Liverpool and Spurs fans have no right to “banter” Arsenal

The start of this season, Arsenal fans have taken it from all sides. The club is in a crisis. We seem not to know where we are going. The futures not bright. We get it.

But I do have to laugh at fans of Spurs and Liverpool. They seem to have given it the most, yet maybe they need to get their ship in order first. 

So Liverpool beat us 4-0 and looked brilliant. Well done guys. But beating Arsenal doesn’t make up for a decade of failure. 

That’s right, in the last 10 years, Liverpool have won a single League Cup. 

I saw some Scousers (they probably weren’t Scouse. We all know they are worse than Man U for racing back to London) even say “I bet Alexis Sanchez regrets picking Arsenal over Liverpool now”. 

Let’s look at the facts; In 3 years at Arsenal, Sanchez has won 2 FA Cups. In those 3 years, Liverpool have won nothing. 

4 8 6 2 7 8 6 7

Not last nights lottery numbers, but Liverpools last 8 league finishes.

It has been a decade of underachievement for them. Of course, the papers won’t want to report the truth for fear of boycotts. But Liverpool are a club who are in the middle of a decade long crisis. 

Their last trophy was in 2012 – the League Cup. There last FA Cup in 2006. And you have to go back to 1990 for their last league title. Most of their fans were still in Bangladesh in 1990, having not yet travelled to the UK to work in a Brick Lane curry house. 

So yes, you beat us 4-0, but ultimately what will you have to show for it at the end of the season? You will probably celebrate the 4th place trophy like you did last season. 

As for Spurs, they are a joke of a club. 

Arsenal’s poor start to the season has actually masked Spurs failings. 

Their players want out, they haven’t won at home, 1 win in 3 and couldn’t beat Burnley. They are only actually 1 point better off than Arsenal, and have had the home advantage in the opening games of the season. 

And if Arsenal have had a disaster of a transfer market, how about them?

They have literally bought a centre back called Sanchez in the hope of driving advertising revenue to their site – with idiots thinking it was Alexis. 

This is a bloke who joined Ajax for about Β£4.5m last summer, and is now suddenly worth Β£45m+. 

Then they are chasing Serge Aurier. By now he might have got a work permit for the UK. Remember this was the player who couldn’t get a permit to play against Arsenal in England due to being handed a 2 month prison sentence for assaulting a police office. 

Aurier has a long list of offences against him, from assault to homophobic abuse, to abusing people on social media. He was suspended by PSG in 2016 and once spent a summer begging Arsenal to sign him (since writing this they signed him). 

Add in a Swansea striker on loan. Well done guys. 

Spurs finished above Arsenal last season. Well done lads. You won a trophy for putting the pressure on Chelsea. Good job. 

But ultimately it was another season without a trophy. My maths is bad, but I make that 1 League Cup in 18 years? That’s even worse than Liverpool. 

Spurs fans claim players would be more attracted to their club over Arsenal if a players “wants to win things”. You have a laugh?

No FA Cup in 26 years. No league title in 56 years. Finished above Arsenal once in 22 years. 

Spurs are not a big club. Not an attractive club. They can only dream of signing the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. 

Next season they are going to be in a similar position as Arsenal as top players – the likes of Hugo Lloris and Toby Alderweild – enter the last year of the contract. Why will they hang around, winning nothing and getting underpaid for the privilege. 

The likes of Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Danny Rose and Cristian Erickson are not Spurs fans. They are not “one of their own”. They are players who play for the coin. To win things. They will all be gone next season. 

As for that great manager you have, his nickname in the game is Won Nothing. 

I feel embarrassed by Spurs fans the way they have celebrated Arsenal’s start to the season. I guess when you have no success at your own club, you have to celebrate another clubs failures. 

Up next for Spurs is an away trip to Everton. Arsenal host Bournemouth.

It is not inconceivable that 4 games in, crisis club Arsenal will be above progressively brilliant Spurs. 

Concentrate on your own crisis lads. 

It is not good enough at Arsenal at the moment. We do need to look at ourselves. Our failings. But we as fans are more than capable doing that ourselves. Fans of clubs who are failing even bigger, in decade long trophy droughts, are in no position to laugh. 

Up the Arsenal


55 thoughts on “Liverpool and Spurs fans have no right to “banter” Arsenal

  1. Ga73

    Great article (from a scouse Liverpool fan), shame you never bothered to learn the difference between there, their and they’re!

  2. Maneiro

    This article is embarrassing. Arsenal have been dishing it out for years and have been drunk on success and the minute it’s not all going perfectly, you behave like spoilt little kids. The fact you spend more time fighting each other than everyone else is the real reason why people are having a laugh at your expense. Grow up and take the rough with the smooth.

    1. Simonsez

      Precisely Maniero. Does this spineless Gooner think there is a rulebook that outlines how different supporters behave? Grow a pair, Keenos!

  3. Kylie Minogue

    Relax Princess. You’re a little delicate when it comes to friendly banter from rival fans. Maybe you should find another sport to follow…

  4. Floyd2110

    Keenosafc, you deceive yourself with your delusional static about blawdy Arsenal, because apart from your local success your “so-called “Big Team” have only ever won a solitary 3rd Tier Cup Winners Cup in your history. Tottenham who aren’t half your size mightn’t have won anything since Jesus Christ in the U.K., but it shouldn’t detract from the fact you’ve not beaten them in the league in six encounters, and they’ve been improving considering their league positions in the last four or five seasons in the EPL, and I am sure they’ll win something big very soon. Meanwhile, you mentioned Tottenham buying Sanchez, it’s the same way you were going to Lemar who was bought for less than Β£10m by Monaco for Β£92m based on a seasons showing in league1, “paddle your own canoe ” I’d say, and I am sure you can’t win the EPL before Tottenham on account of your brittle performances of the last three seasons

    1. Atid

      Don’t disagree with you entirely, but we did win the uefa cup, when it was called the fairs cup as well. Nothing like facts to get in the way of a good rant.

  5. gabriel phinn

    What a little baby the person who wrote this article. Three games into a new season, arsenal fans saying we are in crisis. Saying not only wenger out. but the whole board and you expect not to hear it from other fans. Grow a set and just take it. It’s not like arsenal have not given it out themselves. Bloody baby

    1. Vincent

      Some of us have been shouting “Wenger out” for years!
      For me it’s almost as long as Spurs have been waiting to win a trophy!

  6. Poshwally

    Shame! You sad, sad person. I would still be hiding my head in shame after that Liverpool debacle. When sides like Tottenham (I am a Peterborough fan btw) were struggling, Arsenal fans were more than happy let them have, hurling abuse and boasting their success. When the shoe is on the other foot and Spurs are the side on the up, suddenly you get your back up. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out! Simple as! Arsenal are a side in disarray and after the transfer window, this will not be changing in a hurry. Write a letter to Mr Wenger and the incompetent Arsenal board. I have little doubt that they will care what you think and suggest. Remember to use your best spelling as has been suggested above and no doubt by your teacher too. Also, don’t have a go at Poch. I guarantee 99% of fans and players would choose to play for him right now over Wenger. He will have success and fully deserves it. Unfortunately, the real losers are Lacazette and Sanchez. Sanchez wanted out and deserved it too. He needs to go to a club with ambition. As for Lacazette, the poor man has obviously been lied to as he has no idea what he has got himself into. My heart goes out to him most of all.

    1. Gooner Chris

      Unfortunately, the board are not incompetent regarding running a business. Arsenal are finished until they and, I’m sorry to say (because I respect him) Wenger all bugger off !
      Arsenal are going to go backwards before moving forward but hopefully not do a complete Leeds United, Blackburn or Forest!

      I will always support Arsenal.. the club overall. However, certain individuals can go and swivel (including Sanchez!).

      Ironically, not many people are taking the piss out of Arsenal. The majority of ManYoo fans are sympathising and proper Liverpool fans too. Even the Spuds I work with don’t want to see Arsenal diminish like this.

      That’s an honour to Arsenal and our rival fans. So don’t take your frustrations out on other people and make yourself look stupid. Keep banter friendly !

      Up the Gooners for all time !

  7. AG

    Hahaha the tears in this article are hilarious πŸ˜‚. Deluded Gooners trying to think they’re still relevant to anything.

    Davinson Sanchez is well regarded as the best CB Ajax have had since Jaap Stam, ahead of Alderweireld and Vertonghen who’ve been the best CB partnership in the PL for the last two seasons. Aurier is an upgrade on Walker at half the cost.

    Congrats on winning the FA cup – had Atkinson been the referee of your game like ours you wouldn’t have stood a chance. Hope the memories are nice away at BATE Borisov.

    Difference with Kane, Dele etc is we have them tied down so if they do go it’ll be on our terms. Alexis, a Β£70m player, will leave for free. And you’re welcome to Ozil, the most overrated player in PL history.

    Genuinely struggle to see Arsenal finish above Everton this season, let alone any other top 6 sides. Wenger In!

  8. S-P

    Spurs fans all “want away”, allegedly, but signed lengthy contract extensions recently.. ArseAnal have how many senior first team players in the last year of contract and refusing to sign extension?

    Keep looking over your shoulders…Everton are coming πŸ˜‚

    1. S-P

      Spurs “players” obviously, and not “fans” πŸ˜‚
      Sorry, too busy laughing at the salty pre-pubescent years of the author, it kinda blinded me momentarily πŸ˜‚

  9. Daz

    A club has every right to banter you after spanking you 4-0, stop whinging and accept that you got raped and are the biggest bottle jobs in the league.
    I’m sure arsenal will turn it around and hold 1st or 2nd by Christmas….. Only to BOTTLE it again and throw it all away.
    A club also has every right to banter you after finishing above you, I know how chilly it is the shadows – may I suggest you put your jumper on!!!

  10. Azas

    I honestly cant stop laughing. Your either about 14 years old or your extremely bitter. Maybe both. Either way whatever you say the tide has veen turning for the last few years now. It has now officially turned. You support a team thats coming apart fron the seams. Ozil is dogshit when it comes to the premier league . Why even mention him? You can keep him dude. Sanchez is the only decent player you have and he would rather eat jizz than sign a contract with you guys. Tells you everything you need to know about arsenal right now. Rip jokers x

      1. Vincent

        How many apostrophes do you need? Ever heard of the phrase “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”?

  11. clive barnes

    You bitter person at least our players don’t leave for less money our fans don’t fight amongst each other
    Correct we haven’t won much in the last 10
    Years however we turn up every week and cheer our team win or lose can u lot say the same
    You are sooooo bitter

  12. GoonerEris

    Hmmm. That brought out the Scousers and spuddies, in their numbers, didn’t it? But when you view the article critically, it only pointed out the facts. It’s true what they say: truth is bitter.

  13. Joseph

    I thought this might be an interesting and informative. What a load of partisan trash.

    You’re living in the past, writing this just proves it.

  14. Bern

    You realise that this babyish position is just one more reason to “banter” Arsenal, right?

    Clearly it’s gotten to you, which is the point. Grow up.

    PS I’m really sorry about the state of your club recently

  15. Donnie

    GoonerEris, most of the Spurs stuff is guesswork based on a bitter and twisted Gooners hope. For examle, Lloris has 4 years on his contract, Toby 2 plus an option to extend for a year. Spurs regularly update all their first team players contracts – as any decent team should do. It’s Arsenal who do not my friend. And history is exactly that, history. Interesting to think back but I’m about the here and now – and right now, as Merse has said, I want Spurs to play Arsenal at Wembley soon as I know who’d win. My advice Arsenal fans – concentrate on your own team and stop dissing others and your team needs you in its hour of need,

    1. GoonerEris

      Okay, but it isn’t guess work to suggest there will be agitations to leave for better wages, if not a chance to win trophies and titles , for a change. 26 and 56 years is a damn long time, if you ask me.

  16. Johnno

    Liverpool are a great club but it always makes me laugh how the media ignore their League title drought. We are forever reminded about ours. As for the stinking yids, they`re a nothing club who would be irrelevant if it wasnt for the fact they (now) play in London. I do have to take issue with one part of the article though and it has nothing to do with grammar, only sad cunts point things like that out. No, my issue is that you dont think Harold Kane is one of their own. Have a look at the state of the geezer. Big long chin, horrible wispy beard, the cunt wont even pay a speech therapist to sort out his fucking voice. Put him in a more modest set of clobber with the daft fucking hat and he`ll be a typical stinking yid.

  17. ces1ne

    C’mon bruh… everything you do involving OUR Club & majority of your views on here/twitter/FB/etc….. That being said we’ve been giving it to them for years, so no reason we shouldn’t be able to take it for however long it will go on (pretty much as long as old man wenger is here unfortunately). This just seems petty & childish. They can have their moment on top for a bit & rightfully so seeing as how they’ve both built solid squads over-time, not just a season. BUT, once wenger leaves the REAL Arsenal FC will be back & those 2 clubs BACK DOWN to their rightful places below us. Just a shame we don’t know when old man arsene is gonna leave….2 years? Maybe, but what’s to stop them from extending again FFS!?!!????

  18. GoonerEris

    ces1ne, of course it doesn’t matter that “old man Wenger” has only ever once had Spurs finish above his Arsenal; winning 7 FA cups and 3 EPL titles (Liverpool having not won that version yet) in his time. 6 trophies in last 4 seasons to boot, while those other teams you admire have “both built solid squads over-time”.

    I am not sure how Wenger’s departure will suddenly bring Arsenal all the titles and cups you so crave, but I am sure if he has successfully kept these clubs at bay all these years, he can be trusted to try another season.

  19. gunnerbear

    “It has been a decade of underachievement for them. Of course, the papers won’t want to report the truth for fear of boycotts. But Liverpool are a club who are in the middle of a decade long crisis.”

    And do you mean it hasn’t be for us….we’re alleged to be a major side in England…and we’ve not won the league for a decade….that is underachievement on a grand scale.

    1. GoonerEris

      Well, NEWSFLASH mate. That makes at least 3 clubs, including us (and we have won 3 FA cups and 3 Charity shields in 4 years)! How should we then scale the “underachievement” of those two and the 18 other clubs which fail to win it each year? Why the obsession with Arsenal?

      1. gunnerbear

        Please don’t mention the Charity Shields as if they were worth something….it makes us sound desperate.

      2. gunnerbear

        “Why the obsession with Arsenal?”

        Because I’m a long term Arsenal Fan…yes even before the days when Fever Pitch made us fashionable.

    2. keenosafc Post author

      Thing is I do not think any Arsenal fan pretends that 2006-2014 were 8 horrid years. What I am talking about is Liverpool though. You never hear the press talking about 1 League Cup in 10 years, and there fans go on like they have been a force to be reckoned with for the last 10 years. Their last 10 years has been worse than us 2006-2016

    3. GoonerEris

      Why so, gunnerbear? I didn’t hear too many objections when the media lapped it up as Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba claimed they won 3 trophies last season. It is a gong, however it is viewed.

      1. gunnerbear

        C’mon, are you seriously suggesting the Charity Shield is an honour? It’s a friendly, you might as well claim the Emirates Cup as well.

        If minor clubs are so desperate to claim the Charity Shield as a major honour, then let ’em….there’s no reason for us to be as equally pathetic,

  20. GoonerEris

    Whatever floats your boat then, man. Note that the rules of the Community Shield are generally the same as those for Premier League, with a team of 11 starting players and 7 substitutes and only differ in the limited number of substitutes allowed and a shoot-out in the case of a stalemate after 90minutes. Players are subject to cards, as appropriate so it is hardly ever played in a friendly atmosphere, being the precursor to the start of the season.

    So, say we have won 3 FA cup trophies in 4 seasons, does it sound true to say that’s underachievement on a grand scale.

    PS: when I asked about the obsession with Arsenal, was referring to the media and blogs, not you.

  21. Wayneg

    Yet again you fail to see the bigger picture,is that the Sanchez who didn’t let Ronaldo hardly get a kick? Wenger signs a team of nice guys and that’s been the problem since Adams Keown and Vieira,Posts like this and the various others you put up only serve to defend the regime and take any pressure off Wenger who needs to be hounded out the club,seems like you aren’t too popular,not surprised really


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