Ignore FAKE Kieran Gibbs News

So there is a voice it’s doing the rounds of someone pretending to be Kieran Gibbs’s brother Jaydon, who gives intimate knowledge of what is going on at Arsenal and what happened with his “brother” in the FA Cup Final.
Ignore it. It is fake. 

1. He continually calls His “brother” GIBBS – Why would he not call him Kieran, or be a nickname. They are twins after all. 

2. Towards the end of the clip, he says “he called up Jaydon”. If it is Jaydon speaking, why doesn’t he say “he called up me” 

3. He states that Gibbs was sensationally dropped for the FA Cup Final and that he was supposed to play having started “the last 3 games of the FA Cup” – Gibbs didn’t play the semi final against City. Nor against Sutton in the 5th round. Or Preston in the 3rd round. He played just 2 of the 6 FA Cup games

So let’s not spread fake news. We have enough problems going on to bother listening to what some kid on his school holidays is making up for attention


2 thoughts on “Ignore FAKE Kieran Gibbs News

  1. Leeroysgooners

    Are your 3 mugs you keep referring to that are for sale happen to be wenger ivan and kronke il buy them right now and gotta say what pointless story expect more from she wore


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