Why the Arsenal board are not to blame

I am still not sure why the board are getting blamed for Sunday’s debacle.

They did not sign or coach the players, they did not pick the team, the formation or the solitary tactic. In fact, they do not interfere in that at all, they back the manager 100%, give him more cash than he ever wants to spend and total freedom on how it’s spent in both transfer fees and contracts.

There are plenty of supporters out there who would love to have our board in charge of their clubs.

Apart from the money they themselves nick each year in wages, expenses and “consultancy fees” – which is itself a much smaller % of the clubs income nowadays than anything David Dein et al ever helped themselves to and at lot less than what the Glazier’s take out of Manchester United.

The only thing you can criticise them for is giving Wenger a new contract. But when he papers over the cracks with an occasional FA Cup win and so many of the club’s customers – like the extended supporter base on Twitter – refuse to see what has been so painfully obvious to the rest of us for years now, then also who can blame them?

The simple fact is that if we had won the league by a dozen points last year then nobody would even be talking about the board.

Yes, the entire club is rotten to the core, but there’s only one man with “complete control of the football side of the business”. Complete control means just that, along with both complete credit and complete blame.

Wenger out.


7 thoughts on “Why the Arsenal board are not to blame

  1. robb2496

    Wenger has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and while the board is mostly a figurehead organization, the CEO is the one responsible for putting out a quality product and shareholder value. Of course, considering Stan is the only shareholder that must be appeased, it is more telling. I believe the team needs to oust Ivan, bring in a CEO that can restructure the organization and modernize it, then with a new and proper infrastructure deal with the issues on the pitch in terms of manager and players. Unfortunately, the issues at AFC are pretty ingrained and I fear this make the current season a lost one – each day that nothing happens to lead change is a day lost on the future of the club


  2. ChardTheNerd

    I totally share your views. The people with football knowledge with absolute control is Gazidis and Wenger.Wenger got it all wrong by putting faith in some of the mediocre players.Not being ruthless .I can’t understand why Dick Law or who ever is in charge of handling contracts didn’t inform or notify the club of players with 2yrs contracts.And it depends on the club to either renew or ship them out.And now Chamberlain &Alexis is holding us to ransom, creating chaos at the club.It’s just a low dirty shame.My heart bleeds for my Arsenal.The future looks bleak.


  3. Thenry

    Totally disagree with your views
    Wenger has been screwed n many transfers by the board as for
    Giving him more money is tosh again
    Ben though our financial situation has changed Wenger is still constrained and many times the bed has not signed the players Wenger
    Has earmarked.
    It’s easy for you all to blame Wenger Ben though yield is in the clon shoe string budgets
    The only mistake he made was t sign up again IMO this wretched can add does not deserve the loyalty that we gt has shown
    He has take. The flak for the incompetent gazidis and the lacklustre board who are happy to hide behind wenger whilst handicapping him
    our fan base is the most moronic n the whole league ive been a ST holder since the 70s and the current fanbase is the worst I have seen
    Why would any top player want to play for Arsenal when the stupid fans turn on their own players almost every match
    E are the only fans in the pl that help the opposition at our own ground by the negative atmosphere that is created pathetic plastic morons


  4. John Raymond

    My gut instinct is that people blame the board because they don’t really have an answer as to who should be Wenger’s successor – I’ve also observed that the “Sack The Board Brigade” desperately want Usmanov or the Nigerian chap but they are still happy to criticise Man City and Chelsae as manufactured clubs.


  5. Deee

    The problems start with kroenke and his board. They’ve allowed ordinary on-field performance and serious complacency to infect the club at all levels. Kroenke is happy as long as the club is profitable and the share price increases. The share price has risen over 300% in 10 years without getting close to winning the league. He won’t mess with a formula that works for him, so the status quo will probably continue unless the fans make more noise and the clubs revenue and share price drops.


  6. David kosh

    The owner Stan kroenke hired this fool. The owner can stop the problem but the problem makes him loads of money and asks no questions.
    The club is fucked and it starts at the top. Stan out the joker under him will follow.



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