has barely played 6 games in a row, due to fitness issues, let alone put half a dozen good games together.

At the back end of last season, and beginning of this, he has improved, playing at right wing back. He looks suited to the position. But it has clearly bashed his ego.

He sees himself as an Alexis Sanchez, being the dribbling creator, getting all the plaudits. He believes he should be playing central midfield, or attacking midfield. But he is simply not good enough in either of these position.

So he wants to leave us, not about money, but about progressing his career. I would usually think fair enough but it just highlights his delusion.

He thinks he will go to Chelsea and be a regular starter. He will. At right wing back. If he wants to play further central, he will soon find himself on the bench, behind proper decent players like Kante and Hazard.

At Liverpool, he would be taking a step down. OK, they finished above us last season by a single point, but the Scousers have won 1 League Cup in 10 years. He certainly will not be going there to win things.

And when you look at the Liverpool side, is he any better than Sadio Mane, Adam Lallana or Mo Salah? Clearly not. Further back, I struggle to see how he would get in ahead of Georginio Wijnaldum or Emre Can.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is like the employee who thinks he is brilliant, gets hot air blown up them by a recruitment consultant, so leaves. He go’s elsewhere thinking he is the dogs bollocks, but soon finds out that he is not. That he is distinctly average. That is lack of performance is down to him, not his company.

Ox, if you want to go to further your career, good luck. But you Arsenal will probably have been your peak.


6 thoughts on “Time for Arsenal to cash in on Average Oxlade-Chamberlain

  1. SW

    one of the few articles related to Arsenal that I found accurate and useful. It’s difficult to understand what makes a player a fan favorite these days. Walcott and Ramsey for example get bashed by the fans alot yet they have contributed to Arsenal much more than the Ox has. All of a sudden the ox is suddenly a fan favorite because he had a few good performances at right wing back towards the end of last season. To add to that, he wants to leave at 24? he hasn’t really given us anything in the last few years and yet he wants to leave before he even reaches his peek… yup deserves to be a fan favorite. Think fans should start getting behind the players who actually care about Arsenal

  2. David Bruse

    9 goals in 6 years!!! Can you imagine, ox talking about ambition….. he is not good enough. Thanks man. This article sums up ox, only drible, can’t cross the ball properly, can’t finish, no match winning goals like Ramsey and Walcott even in games against minor oppositions or in champions league. Let me ask a question, his he better than Mbape, Iwobi,Jol Campel, Lamar, Dembele of Dourthmond, Redmond of Southampton, Draxler, Asencio,Rel Nelson of Arsenal, Sterling, Rashford…….. I can go on and on. But for 180000 pounds a week, this guy is a fraud & I couldn’t care less. I’ll take a 26yr old Riyed Marez all day, 16 assists and 14 gaols in 2015/2016 premier league season that brought Lesester city the title is a no brainer. Wenger has lost the plot, even Lucas Perez could do a better job this season

  3. manamongst74

    Couldn´t have agreed more. Especially with David Bruse´s comparative analysis. We lack the ability to sell player when they are at heir peak usefulness to other clubs and uselessness to us. People clamor about Walcott and Ramsey´s goals, and game winning goals. But how many times have these clowns put us in game losing situations with either a lack of awareness, lack of positional discipline (talking to you Ramsey) or utter lack of defensive desire (do I even need to tell you who I´m talking about?).

    Sell Mortimer Sell

    Ox, in my humble opinion, is a player that lacks professional hunger; you know it when you see it (which is why a Madrid will NEVER sell a Marco Ascensio…unfortunately).

    The sad part is, when you can dribble like Ox, you shouldn´t have to be able to cross from where everyone else crosses the ball. You would only need to have the mental capacity to think ahead and place a simple ball at feet or a trickling through-ball; but I submit that his success rate with even these types of balls is HORRENDOUS. This guy rolls balls 10-20 meters away from teammates over the touch-line, out the back you name it. He has a career already of taking pictures on the pitch, checking-out mentally, and constantly avoids getting stuck-in.



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